WOW! A Fresh Look at Our National Anthem

A friend from grammar school days and beyond sent me this video.  I think you will like it!  Jan Kollitz

My friend wrote:

“I never thought I would forward our National Anthem being sung by a “hard-rock” group.  Lib talk-show hosts and comedians have recently criticized the National Anthem as being stupid, silly, too militaristic, and many more insults.

This band sings a version that will knock your socks off … a Navy vet sings the lead.”

19 responses to “WOW! A Fresh Look at Our National Anthem

  1. The National Anthem needs a change and this is a great change. It should be sung like this a little more often. I know I am not a fan of rock music but this sounds good to me.

  2. I like this a lot. He has an amazing voice. :]

  3. Wow, this video is graet and i really don’t like rock. But in this video they made it there own and it makes you be proud to be an is also great that a navy veteran is singing it.

  4. i am not that fan rock but you know what? I like this song, made feel free county

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  6. I really like this version of the song. Not only that but the video as well. Most of it was about our troops. They are the ones that are brave.

  7. this version of the song gave me goosebumps. i like leasoning to rock music but i have never thoght they would sing the National Anthem in rock but im glad they did it a great version.

  8. Wow, this is actually really good. I am a huge fan of rock music, and would actually listen to this song as I do my other music. Amazing that it is sung by a navy veteran, people that are criticizing this do not know anything, this version is great. Rock on!

  9. I really enjoyed this version the anthem since the singer has a great voice.

  10. i really like it . it gives me the chills listening to it ! I wish they would have these guys at the Superbowl

  11. i reaaly like it . it gives me the chills listening to it !

  12. it is cool to see patriotic clip and with the anthem song behind it; it makes you proud to be an American.

  13. I feel the same way, these group off people took the national anthem and made it there own and that was the point of this country to be free. They took that song and made it there own and represented it how they felt about this country.

  14. I like this more modern version of the national anthem. Something different for the earlier generation.

  15. This version is refreshing. It’s nice hearing something new. Listening to the words and knowing it is a Navy vet singing this actually put a smile on my face.

  16. I loved this fresh take on the song. Maybe it will make the newer generation appreciate this song more and give it the respect it deserves.

  17. This is a very interesting arrangement of our anthem. I can say that they covered it the right way though. The key signature was correct for the song and the used very nice chords. They also added their own little flare to the piece which is what true musicians should do.

  18. I think Kellie’s response is right on target. I dislike music performed by poor musicians, especially lots of hip-hop groups and rock groups and singers who are consistently vulgar and tone deaf. But this group is terrific. These musicians demonstrate the power of the language with appropriate visual images. These young patriotic men are “excellent musicians.”

  19. Love this version of the song. It brings out the freedom our country stands for. I also like that it is a navy veteran singing it for his country.

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