Westboro Baptist Church Goes to Court–Guaranteed to Not Be Baptist

Westboro Baptist Church Goes to Court–Guaranteed to Not Be Baptist

The next two videos discuss the founder’s death and retaliation for their extreme cruelty.

The Founderof Westboro just just died–the wacko’s death is on the next video.

6 responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Goes to Court–Guaranteed to Not Be Baptist

  1. The Westboro Baptist Church is the most, if not one of the most hateful church groups. Their objective is to picket public places, state their opinions, and say ‘if you’re not with us, you’re going to hell.’ They picketed the funeral services of the Sandyhook Elementary victims. I’ve seen too much of their hateful actions to care what they do.

  2. William J. Gonzales

    in this first 30 seconds of the first video, I just laughed at Margie Phelps who must be from the Westboro Baptist church because the attitude and emotion she had was hiliarious. I mean if she was really concerned about our well being or lives, wouldn’t she be kinder? nicer? she was definitely not kind like she said she was trying to be or trying to convey to other people. and what also makes me make is that she said that god put his wrath on an American soldier who was fighting for the nation which allows her to say such things as that. I mean really Margie? how disrespectful.

  3. And this is why most people tend to have a sour taste in their mouths when people tend to be Catholic, Baptist, or Christian. The disrespect these guys did to those deceased veterans was disgusting obviously. Blaming a specific group of people as to why these guys died while fighting for their country is cowardly, and stupid. Gays don’t hurt anyone, I honestly don’t see the threat they present, other than rules set by multiple religions considering it terrible. Animals don’t really care, it’s funny that we have to restrictions and rules for things we are uncomfortable with. But his wife is pretty crazy too. Ugh

  4. This group is such an embarrassment to the values they supposedly hold. They disrespect common decency. I cant even imagine how the father felt having to deal with those clowns while laying his his son to rest.

  5. The presentation of the westboro baptist gives viewers the broad spectra that they are extremists. Also, it states the religious beliefs and how inconsiderate they are to the victims family. They are an ignorant group of people and deserve, nonetheless and non more, the verbal abuse they receive after abusing our country’s morals and standards.

  6. So the angry God is back. These people make me think of the Puritans and their strict, harsh religious views. Dishonoring a veteran like that? Well jokes on them cause no one cares that the founder is dead. I’ll get my signs ready for the funeral.

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