When will School Boards Get Some Common Sense?

A Massachusetts teen was punished for showing up at a party where police arrested about a dozen students for underage drinking – but she didn’t have a drop! Erin Cox, a 17-year-old honor student, says she went to the party to pick up a friend who’d had too much to drink, a story a police officer on the scene corroborates.





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  1. This is really sad that the school had to suspend a girl for initially doing the right thing. Imagine if she let her friend drive home intoxicated? Would she have gotten punished for that too? I hope this girl takes a stand for her own rights and to fight against the school board system.

  2. The school had no valid reason to suspend the girl when all she did was pick up a friend that was intoxicated. If anything she did something good, for all we know, that intoxicated friend could have received a ride from the wrong person if it wasn’t for her. The school is very much in the wrong and deserves to apologize to this girl.

  3. This is stupid how the school suspended her for being at a party. I watched the video on today.com and they were discussing what happened. All the girl did was pick up a drunk friend from a party and the school demoted her because of their zero tolerance rule.

  4. This is sad, but it does happen.
    Schools should not be allowed to punish students without solid evidence.

  5. This is great for students to learn about. Good things can come out of this.

  6. I can’t believe they did this after all of the drama.

  7. Like George said, the school should give her an apology, this is one of the few cases in which someone is completely innocent. The school alone shouldn’t have the authority to suspend someone who did nothing wrong, yet alone an honors student with a legit reason for helping a friend. There is no common sense or justice in this case provided by the school.

  8. This is astounding to me and should not have occurred plain and simple. There will always be someone who tries to screw the good guy who comes to the rescue.

  9. The hypocrisy of the public school system is astounding to me. There are thousands of assemblies in middle schools all over the U.S. trying to scare kids into not taking drugs or drinking alcohol. And yet, when those very same students try to be the responsible young adults that the school wanted them to be, they are punished by the very same people. The lesson here is that you cannot make a group of people with too much time on their hands happy.

  10. First of all, I thought that anything that happens off of school grounds couldn’t lead to any type of punishment from the school. Obviously the party was not a school related event, so even if they got arrested, it is not like they were getting drunk at school, so they should not have gotten suspended. Secondly, she’s doing society a favor by being a designated driver, why is she being punished for that? Yeah, maybe she should have just stayed home so her drunk friend could have drove herself home drunk and maybe even kill herself or an innocent person. That logic makes perfect sense.

  11. Wow. Just wow, School in Massachusetts. Good job in crushing a girl’s permanent record…….. NOT!!!! I hope the principal gets drunk at a party and has to walk home because his friends are too busy laughing at the irony of the situation.

  12. This is pretty ridiculous I couldn’t believe they really did this when we talked about it in class, but the school should make a public apology that’s the only right thing to do in this case.

  13. Shame on them (school)! I can not believe that they want to punish this girl. This poor inocent girl is going to get punished by the school for NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING BAD. Since when is it a crime to help a friend in a desperate time like this? In fact, both of these young ladies are rather intelligent for making the right decisions. 1) The friend at the party was mature enough to make a call to her friend. Therfore, they avoided one less car accident/death. 2)The girl that went to go help out shows her true colors, she is a young girl that you can depend on, becasue she went to go help her friend. This girl actually shows the true meaning of friendship if you ask be. Besides this girl did not even attend the party which makes the punishment/school look like ignorant tards.

  14. Honestly, things students due out of school is on them. If they choose to party than it is their choice. Whether this girl was actually going to the party or just picking her friend up, it shouldn’t effect her status in her high school. If she keeps her grades up and handles it well, than what she does outside of school shouldn’t be a concern for the school board.

  15. After talking about this story in class I couldnt believe how ridiculous this sounded. People cant even do the right thing with out being criticized for it. Its unfortunate that she had to go through that when really she was making the responsible decision to pick her friends up that clearly were unable to drive. Its pretty dumbfounding to see this happen.

  16. It makes no sense for the school to suspend an HONOR STUDENT who went to pick up a friend. She was only doing the right thing but now she has to suffer the consequences for doing so. It is unfair and unjust to make that decision not even considering what the honor student’s motive was. Law enforcement should of gave her DUI test before making an idiotic assumption. Now she has to deal with an issue that she didn’t even cause. These are those type of incidents where a good student could have a scholarship on the line and just because she showed up to do the right thing and got in trouble, that scholarship is gone!! but for what??

  17. Now that the news story is spreading maybe we’ll see some justice for the high school student. The school should definitely publicly apologize for the mistake.

  18. The school should do a public apology on all news media.

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