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  1. This song is like a cry for help because she’s admitting that if people are going through something they are going to need someone to look to, someone that will be their rock. No one can deal with a disease or an addiction by themselves they need to get help and it’s harder than people want to believe. I mean people that never had to go through anything won’t know how hard it is for someone that’s why we should all be aware of what’s going on.

  2. Drugs did not kill Whitney Houston, the pain she was trying to conceal with the drugs is what killed her. This woman’s talent was untouchable. We may never see anything else like for decades. Her personal life, the trials and struggles, came long before her husband. Despite what people may think, they were happy together because they understood each other in a world that them two felt like no one else understood them. Two outcasts in love, but their love wasn’t enough to overcome their internal pain. This song is a beautiful and touching account of reflection.

  3. Thank you for uploading this beatiful peace. These words are pure truth and speak life into anyone wanting to give up. Its sad she couldn’t follow her own wisdom. “Take me far away from the battle” , “and when all my strenght is gone in you i can be strong”, this shows that even the strong fall

  4. Whitney Houston was a woman of courage. She sang about her downfalls, triumphs, and trials sometimes. Her music was amazing, she was very talented. Unfortunately she had an abusive husband. She went through rough times even with drugs but came back strong after recovering.

  5. I have not heard this song before, saying this I was touched by not only Whitney’s incredible voice but by the lyrics and the meanings of the lyrics. Very sad to loose someone who has such an amazing talent to touch others.

  6. It’s really sad when a person with talent is destroyed by drugs. This song is beautiful it kind of made me feel sad and happy at the same time. Addictions are so hard to overcome.

  7. It’s really sad when a person with talent is destroyed by drugs. This song is beautiful it kind of made me feel sad and happy at the same time.

  8. Its sad to see such a singing voice like hers fall to drugs. She was a lovely person and such a talented person, but drug addiction got the best of her.

  9. It is really sad how so many artists with so much talent end up how whitney did. She was an amazing artist and it is really sad that her addiction ended her life so soon. She had so many people who looked up to her for all of her talent and it is just sad how things ended.

  10. I find it sad when people keep on judging someone even after they have passed. I know she made mistakes in her life but that does not mean she was a bad person.

  11. It is such a tragedy that some one so talented has gone to heaven. What bothers me more is that it could have been prevented.

  12. I believe Whitney Houston was one of those rare singers who had pure talent. It’s sad to know that her battle with drugs led to her fate.

  13. Whitney Houston has an amazing voice. Her voice was real and she sang great during live performances. A horrible loss for the music industry. But she will be forever remembered.

  14. So many people make mistakes, sometimes it costs them their lives which is terrible! She was amazing, had an outstanding voice, and was beautiful. I feel terrible that her family had to go through that. Pressure can really get to people.

  15. I remember the day this happened, it was displayed all over the media. She is one of the best female vocalist ever. I saddens me that this could have been prevented. I wish someone would have helped before it was too late. Though her legacy will forever life on, and her songs will be forever played. She is missed.

  16. She is an amazing woman with a bad habit. It is unfortunate what happened to her. What I find funny is that everyone realizes she existed after she died. Everyone wanted to say how she was their favorite singer and that they were involved with her in some way. Hollywoood even exploited her image and followed her daughter around. It’s truly despicable.

  17. It is always sad when someone that has made such a difference passes away like that. She will always be remembered.

  18. Even though I didn’t listen to Whitney Houston’s music I still believe she made a giant impact on the music industry and how we view it today. She was a music icon and she will be missed by millions.

  19. I believe that Whitney Houston was one of the most beautiful people to ever share her talents with us. She definitely had her share of struggles, but until her unfortunate end, she seemed to have overcome those obstacle with grace and come out even better on the other side. When I had first heard the news of her death, I didn’t want to initially go to that dark place and ask if drugs had played a role. However, I think that deep down, everyone knew that wether it was recent abuse or the culmination of so many years of abuse, they played a role in her passing. It is just so unfortunate that an illness and addiction can over-power someone as fortunate and beautiful as Whitney Houston. I know that she will be forever missed.

  20. Losing her was like losing Michael Jackson. She was an idol for many, a voice that was heard, and a soul that had the strength that many people wish they had. Although she let the drugs get ahold of her, she was one of a kind and her voice will forever be remembered. RIP Whitney.

  21. R.I.P Whitney, I have listened to “I will always love you” so many times this past few months. may her soul rest in peace.

  22. What a tragic lost to the music industry. In my opinion she was one if not the biggest female singer of all times. It’s sad to see how the abuse of substances destroys a persons life.

  23. she was a strong lady that overcame a lot and achieved more, she will be missed and never forgotten.

  24. Everyone has faults but to stand tall and push through your faults to succeed is what separates the strong from the weak.

  25. A very unfornutate loss of someone who could no longer stay strong. The influence of a person(s) can be overwhelming and stear that person to something that they may regret or even death, such as Whitney Houston.

  26. There are a few greats in each generation and Whitney Houston will be one of them. May she rest in peace. Although she is gone she has left us with many great memories and her voice will live forever.

  27. Wow, she is such a beautiful woman with an amazing God given voice. She will me missed and her voice will be carried on.

  28. She was truly a great women. She was blessed with a family and a beautiful voice. She will be truly missed by many. But it’s so sad to see any good because of drugs and any kind of mind altering substances. I know what it’s like to have someone who did those kind of things. And its unfornate that she has to leave so soon.

  29. This was so sad I really couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it. It still seems unreal to me. She was amazing.

  30. Whitney was a great women not like any other. I am so proud of what she has done. Everyone of her songs are so inspiring. I am very proud to say she was not prefect not everyone is not prefect. Money does crazy thing to a person and the stress a famous person goes through is unbelievable. It is sad to find out what happen to her and dying so young. She is always be an amazing women and life through her music forever.

  31. I was truly shocked when I heard the news of Whitney Houston, I grew up listening to her music and watching her movies. I have followed her over the years (through her rocky relationship with Bobby Brown, to her drug use, to the messy divorce) and though everyone will admit that at some point they would asked themselves why is she doing what she is doing? But even though she was on drugs and acting so out of character America has always loved her and respected her (well her loyal fans). But what makes me upset is the media, when she was on top of her career they praised her in the media then when she went through something negative in her personal life they put her throught the mud and smeared her name and when the announcement came of her death they glorified her but when the autospy report came out they again targeted the wrong area of her life…the negative. What people fail to remember or do not get in the first place is that even celebrities are human first they make mistakes just like the rest of us they fight the same demons and monsters we fight. They are not subhuman and deserve or respect, understanding, and patience, the same treatment we would give a loved one that was fighting the same demons.

  32. A great loss to the music industry and hollywood yet unfortunaetly as is the case too many time a completely preventable loss. It is disappointing to me that celebrities get so much attention by the news yet people that live decent lives, sacrifice everything for their families are swept under the rug because it doesn’t provide good ratings. That is what is truely tragic!

  33. This music video makes me sad because she is so beautiful but no longer exist. I heard some people judging her and even blaiming her for her death. So my view of her was affected by them. But I realized we are all full of faults like Hollenbeck said. I can’t judge Whitney and now I am truly sad that we lost a beautiful whitney, but I believe she is in better place.

  34. sad to see someone like Whitney go so soon. her music will always be played. she is a true legend and icon of music that will live for decades .

  35. A voice of an angel is gone, but her legacy is left, so we cherish the moment that she was with us.

  36. Whitney Houston is somebody whom my family and I grew up listening to. Whitney’s legacy will live on for decades to come, she is a true legend and icon.

  37. It is horrible when the world loses such a talent. I feel as time progresses the new generations are losing sight of what true talent is. Artists are not aloud to grow and progress, we are just searching for one hit wonders that come and go with the wind and its on to the next gimmick. Whitney is among the last artists whom we have been allowed to watch progress and grow in her talent and i hope we see more lik her.

  38. Its sad that she lost her life and it was very unexpected. despite her desicions she made in her life she was still a legend to the hollywood life and she had a very huge fan base. i find it horrible that so many magzines put her out there a a druggy and a bad person but know one will ever know the true story behind her life style.

  39. It is too bad to lose this kind of talent they way it happened. Hopefully it is an eye opener for many and they can take this and learn from it just like many others did from all her previous situations.

  40. it is sad to of lost such a great talent as Witney Houston. She was one of the most talented singers of our time and it is sad to see someone so talented to of gone so soon.

  41. Her music and voice will never be forgotten, and even though there is a lot of great singers out there her voice was truly one of a kind.

  42. I pray her soul is at rest, she will be missed. The music will live on.

  43. It’s always a sad day when we loose someone with such talent and a great committment to music. It’s also sad that everyone is focused on the bad in whitney’s life. We sould be focused on the legacy of music that she left behind. She was a tremendous musician and a pretty good actress also. I will never forget that song “AND I.” My mom listened to it and every time I heard it playing on the radio, I wanted to cry. I pray that in her last moments here on earth she was able to cry out to God and one day we will see her in heaven. Peace, love, happiness, and a blessings to all her fans and family. God Bless!!

  44. Herman is absolutely correct. I watch FOX NEWS frequently to see the Saturday morning shows on economics and our deficit problems. Whitney Houston’s funeral came over the airwaves–I was mesmerized for over 4 hours. No matter what problem she faced in life, she was a beacon of light for others and I appreciated all of the anecdotes about her life and her devotion and stewardship to God, to her family, to her church family, to her local community, to her fan community, and to all who knew her personally. She will be sorely missed.

  45. Such a tragic loss to Hollywood. What I find despicable is that this death, along with many others, could have been prevented. Why does society not see fit to understand that when a person is abusing substances, they should be helped, not mocked? It is also disgusting that every tabloid magazine is exploiting this poor woman for a quick dollar. I just find it ridiculous that society praises and realizes struggles after it’s too late.

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