Whoops! Not Again?

Here we go again.  This blatant subversion of the rule of law is a despicable act of despotism on Obama’s quest to be the first  dictator of the United States of America by a true oligarch, who continues to undermine the constitution.  Watch this video and then check out his facts–ofuscation, obfuscation, obfuscation!


7 responses to “Whoops! Not Again?

  1. There will always be someone to point the finger at. Everybody prefers to talk about the postives as if they out weigh the negatives. In the words theres always someone to through under the bus.

  2. It takes a man with many words to pass the blame, but it takes a real man with good intentions to blame himself.

  3. Ummm, can they do this? Someone needs to put a stop to this. He and the senate need to be stopped.

  4. How can he continue to divert blame from himself? Given, our Congressmen have done a far from exemplary job in representing the will of the people, but how can he seriously blame all of his faults on the Congress? He absolves himself of any wrongdoing whatsoever. It’s ridiculous!

  5. He must have a check list titled “Socialist Society” this is just another thing to check off to get there!

  6. I don’t even know if this constitutional, he and the senate must be stopped.

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