What Aisle is the Polish Sausage in?

One of my former students sent me this!

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream ‘racism’ these days.
A customer asked, “In what aisle could I find the Polish sausage?”
The clerk asks, “Are you Polish?”
The guy, clearly offended, says, “Yes I am. But let me ask you something.
“If I had asked for Italian sausage, would you ask me if I was Italian?
Or if I had asked for German Bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German?
Or if I asked for a kosher hot dog would you ask me if I was Jewish?
Or if I had asked for a Taco, would you ask if I was Mexican?
Or if I asked for some Irish whiskey, would you ask if I was Irish?”
The clerk says, “No, I probably wouldn’t.”
The guy says, “Well then, because I asked for Polish sausage, why did you ask me if I’m Polish?”
The clerk replied, “Because you’re in Home Depot.”

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  1. This is funny people are so quick to jump to conclusions. I do not doubt that these questions have came up because I’m they have. People use this racism thing way too leisurely and are not even really listening to what is really going on.

  2. Wow, I definately wasn’t ready for the irony at the end. This was funny I agree with you, everybody wants to pplay the race card.

  3. this too funny! very true though people are always judging and assuming. i hate racism and wish it would go away.

  4. I liked this because it is funny but true. People rush to stereotype and assume something about a specific person. I was once judged in High School as a bad kid because I had tattoos but was an A and B student. Today people still look down on tattoos while others are accepting the idea that many have tattoos. Racism and looking down on people for whatever the reason may be just needs to stop. Everyone is different in their own, unique way and shouldn’t be judged by society.

  5. That was funny but true. Many people rush to assume someone is being racism without knowing all the facts.

  6. People are so quick to use racism as an excuse when they are offended by something. They should open their minds.

  7. The racism card is pulled much too often. No one wants to offend anyone because people are so quick to get offended. It’s better if someone tells a joke and you just laugh it off instead of branding the person as a racist.

  8. The guy who asked for the Polish sausages may have been a little over the top in his response to the question of whether or not he was polish. The question probably shouldn’t have even been asked in the first place, but it’s funny to see the assumptions made by people.

  9. I don’t get it. I mean I don’t think the worker needed to ask him if he was polish at all, regardless of whether or not he was in the right store. I don’t get why he would walk in to home depot asking for food, I guess I don’t understand polish jokes either.

  10. This was a tiny bit humorous. I don’t think that the guy should have been so easily offended by that question. It didn’t seem like he asked in a negative way, but perhaps out of curiosity. The guys needs to not be so sensitive.

  11. To me this is a funny joke i don’t see how it has to do with racism. I get that we still have racism which is ridiculous why can’t the world just live in peace? I don’t see why people are still racist in the world today you just have to treat people the way you want to be treated.

  12. I honestly don’t get it…maybe I just don’t understand polish jokes.

  13. This is so true. Everyone seems to be jumping to conclusions very rapidly these days. They are too quick to assume racism, and too quick to use stereotypes. Some people need to relax and listen before they make assumptions.

  14. Call me mean but this is funny because the guy came into home depot, a home improvement store, asking for some polish sausages. If I was the clerk, I would have laughed. However, rasicm still does exist, but I would have thought the clerk was being racist.

  15. Racism is an ongoing issue that has plagued American history for decades. Placing generalizations on someone based on appearance is flawed because individuals will always be more then the stereotypes placed on them. That being said I also feel that we naturally make generalizations to place people in categories to make sense of what we observe. This does not mean that racism is justifiable in any form. Even though it is their responsibility of the individual to be culturally sensitive towards others it is also the responsibility of the individual to not place too much weight on derogatory comments.

  16. If I was in a situation like this, racism wouldn’t cross my mind at first because I like to try all different types of food. But I can see why people think racism, and in some cases people intend to pull the racist card when it isn’t needed.

  17. People these days are so quick to say racist because they feel threatened when someone makes a comment. People need to slow it down and take it easy.

  18. This is so true. Many people get offended easily or make it a big deal when someone comments something about their race. The clerk did not mean it in a wrong way when he asked the customer if he was Polish. Many people take it the wrong way even when someone makes a joke about their race and it should not be thought of being racist.

  19. This made me laugh. It always fun to put someone on blast when they offer up their opinion on something when they don’t even know what they are talking about.

  20. Ha that was funny I bet the guy felt dumb after the guy shut him up by telling him he was in Home Depot. I have to agree though sometimes I get a little angry since I am Mexican, sometimes people speak to me in Spanish and it’s like just cause I am Mexican automatically I only speak Spanish. But It’s ok people always judge it’s part of life.

  21. As soon as I started reading it, I knew exactly how it was going to end. People jump to racism waaay too quickly. Yea he was asking if you’re polish but did it ever occur to you that he was just trying to make small talk or something?

  22. It’s a shame that the importance of vocabulary has faded. To be honest, if I didn’t know the story beforehand, I would probably have a little difficulty understanding the storyline.

  23. I believe this was just miscommunication. Like the costumer purposely said it just to get that reaction out of him. I do not believe it was at all a racist comment, the costumer just took it completely wrong.

  24. This made me laugh! Why does everyone get offended so easily? in certain cases, such as this, they end up making a fool out of themselves and further reinforce the stereotype.

  25. Everyone seems to be jumping to conclusions very rapidly these days. Not ebruthibg has a racist meaning to if, it’s a shame.

  26. I have no idea why this guy was being so dramatic, i mean obviously he knew that he was in a Home Depot and not a store, so he basically brought that upon himself.

  27. This was actually funny

  28. What the heck.? I did not expect that at all! People are so over dramatic! Of course the man at home depot is going to ask something like that.

  29. That’s funny I really thought this man was at a grocery store until he said he was at the home depot. How many times do you think this happens in a day? I have don’t the same mistake by asking for a famous star at McDonalds but only because that was my next stop after McDonalds haha.

  30. This is funny because the clerk was not trying to offend the customer, but he already assumed. Like Professor once said “when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me”

  31. This was so funny! I do have to say that both people were in the wrong. The clerk could have worded his question differently to not be disrespectful. The polish man should not have been so quick with the tongue and accuse the clerk of segregation. This is just a case people assuming and their arrogance.

  32. I love this read. The last part it make me crack up it was so funny. It could be distraction. People should pay attention where you going, and make sure yo are in the right place.

  33. This is too funny and it made me laugh. I actually thought someone really went to the grocery store and was affended by a clerk at the register when I first started reading it. When he said the man was at home depot i thought gee this guy is crazy.

  34. I really enjoyed this story. The whole time I was reading it, I was trying to figure out where it was going. He was so fast to jump on the other guy that he didn’t even realize he had made a mistake himself. My dad used to tell me polish jokes. How do you know you are in a Pollock village? There is toilet paper out to dry.

    • I totally understand David’s dad. It has only the past few years that this entry has become so “politically correct” that people are afraid to make jokes about each other. When I was a kid during the depression and WWII, everyone made jokes, and no one was offended; if they were from different ethnic or racial groups. People made Polish jokes (pollacks) or kGermans krauts) or Irish Catholic’s (micks) or Portugese (portagees) or Mexicans (wetbacks) or Japanese (Japs) or Chinese (chinks) or Italians (dagos) etc. We would have not considered telling the joke if we didn’t all .understand it was a joke. Everyone would laugh and come back with something about someone else: we all though of ourselves as Americans. Everyone enjoyed the joke. We are no longer this compatible soup pot, but a bunch of bigots who scream racism without “common sense” or “fairness.”

  35. This is ridiculous asked a question “Are you Polish” That person might not realize that wrong in the store “Home Depot”. The clerked was asked not proper way to asked them. Just like fight with a person because of racism? I don’t think so just that person did not thinking first before you do speaking to the customers. Maybe the customers did not realize were in the store as Home Depot? I do laughing about this story but I had to thinking what was happening that moment.

  36. Haha I really enjoyed this story. While reading it I was shocked that a clerk would be so offensive, then I realized it was a joke. While people are extremely sensetive, sometimes the occation calls for sensitivity.

  37. That was really funny! It’s so true though.. people are waaaay too sensitive.

  38. The last line of this posting made me crack up laughing. That is so funny that someone asked where the sausage is in Home Depot. This posting shows how people blow small things way out of proportion and make a big scene when they could have just ignored it. People really need to stop trying to start a fight everywhere they go.

  39. This is hilarious! It also shows us just how easily offended people get unnecessarily. Too much of the time, people let their anger get the best of them before they think.

  40. haha the ending was hilarious but honestly many people here in the United States don’t think before the speak and sometimes don’t realize that any question even as little as can be can hurt peoples feelings. Also, many people now in days take every question in a racist matter or simply offensive.

  41. Hahahaha this cracks me up but in all seriousness this happens a lot to people but we all this a certain way and we automatically thing they speck a certain language or are a certain ethnic background. It is really sad that we all think this way

  42. This shows that people on both sides don’t think before they speak. They are too quick to assume racism, and too quick to use stereotypes.

  43. I don’t agree with racism but I believe that people need to stop trying to act like they see all people equally when in fact they don’t. He asks if he’s polish because Polish people are identified with their sausage like Mexicans are identified with tacos. It’s not racist it’s just an acknowledgment of the culture of an individual. Sure they may not always be true but that’s where communication and understanding come in. My brother is Mexican and he hates beans when everybody else in our family likes them. In addition, people need to lighten up and stop playing the “race card” so much.

  44. I don’t understand what “home depot” means in this story. But I can see the customer is being unnecessarily sensitive. Sometimes, I become like the customer in this story when I feel I am treated badly from people in this country. I need to stop relating problems with racial issue.

  45. I interpret this message as their is somewhat of a difference between ignorance and racism. Racism has intent and meaning towards another person while ignorance is what this message is and the person is obviously curious and has no intent or double meaning toward what he is saying.

  46. Like I have said before, I think that society has become too sensitive. I understand that racism is an issue and should not be tolerated, but sometimes people are just too quick to start a useless argument. A lot of people need to grow up.

  47. This how American’s have been raised that when anyone says something about race they are automatically racist or making a racist commit. All of these clubs that are for only one race or one nationality are adding to the problems of segregation in America, but under the careful protection of equal opportunity acts.
    The joke was good made me laugh.

  48. I recently got a job at a child day care center and am a teacher in a school age classroom. I was told by my boss to hand out some All About Mexico worksheets and as I was passing them out one of my students instantly said why was I handing out racist papers. I had to calmly explain that we were to learn about the country Mexico and that it was not a racist assignment. All in all he himeself had mexican ancestors and was being ignorant to what the assignment was about.

  49. Although this joke made me laugh, I have witnessed plenty of jokes that are clearly not directed towards racism but the offender turns it into something racial. It’s what the generations in the past have made our generation out to be. Racism shouldn’t even exist. It doesn’t matter what color, size, or shape someone is. It doesn’t make one person greater than another.

  50. This was so funny!! Some people need to relax and listen before they make assumptions.

  51. This made me laugh so much!! Some people make such a huge deal over the smallest things. People just need to lighten up and not to get butt hurt over small things, i don’t see anything wrong with asking if he was polish but apperently he definitely had a problem.

  52. Wow! people take things too seriously sometimes!

  53. This made me laugh at the end but yes people do tend to get way offended and take it to extreme. Sometimes a question is simply a question and nothing more, alot of issues get made into something when really it starts out as nothing.

  54. I see this happening a lot. Its sad to think about. And a lot of things sad are easily turned into a racial comment without the intention of it. It shows what our society has become.

  55. People expect you to know what race you come from or what language you speak and so forth. I see nothing racist about asking a person where they come from. Regardless, this was pretty funny being misunderstood.

  56. There is a difference between being racist and asking what race a person is. The clerk replied with a simple question to what race he is. I don’t understand why some people get so defensive. Problem with our society is everyone has there own opinion of what there race is.

  57. People just need to learn that there is a fine difference between actually being racist, and clarifying a misinterpretation. Sometimes misunderstanding something that someone says can be dangerous if a person takes it the wrong way and acts violently.

  58. Hahaha, this was kind of funny. And It’s funny because this actually does happen. And I don’t think they do it on purpose. And people shouldn’t take it so serious. Because it really isn’t a serious thing.

  59. This was funny to read! It is very true though, people are so quickly to think that any type of remark referring to a culture is a racist comment, however, most of the time it’s either just an observation, or, like in this case, just a clarification.

  60. This made me laugh! is funny how some people are so eger to give thier opinion on something that they don’t take the time to think what they need to say.

  61. This just put a smile on my face! I was not expecting that at all! It’s funny how people get so defensive when they hear things, but they probably should have waited to hear the person out at least! FANTASTIC.

  62. This a funny read. This just goes on to show though, that we need to practice our listening skills.

  63. I did not expect the last line at all. It caught me by surprise and made me laugh. It just goes to show how fast people pull out the “race card” for everything

  64. Oh Goodness!….I agree with this, but this is funny.

  65. Hilarious!! Me and my grandfather have exchanged jokes my entire life and this is one i could’ve heard him telling me. He loves to tell the longer almost story-like jokes and they are usually based on peoples stupidty as is this one. I think he will definitely be hearing this one.

  66. This shows how some people are quick to think of racism, but also people don’t pay attention to what they are saying or to what was said to them.

  67. This shows that people on both sides don’t think before they speak. Too quick to assume racism, and too quick to use stereotypes.

  68. This is a great example and sounds like something that would happen on a regular day basis. People say racist things without even knowing most of the time and it’s sad but it’s the world we live in. Funny story though.

  69. Ya that story is a good example of how people are over reacting and use racism as an excuse. This was pretty funny though. Sometimes some people just need to lighten up a bit and live life and not take everything so seriously. Have fun and smile 🙂

  70. People are so quick to bring the racist thing up when they don’t realixe that they put themselve in the position they are in. If someone can to me and asked for a polish sausage or Irish creme soda, I would think the same thing. Assuming things is not a crime, but blurting thoes thoughts out make you look foolish. Lesson of the day is probably to think before you speak. People are way too sensitive these days..

  71. I didn’t expect the ending! Hahaha. People now a days are blind and have no idea what’s going on around them. Sadly if someone came up to me asking for a taco or italian sausage I would probably do the same thing, the only thing different would be that I wouldn’t say it out loud, I’d just think it.

  72. This is really funny. People sometimes take things way to seriously.

  73. This actually made me laugh out loud because too many times in our society do people always want to point the finger at someone else before really taking a step back and examining the situation. Many times we ourselves are the ones that are at fault and do not take responsibility. Our egos are too big and take our pride too seriously instead or taking the higher road and realize that you are the one that messed up.

  74. You are so bad.

  75. This was pretty funny, shows how little people pay attention to their own mistakes before they try to break people down.

  76. This definitely made me laugh, i didnt expect that punch line at all. Im not racist at all but i find polish jokes pretty funny. Theres a few classic one liners me and my mom used to exchange when i was younger. For example; a polock went to home depot asking for wood. The clerk asked in response, “how long do you need it?” The polock replied, “im gonna need it all day im building a garage.”

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