What Do You Want from Your College Experience?

After watching this film, decide how you will manage your life.  Don’t take a major that is overcrowded, a type of job that you can provide for a family.  Get basic skills from a community college and go to work.  Do the best you can and earn grants or scholarships so you don’t have a mountain of debt you can’t repay easily.  We will discuss this in class.  Think outside the box!

4 responses to “What Do You Want from Your College Experience?

  1. I went to college simply because my father as a masters and my mother doesn’t have as much as a simple AA. Their lives, job wise, are massively different. My father lost his job last Tuesday, already getting call backs, my mother signs 30-40 applications over the span of 2 weeks (I do as well) and she gets no response, just as I don’t either. So seeing the two ends, I’d much rather have a worth while education, even if America falls, other countries will want a Computer Information Scientist.

  2. College is not how it is depicted in high school or in the movies. Personally I would just like to gain an education and broaden my views for people and develop a respect for others and experience different people that have belief systems, and different ways of life. I would like to have a well rounded aspiration and consideration for life.

  3. Interesting thoughts about the education system. I believe what the individuals are saying becuse it is true. High school I was the student that had all A’s and I did so many extra things just becuase I wanted to get a good eduaction. After I got into schools the tuition was outstanding, so therefore I when to a community college first. My choice to get a good education and pay less with less student loans will pay off. actually I believe I made the best choice becuse I am will not be paying loans till I die. instead of paying seven years of tuition in reality I only have to pay four years of student loans. this is a subject to be looked at with importance.

    • I agree! I was in the same boat as you (all A’s in high school, full-time swimmer, etc.) and I had big plans for college. Well, reality sank in and I realized there would be no way for me to attend the colleges of my choice. The reason being that tuition has become outrageously expensive and is unthinkable unless you have a wealthy background or a crap load of money already saved up.

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