A Walk With the President

This is great, hope you enjoy it. Be sure to watch all the way to the end.
It is a short video showing a suggested walk for President Obama.


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  1. I’m not sure what the argument is here. Many Americans believe in a form of god and many of our presidents were Christian. They took Christian values and have engraved some of them into our foundation. Is the man arguing that we are a Christian nation? If so then what is his problem with Obama stating that there are many other religious sects in America?

  2. I like this video because I never knew how much religion is engraved in our nations capital. However, Prsident Obama is right, this is no longer a christian nation. So many people escape their country because of religious persecution and come to America for a chance to worship ho they want. NOw the president isn’t denoucing the christian community. He’s just looking out for the country he was eleceted to govern over. Which ultimately means he’s just doing his job.

  3. I agree that God should be reinforced in society. But what Obama is trying to do what’s best for the American people.

  4. Wow thats very interesting I never would have expected a cross. But then again government always have there historical secrets and also those future ones. But christian is not only where God belongs to he’s for all people regardless of religion.

  5. I found this video to be just a rant against Obama, but he does make a good point. That God does belong to one religion, and it belongs to many religions and is the foundation on how our nation got established.

  6. I wasn’t so fond of this video I disagree with many perspectives.

  7. Such a good point that Keanu made, God does not only belong to Christians. This country was founded on the idea of freedom of religion, amongst other things. Everyone knows that not everyone in the United States is a Christian, we are a melting pot of religions, races and cultures. But the United States was founded with Christian principles, since that is what our founding fathers believed.

  8. I agree with Keanu, he made an excellent point in saying that God does not only belong to Christians; there are hundreds of different religions in the world, and each worship and see God in a different way. The beauty of this country is that (within limits) we can worship and perceive God anyway.

  9. I do agree that this nation was founded upon Christian principles and that all the founders followed the Christian fate, but I don’t necessarily agree with what was said in the video. God does not just belong to Christians, it belongs rather to everyone that follows the ideas of a Divine Creator. It is wrong to say that God only exists in the Christian faith, because he really belongs to all religions that worship him, regardless of what name they give him or what they believe he wants.

  10. Do I have to hear this from a president of a christian nation? This ruined my day already.

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