World Logistics Hub of Moreno Valley


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  1. I’m so excited to see that the IE is getting something like this. This is defintiely going to be an economy booster. The fact that they’ve set up the triangle where it was going to be most beneficial is something exciting. Shoot I might even stay here in the IE and get a position somewhere there when I’m older.

  2. More jobs for more people is always great in any way witch is why I think it is a great idea .

  3. This is a great opportunity for people in management and computer technology. I suspect that the bulk of the labor force will be unskilled pickers, packers, and shippers. Those jobs are low paying and obtained through temporary agencies, which means little opportunity for permanency, advancement, and benefits. I hope that I am wrong

  4. The world logistics hub is great news for us. The economic growth will be very significant and it it will benefit our community greatly. Moreno Valley is a great location for this hub.

  5. This is great for Moreno Valley, if this development is successful it can more mean more jobs and also close commutes for residents which should be a great benefit to all residents in the area.

  6. This will be a good investment for the community. We need to invest in putting our American company factories here instead of China and ect. This will create jobs and great monetary opportunities for the community of Moreno Valley and the Inland Empire.

  7. If this place is really going to be built then it would do wonders for the economy. It will help with unemployment rates as well as increase spending which will generate money in and out of the economy. Not only that but, it will bring jobs to America.

  8. This is great for Moreno Valley and the places around creating a lot of jobs. I cant wait to work there in the future.

  9. This is a great opportunity for Moreno Valley and all of IE. More jobs, less people in the welfare lines, less people off the street. It’s just what the Inland Empire needs. There are so many people in need of better jobs.

  10. This is a great opportunity for us fellow citizens to find jobs, although who knows when this will finally take place. But its a great idea for the future.

  11. This would be great for Moreno Valley and the rest of the I.E.

  12. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    I was never aware of this happening until it was shown in class. I think that many people are not aware of this happening or if people are aware they probably do not believe in it. This is a great opportunity for the people of Moreno Valley and Riverside and beyond.

  13. If this were to actually happen it would positively affect Moreno Valley and even the city of Riverside. It would create more jobs for people and that is just what this economy needs.

    • It’s already happening. Ghere are several buildings occupied and another on Iris by the freeway with over a millio square feet almost finished. I had a company representative going door to door in our neighborhood, informing the neighbors of the progress. The building that is almost finished is about a mile from RCC Moreno Valley.

  14. If a world logistics hub were to be centered in Moreno Valley, the positive outcomes would be amazing. This would take the old dairy and farm centered town and put it on the international map.

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