Warren Buffett Smears Obamacare

Warren Buffett Smears Obamacare

Big Obama supporter and Obamacare supporter now wants theĀ  voters to dump the plan and start over.

6 responses to “Warren Buffett Smears Obamacare

  1. Obama just wants his name on this, so that he will be remembered

  2. It is dumb how one “defends” others faults. They make it seem like unicorns and glitters floating around, when it is not even like that. Even worst when they are trying to push more bad things towards your way. It is more like knives falling down at night.

  3. At this point Obama just wants his name on the act to define his “legacy”. He doesn’t have time to plan anything else like this, so he’s pushing this out on America even though no one likes it. It’s an ego game.

  4. It does not surprise me that even huge supporters of Obama and Obamacare want it to be scrapped. That just goes to show how bad the plan really is. I think Obama should really listen to the people because this plan is going to ruin us.

  5. When someone who supports you and actively defends your mistakes says that you’re doing something wrong, you should listen to him, because he’s definitely not the only one who feels that way.

  6. Surprise surprise, this is coming from a hardcore demoncrat.

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