Want Back the American Dream? Wake Up and “Smell the Coffee”

This video explains the American cultural problem that created the financial mess the country is now experiencingin a cartoon format.

Fall of the American Dream


10 responses to “Want Back the American Dream? Wake Up and “Smell the Coffee”

  1. A tad long at first, but I must say it was very informative. This video definitely cleared a lot of questions I had about the American banks and the IRS. Even though this clip was lengthy, it was very helpful to me and made some valid points. This post really opened my eyes up and now I feel like I have a better understanding. I recommend this video post to anyone that is looking to further their knowledge in a fun way.

  2. Wow, the banks are crazy. Credit card debt really does screw you over if you don’t take care of it.

  3. The banks are corrupted, and only care about profit. They don’t realize what they do to peoples lives. Things need to change if the American Dream is ever to be acquired by regular everyday citizens.

  4. I love the comical satire in this video! I think that a revolution in America is inevitable. Maybe not in our lifetime, but it is bound to happen. No society or civilization can last forever. It is sad to see that the ideals and dreams of those who founded the U.S. are next to impossible to achieve today. The American Dream is more like the American Nightmare.

  5. This video was really funny and interesting! It is sad how the American dream is becoming so much harder for us to achieve during these times. Banks also can rip us off though! I know from experience on having to pay simple useless fees for allowing money in my account! However, you can’t expect money to be handed to you for free and not pay the consequences after for taking that money.

  6. That JFK part near the end, that was utterly terrifying. I seriously feel like we are going to need to band together and over through this country, and rebuild America from anew. We gave up our freedoms, our republic, for the delusion of power, for money, for “democracy”. At some point, we will have to spill our blood the revitalize the tree of liberty.

  7. I agree I feel like there should be some sort of counseling when applying to get a house. Banks allot you money but sometimes it is unrealistic for people to be able to afford the amount of their potential mortgage. With a signature and a little money down it is crazy what they will allow you to purchase.

  8. Haha this video is kind of funny. It is so true though! The government has no consideration for anybody–not if they have a roof to live under, food to eat, or a job to work for their family. Life is truly tough right now and the government isn’t making it any better!

  9. The banks are the worst because well its true they take our money. Same goes with the education system as well. if you get a loan you are setting yourself up for a loss. the government owns you ans living the american dream is in turn not close at hand.

  10. Let’s get some pitchforks and torches together. Honestly, I feel utterly helpless with the staggering scale of things. Can any branch of government help this issue?

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