Will Cell Phone/ipod Users Now Be Taxed by New Obamacare Regulation?

Did you think Obamacare was a good idea?  Jan Kollitz

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Could Obamacare Regulation Allow the FDA to Tax Your Smartphone?

regulation attached Obamacare may allow the government to tax smartphones and tablets because they can be used as medical devices. Under the Affordable Care Act, medical device manufacturers carry a 2.3 percent tax.

Vice chairwoman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said on America’s News HQ that in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration revealed they were looking into the regulation.

The IRS has assigned its taxing authority to the FDA on this issue, making it a possibility that they’d be able to tax tablets, smartphones and health care apps. For example, apps marketed to help with things diet control, monitoring diabetes or blood pressure, and collecting medical data could be considered taxable medical devices.

“It is going to drive up the cost to consumers and it’ll drive up the cost of your cell phone,” Blackburn forewarned.

The Energy and Commerce Committee has written to the FDA, asking them to respond by March 15 to clarify their intentions. Blackburn plans on putting up a fight, saying, “We’re going to do a hearing on this at Energy and Commerce very soon. I have draft legislation … coming out which would be an express prohibition, prohibiting the FDA from getting into these mobile applications as a health care medical device.”

10 responses to “Will Cell Phone/ipod Users Now Be Taxed by New Obamacare Regulation?

  1. I doubt this will get passed because the general public will be losing more money. Unless someone wants this to pass because they want to pay more out of the goodness of their heart… The government is just looking for more ways to earn more to spend on themselves.

  2. I do think that ObamaCare will cost more than it said it would. But we will not know exactly how much it will be until it fall into place. I do not see why they would to bring personal smartphones into the medial field, it wouldn’t be good and than to raise the price of phones as well it just isn’t good.

  3. I really do not doubt that Obamacare will cost much more than said. Reading in between the lines would be extremely beneficial in this case because without doing so we could be headed down a very bad path involving the downfall of America, because of Obama. Taxing all these different items is one way Obama is succeeding in making America broke. He is not using our taxed money on solvin the debt crisis, he is using it for other things to increase the debt level.

  4. We are either headed towards a collapse or revolution, with such blatant disregard for unconstitutional actions such as a random bureaucrat enforces us to pay more taxes on items. How are people still siting here after such actions?

  5. This is absurd! If they want to get all technical an iPad or
    Android phone is not manufactured for medical use, it is for consumer use. They are just being too greedy. I mean come on, my mom who is a diabetic just learned how to text on her ancient flip phone. She is not the one using a smart phone to check and manage her glucose level. Who are these taxes really aiming to target?

    • I disagree with Obama Care. It will not help our society, instead it will harm it. The government is not doing there job. Hurting the people and taking our money. Taxes are already high enough!

  6. Fon’t blame President Bush, the Republican House of Representatives, the modern “Tea Party,” or conservatives for this debacle; this little hidden tax is inside Obamacare and was passed in Obama’s first two years with a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House of Representatives. The blame belongs directly to Obama and his Democratic votes. Yhe Republicans did not win the House until the midyear election, with the help of the “Tea Party.” The teas Party volunteers are hardworking poor and middle class taxpayers– Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. I think this idea is one of the worst policies in current contemporary America. Almost all Republicans voted against Obamacare when it was time to vote on the bill. Obama doesn’t take responsibility–he always blames his opponents for his mistakes. Don’t drink the “kool-aid.”

    (“Don’t drink the kool-aid” is an allusion to the Jonestown massacre of the 20th century).

  7. This is worrying. I feel as though they are more than willing to implement even more taxation to fund their inefficient schemes. I understand that they want the American people to be coddled by the government, but governments are no replacement for the responsible individual.

  8. I do not think this is fair. Our taxes were raised already. Now we are going to get taxed for having smart phones and iPads? This is ridiculous! The government knows we are the ones that purchase phones the most. I really hope they don’t pass this as a law.

  9. I hope this does not pass because it is completely not fair for us young adults to come up with more money from our pockets! We already have school, car, phone bills are other supplies that we need to pay for ourselves. No one has the time to be worring about anothing thing extra to pay, especially when it is still so hard to find job opportunities in this economy.

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