Ben Carson Speaking about Obama’s Verbal Distortions to the American Public on Debt, Taxes, and Obamacare

Ben Carson has been speaking out on Hannity’s FOX News Program:

15 responses to “Ben Carson Speaking about Obama’s Verbal Distortions to the American Public on Debt, Taxes, and Obamacare

  1. Dr. Ben Carson seems to know what he is talking about. There needs to be more people like him the White House and I hope to see him run the next election to become president.

  2. Dr. Carson is the perfect person to be president and I would definitely vote for him. He is a really intelligent person and fun to hear from. We do need people like him because he is not afraid to say what he really believes in.

  3. Ben Carson seems like a very down to earth guy, and I would totally vote for him if he ran for president. What he said wasn’t deep or profound at all though, just common sense…

  4. Dr. Carson definitely has some good advice and taking 507 thousand years to count to 16 trillion is like a smack in the face of reality with how much debt we are in. I see where professor Kollitz got this from and it is true. The debt America is in is absolutely overwhelming.

  5. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HIM! I will never understand how people can demand another individual pay more taxes, effectively saying pay for me, my friends, my family, and even my neighbors, simply because you make more money. if you make 50,000 and year, and he makes 500,000 a year, he is already paying more if you both pay (for example) 10% taxes, you’re paying 5,000 dollars in taxes, he is already paying 10 times what your paying.

  6. Dr. Carson is a very intelligent person! He knows a lot about politics and the economy. He view seemed very simple and seemed like it could work.

  7. Dr. Carson is a pleasure to hear speaking. We do need some commonsense in the White House. The deficit is unacceptable.

  8. Dr. Carson is an extremely intelligent man. One thing that stuck out to me is his view on political correctness. People are afraid to speak what they believe because they are afraid of being ridiculed for their lack of political correctness. We need people to stand up for what they believe in now more than ever in this country.

  9. Carson’s speech was common sense.It was a great speech. I wonder what Obama thought about him. Will this speech make him open his eyes and actually make some changes? I really liked what Carson said about going along to get along. Our freedom of speech is fading. This man did not care who was there to express his ideas. I hope he runs for president someday because he is a smart man.

  10. Dr. Bem Carson is a great doctor. Last semester in my English 50 class we were able to watch “Gifted Hands” a movie based on Dr Ben Carson played by Cuba Gooding jr. this is when i realized what a great impact he has made on our society.

  11. Ban Carson seems like such a genuine person. He really does want the best for others it seems. I am so happy that are people like him out there that are standing to improve our education system.

  12. It always irks me when there are good ideas that have yet to be implemented in reality. Dr. Ben Carson seems to have a lot of these ideas that need to be seen by this nation’s congress. We cannot continue as Dr. Carson had put it, “down the path of Rome.”

  13. I dont understand why this man’s speeches, interviews, and apearances haven’t gone viral yet! People need to see this man speak and really pay attention to how he presents himself. I remember during the 2012 presidential campaign, everyone was saying how humble Obama is and how intelligent he is, but Dr. Carson is really the man who porteys himself as humble and intellectual. I admire everything he has to say about political correctness because he is right! After my brain injury, I didn’t know how to filter my thoughts and would speak innocent truths. and just like Dr. Carson described, I too was shunned for saying something that was not “politically correct”

  14. The way that Carson speaks about people and their potential is inspiring. His story of how he was a sibling of 24 and lived in poverty is impressive that he has reached so high in his career. It’s a huge accomplishment to be that successful of a surgeon as it is, but to know the background he had to overcome makes it even bigger. I agree with his opinion of improving the educational system as well. Education was a big part of how he got where he is today.

  15. Since this interview was broadcast on the nightly news, Ben Carson has appeared on numerous television programs on a multitude of channels. I think it is so refreshing to listen to someone who considers Americans as intelligent human beings and not lemmings or “puppets” (to use Carson’s own language). Carson is brilliant–probably the most accomplished surgeon in the world and he uses “commom sense. Watch for him to become a highly visible advocate for the good of the nation–not a person looking for political power. He has the character and honor of our founding fathers. I totally agree with him, especially on politically correct speech and the necessity of improving out educational system.

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