Wow! This Flash Mob Is Why People Love Vienna!

This is spectacular!  I took RCC students there twice and they all loved it too.  The music is Beethoven’s 9th symphony.  In English, we call it “Ode to Joy.”  Watch the faces of the children.   Jan Kollitz.



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  1. This is amazing! Definitely the coolest flash mob I’ve ever seen.

  2. MUSIC! This was amazing! It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to, live music is truly captivating if you give it a moment. For these extrememly talented musicians to come together like this and play beautiful music on the street, and create such a huge crowd…I would love Vienna too if I got to see this in person.

  3. Beautiful!!! The ability to play an instrument is amazing. Classical music speaks to us.

  4. Even though I am not a big fan of this type of music, I would be able to enjoy it if I was one of those people walking around or having lunch. I think music is able to bring people good moods and happiness. It would be nice to see these types of things around here in Riverside, possibly even at RCC. I’ve heard speakers playing music around campus but could you imagine being able to listen to this live during breaks. I think it would definitely help students get a little break, get relaxed and forget about whatever busy schedule they may have. It was also interesting seeing how all the little kids were so intrigued by this type of music, especially since its not heard often.

  5. this video makes me happy.
    music does alot more than we think.
    its a beautiful thing being able to touch a person without physically touching them.

    • Listening to Classical music seems to be a universally accepted past time for all regardless of sex race and age as Erin says. I love hearing Beethoven. After Professor Kollitz showed this video I left class got into my car and listened to Beethoven symphonies the entire drive home. Theres very few things in life that can raise my heart rate without any type of interaction as Beethoven ARTWORK!

  6. This was such a great gig done by a flash mob of professional musicians. Those children in the audience were happy and improvised their own dance moves accordingly! The performance was carried out beautifully. A joyful piece of music such as Ode To Joy put smiles on people’s faces. I guess good music do make happiness go viral!

  7. The little girl at 3:34 was adorable imitating the conductor. How cool is it that for five minutes everyone came together to enjoy a song without any conflict with one another about sex, race, religion etc. Not to mention that this concert was free! That is always a bonus there.

  8. I liked how this started out but honestly I like the dance mobs better. It is a shame to admit that I am like the majority of the population that does not enjoy this type of music. It was still an amazing video to see why people love Vienna.

  9. I would have been absolutely overjoyed to see this in person! I can’t say this about every city in America, but in Riverside we don’t get this kind of quality, spontaneous live music on our streets. This style of music has such class. I wish it were more popular in The States!

  10. Such a beautiful song!! What a great experience it must have been to see those musicians all come together performing as one! I wish I could have seen them in person. I got the chills just watching the video. I cant even imagine what it felt like to be there. I was watching the peoples expressions and the children’s expressions as well. The children truly looked happy and were enjoying themselves. I hope one day I can experience a musical flash mob!

  11. As we watched this video in class I felt a great sensation running through my veins as they played “Ode to Joy”. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to personally experience this in front of your eyes. I hope one day I will be able to experience a flash mob or even better, participate in one!

  12. The main message to take from this is that “some music can be enjoyed by everyone.” In an age where there are so many radio stations catering to different genres and sub-genres, this video is a reminder that the idea of music is universal. We all enjoy hearing a beat or a melody.

    I don’t think the song was the sole reason people gathered. It is not as if children were like “OMG this is my jam!” The instruments are what stopped people in their tracks. Flash mobs are usually people dancing to a recorded track. This flash mob was different. It contained many instruments one doesn’t typically see everyday. It could have been any song, but as long as the performers brought their instruments and skills, people would listen.

  13. Classic Ode To Joy, one of the most recognized. This definitely does out a smile on your face when seeing how much everyone around is enjoying the music. Something I would love to experience. I played this in my high school symphony, nothing compared to what this showed.

  14. Haha! i remember this video from 1A. Excellent video. id say that regardless of age, “ode to joy” is simply a classic piece of music that anyone can enjoy or has heard at least once or twice. I would have been like that little girl who climbed that light post (?), and would have pretended i was the conductor as well! Some of the people would have thought i was off my rocker, but i wouldn’t care! Ha! oh and for it being a flash mob, it was also pretty cool.

  15. Being in a flash mob has always been something I wanted to do! This video is great. It really catches the people off guard and brought smiles to their faces. This would have made my day if I was there to see it in person!!

  16. Flash mobs are already fun and entertaining, but I hope to experience one like this someday. This video shows that music is understood by everyone regardless of their age. Watching so many people come together to enjoy the music, and seeing the children in awe of the music was truly beautiful.

  17. If you watch this video it can be moving and you’re probably watching it on a laptop with inferior speakers. Imagine now if you were there live. I was lucky enough to attend Dvorak “Cello Concerto”and Brahms “Symphony #3” at Riverside’s Fox theater, words can not do justice to what the whole experience of listening to classical music live is like.

  18. As this video shows a flash mob, but very civilized. Since I have children, the thing that caught my eye was the reaction of the children. My interpretation of the reaction of the children was pure (focused) concentration. One should look at this video and remember that there was a big controversy with LA unified school district and the arts. People should realize that music offers concentration, and this and other art forms help with main stream education. I see the look on these peoples faces and, and I see that the people offering the free concert are not just playing music, they are showing young and old that music is not just for enjoyment, it can be used for so many things. Nice video and excellent purpose served for these people.

  19. The people is the key to these flash mobs! without them then the energy would not be the same and thats really the reason to have these types of dances to entertain the people and make them feel welcomed.

  20. After watching this clip my overall thought was “I wish I could of witnessed this!” I have never seen or heard of a musical instrument flash mob before, I have only watched youtube clips of dance flash mobs but this was defiantly very entertaining. The people reactions where awesome especially the children imitating the conductor and the jaws dropping. This clips makes me want to practice the guitar.

  21. I really like this flash mob because it’s very unique. When i think of a flash mob i think of dancing. I enjoy how it shows that music can make people happy. The children and the adults were so entrigued by this performance and it gave them all instant joy and happiness.

  22. i remember watching this in class and thought it was pretty cool, watched it again and still very cool. i love how the children are so happy and so is the crowd. this is just amazing.

  23. Being a part of a flash mob is something that has always been on my bucket list. The idea of a lot of people all beginning to dance at once and coordinated as well is so fun and spontaneous. The amount of effort, thought, and time put into a flash mob seems very rewarding after seeing the faces of the people around who had no idea what was happening!

  24. Christopher Rodriguez

    Such a great twist to flash mob dancing, everyone seemed so surprised.

  25. What a great idea and performance! Beautiful music.

  26. This video is awesome. I like how some musicians were a part of the crowd and then they all joined in to help out. I wonder if they planned the flash mob to be that big? I’m sure they did because, how cordinated they were. I like to see the simile on the crowd’s faces which tells me they are enjoying it and it is something I’d like to experience some day.

  27. This video is just amazing. I felt like I just had to share it on my social media sites. Flash mobs are already pretty great, but performing with instruments is so much better than just doing a crazy dance. I’ve always wanted to play and instrument. Maybe this is the one thing I needed for inspiration.

  28. Flash mobs are always a pretty cool thing to see in random places, but to do one with music makes it that much cooler. It would cool to see something like this happen here.

  29. Its amazing how music can gather a group of people together, and bring everyone joy. It truly inspires the other people and puts smiles on there face. I once did a flash mop at tyler mall but we just froze while everyone just stopped and stared wondering, its something unusual to the people but I find interesting.

  30. That little girl definitely got her money’s worth! This was just beautiful!

  31. This one saw in class by Proffessor Kollitz and I loved it!!! My favorite video by far the music is amazing I can’t imagine how it felt for the people that actually got to see it right before thier eyes. My goal is to one day visit Italy and hopefully when I’m there I can see something this spectucular there! Beautiful!

  32. Wow, I would have loved to have seen this in person. Id also love to be apart of something like this one day .

  33. I think flashmobs are great. The way that everyone is able to come together is astounding and they always seem to brighten the lives of bystanders.

  34. This is absolutely amazing! I have never heard of a flash mob having to do with instruments. I hope one day I can go see this. This must have taken a lot of practice to get it this perfect.

  35. flash mobs are so cool. I like how they started singing and how more people joined in with different instruments.

  36. The people involved in this are very talented, it’s cool to see how it progresses from a single person to an entire group who in the end produces something great.

  37. Wow that was a great video. It must have taken days upon days to practice and organize this routine. It was beautiful music and what was even more beautiful was all the people that completely stopped what they were doing and stood there and just listened. They were all going somewhere and doing something and when this music started to play they forgot about everything else and watched the musicians create a work of art.

  38. This is so amazing! I cant believe someone did a flash mob with music.

  39. The music was beautiful 🙂 I can’t imagine how many hours of practice it took to prepare and organize such an event. It’s incredible what people can create when when we work together.

  40. It’s very nice to see that this world still has class to it, loved the video so much. Extremely classy!

  41. When I saw “flash mob” I thought the video would be of people dancing, but this was far more entertaining! This is awesome, I wish something like that would happen in SoCal! I love how it started as one man and by the end so many more people moved to the street to join in and to watch, and the variety of instruments used. And I love Ode to Joy, it’s my favorite song to play on my piano, maybe thats why I liked it so much.

  42. My first thought when i saw the word “flash mob” was that this was going to be a dance video. It was way better than a dance video. I love music, and to see a flash mob of this sort was awesome. The music was amazing! Its great to see people do creative things like this. This was by far the best flash mob I have seen.

  43. This shows how in a random place with random people music can bring the together. This is also pretty amazing, I wouldn’t mind being stoped for hours listing to this group!

  44. What?! Why does nothing like this happen in California? This is amazing! I could watch it over and over again! I love watching everyone’s reactions, especially the kids! I would love to see something like this in person. Are you taking anymore RCC students any time soon professor Kollitz?

    • I hope I’m not too old and still healthy enough to continue teaching part time. I love teaching English 1A, simply because I have visited so many places including Vienna many times. Our present college age generation has been cheated in its understanding of the marvelous history of the world. The oldest students in this class are younger than all of my own children and the rest younger than all of my grandchildren. My goal in my old age to share the joys in life that come from learning from history and philosophy; old people understand they made many mistakes in their lives and want to help their descendents from making the same dumb mistakes. I’m too old and slow to take students to Europe anymore, but RCC has a great International tTravel Program with Study Abrad and it’s very inexpensive.

  45. What a unique take on a flashmob! I enjoyed every second of this video! It made me feel like i was apart of something even though I am just sitting in the writing center. That is truly the power of music.

  46. This seems so magical. I wish I was apart of a flash mob becuase it brings joy to the youth and elderly.

  47. Flash mobs are so awesome because it requires a lot of people and coordination to make it work.

  48. This is probably one of the coolest flash mobs I have ever seen. This is so not the usual but its spectacular in its own way. Loved it!

  49. This flash mob was super cool! I’ve been in a flash mob in Los Angeles before but I’ve never seen one done with classical music before. The look on the kid’s faces were priceless and the orchestration was lovely.

  50. I want to be apart of a flash mob desperately! The experience seems so bonding and exciting. It is important to take time to have fun and do things for entertainment value. Life cannot be serious all of the time.

    • I think this is amazing! More amazing than dancing flash mobs. Who would have ever thought one could be done with instruments. I really want to go see this now. Just like the people in the movie it brought a smile to my face even from a screen!

  51. This was pretty dang amazing. 🙂 This video made me want to pay Vienna a visit even more than I already did.

  52. This is pretty amazing since I have never seen a flash mob with instruments only dance, but I would rather have the music than the dance since the people who end up watching it are more in tune with what is happening.

  53. This very pretty. I wish things like this happen more often in SoCal

  54. Flash mobs are so cool. I never really thought of having a flash mob with instruments, just assumed it was only dancing.

  55. This video reminds me of the titanic when the musicians stayed together and played because they loved it. That would have been really cool to be there and see this all happen in person. I loved the part when everyone starts singing together. Very cool!

  56. This is so amazing. Such a beautiful thing. I love orchestra and to do it in a flash mob sort of manor is amazing. I would of loved to hear it in person.

  57. This was so cool! I love classic music and I was not expecting that. This looks like so much fun to see in person, I wish people here did cool things like this. Looking at all the people in the crowd all videoing or humming to the music shows how music can bring anyone together.

  58. I really liked this video. When I read the title, it said flash mob. I pictured people dancing. The kids were smiling and enjoying the music just like the rest of the people watching.

  59. That was amazing! i was waiting for dancers to come out at first but when i heard them play i was so into the music i forgot about everything else!

  60. This is an awesome video! I loved the little girl that climbed to the top of the lamp post. This shows how people can come together through music. Also, it shows the different in the atmosphere between the USA and Vienna. I felt at the end that I needed to clap as well, considering they did an amazing job!

  61. This is the most amazing flash mob I have ever seen! I would love to visit Vienna even more after watching this video. It was beautiful and it makes me want to learn how to play an instrument.

  62. I have never seen a flash mob like this before. It’s really cool how all the people are just sitting around and listening to the music. I like how people with instruments are randomly walking out into the mob. It really shows how people will come together just because of music.

  63. They do say music brings people together. I love this listening to classical music is relaxing! It’s interesting how playing an instrument can bring so many people together! People tighter, joyance, having fun singing, what more could you ask for.

  64. I absolutely love classical music. This video just amazes me. My son also loves classical music and he would be so excited to see and hear this. There are times when the only way to calm him down is to play classical music.

  65. This is amazing. I love the fact they istroduced the song in slow manner then lead to a huge finaly. The beauty in the song and the emotion in the people is most captivating.

  66. That was really cool to see that so many people came together and were in awe simultaneously by the beauty and sanctity of music. When I saw flash mob in the title, I immediately thought it was gonna be a bunch of people dancing and going crazy but this was a pleasant surprise. It is music like that, that actually dives deep into my soul and all time stops for only but a moment while my brain contemplates what it is hearing. That is what music is to me and that was quite beautiful, I only hope to experience it like those people did in Vienna.

  67. wow! This was amazing, I have seen it before but it always puts a smile on my face. Music, the international language.

  68. This is so beautiful. Not just the children’s faces are glowing, but the elderly and every age in between are all struck with joy. When walking with my son in downtown Riverside,. I always stop to listen to the artists who are trying to express themselves through their instraments, but I couldn’t imagine walking around in the U.S. and suddenly I hearing these incredible instraments. I love this!

  69. Classical music manages to touch my very soul when I listen to it. It is especially powerful when I can see the people playing the song. The flutes, saxophones, drums, and violins all producing such wonderful sounds is breathtaking.

  70. This is amazing, I am a fan of all thr different types of flash mobs. It’s amazing how so many people that are so different can come together as a whole and give such a beautiful performance. Simply Amazing!

  71. This was so beautiful to watch. It just shows how much music brings people together. Bravo!

  72. This was such a work of art. As a musician, this sent chills through my body. This was the first song I learned to play on the trumpet and to hear it like this brings such lovely memories. This feeling is the reason why I love music.

  73. This flash mob was amazing, and totally different from most flash mobs. I have always wanted to be able to be in a flash mob or at least be able to witness one. This video was quite mezmorizing and these individuals are so talented. It is so neat to see one person start such an attraction and watch many others join along.

  74. This was a very fun and inventive was to do a flash mob, because it wasn’t like the usual ones you see, with dancing and singing. It was one of which a smal group of people came together playing nothing but classical instruments, which ended up bring the people of this city closer together.

  75. Imagine the time and effort it took to bring this altogether.Im sure we’ll hardly ever witness a flash mob like this in California.

  76. Most flash mobs are crazy and have no real meaning to them. This flash mob was amazing though, I’ve never seen something as artistic and beautiful for a while. It’s nice to see that people still appreciate Shakespeare and his work.

  77. I used to play the violin. I regret not continuing with it. I was not as good as these people though. This is a classic song which everyone at some point of their life will hear. This is a great video. I enjoyed it very much. Children looked very excited to see all kinds of instruments playing together.

  78. Flash mobs are truly unique. The fact that one person is able to start so small and build up, shows us just how much we can accomplish. It would be so amazing to experience something like this in person.

  79. Such a great video. Makes me happy seeing things like this with music. I do not know where this world would be without music.

  80. I love this video. I am all to familiar with this song. Beethoven’s 9th symphony The Ode to Joy. He has always been my favorite composer because even after he went deaf he was still able to write masterpieces like this song. I was in choir throughout middle and high school, but i never had the chance to sing this song. Its amazing though how music can bring a group of people together to create a sound so beautiful and inspiring.

  81. This is a great video because it shows us how one person can start and then just builds up to more. It also shows us that children and adults can enjoy an amazing song together. Music is so amazing because it is a thing that brings people together.

  82. I really did enjoy this but I also wish I could experience an event like this in person. I respect and enjoy a variety of art, especially from those who placed so much hard work into it.

  83. I thought this was cool how the symphony came to live one instrument by another. The way it gathered so many people and children to feel the music was so amazing.

  84. It is amazing how it starts with one person and then all the rest come out few by few. It shows how the music goes together and you can hear each part.

  85. outstanding how one person started such a beautiful song and the it bult up to more and more. The song made me feel like I was soring. I have done chior and this had to be one of the most beautiful songs we sang. I love how the audience was so atracted by it and it goes to show that music is one of the most beautiful ways of comunication.

  86. This is truely a work of art! Its amazing how you can start from one person then just build up and it creates such beautiful music. this makes me want to go watch opera!!!

  87. This really did put a smile on my face because I am a musician. I thought it was so cool that one small group with an idea could bring so many people together and enjoy such a classic as Ode To Joy. From the looks of it it sparked an interest in some of those kids. Music truely is the most universal language there is.

    • Barisax is exactly right–Music is an international language. I’ve visited Vienna many times and I love it. I remember being in St. Stephan’s Square in 1998; a grand piano had been placed front of the Cathedral and around the pianist appeared some strings, reeds, and brass players who immediately started to play familiar Mozart music. As in this flash mob, the smiling Viennese people (young, old, and in between) gathered to listen. Miraculous!

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