Voices Without a Vote

These are California high school and college students promoting their ideas.

18 responses to “Voices Without a Vote

  1. People should be thinking about the future when they choose a candidate to vote for. It doesn’t just affect them but the entire country.

  2. There are some people that vote just to be voting and not voting for the real cause. I love to see young people speaking out on what they believe in and what they would want to see best for their country. I know I don’t vote because I would not vote just to be doing there isn’t a point well to me.

  3. I have the privilege to vote but I choose not to. There are other people such as kids who do not have the opportunity to vote but know what they believe in. These kids share that voting makes a difference and that it is important to vote for our future.

  4. I like things that are put into a way that i can barely understand or relate to. A lot of college kids think that their vote does not matter, or the contents of an election do not apply to them. It is nice to hear the importance of every single vote.

  5. Oh my, that was deep. This video should be played every election year. But kids need to know they can help and they can get involved. Although they can not physically vote, they have a voice. This video shows it.

  6. Every vote counts and a wasted vote does nothing to better our country. To do nothing is the worst thing you can do.

  7. it good to put the video for kids to understand. it would be good for their future life.

  8. These kids are sending out a great message to everyone to vote. Every vote counts and if we want to make our country a better place we should vote. Especially in times like these.

  9. This video does actually make me want to go out there and vote for the kids of the future. To help them also with their future. A vote does make a difference and this video is very strong on having to vote for a person’s right and religion.

  10. Voting is a privilege given to us because a lot of people did not have the right to vote. Years ago, African Americans were not allowed to vote, women were not allowed to vote, and they fought to earn the right to vote. We all have the right to vote now and we sit around and not care and we do not vote when people from the past would do anything to have that right. We should not take our rights for granted and we should all vote. This video has helped me remember the importance of voting.

  11. this is very good video . It puts an understanding of how important it is to vote. it shows you how important it is to get the right choice .

  12. I registered to vote mainly because I know my ancestors didn’t have a voice or option to vote during their time. Now that I have the opportunity and privilege to vote, I am taking advantage and doing my part to vote. I hope this video encourages others to do the same, and vote for the president they feel is right for our country.

  13. This video really had an impact on me because this will be the first election I am able to vote in. I feel a responsibility to vote according to my beliefs and for the candidate that I feel has our best interest as a nation at heart. This can often be very confusing with each candidate making promises and each having ideas that I do not agree with but I realize after watching this video that I need to pay real attention to the issues and not just think of myself when I vote but think of those who benefit or suffer because of our votes.

    A lot of key issues were brought up like a strong military, protecting our borders and of course healthcare. Coming from a middle class family that works very hard and still can not afford healthcare this issue is important to me. I am also concerned about social security for my future not to mention my parent and grandparents.

    I enjoyed this video and will think of all the people not so much younger than me that are counting on us to make them heard.

  14. I believe that voting is thinking about the future and the people in it, which includes those who can’t vote. The people who are not yet able to vote depend on us voters, they place their future in our hands.

  15. There are many people that can’t vote. Its really is up to the adults to vote. A vote can make a difference which makes an impact upon our country. I don’t know what is going to happen on this election 2012. I hope it is for the best of the country and the people. Adults should vote on what they think its best for not only themselves but for those who don’t have a chance to do so.

  16. This video is so true because it tells us that we should always vote for the right person. Also to make decisions that will help us and even the poeple who can’t vote. I also think that there should be more videos like this because it shows us that voters should really think about whos lives are going to change.

  17. When voting you have to think of the future people. A person voting should consider the opinions of others who can’t. There are teens out there who pay attention to politics, to their rights, and the change in their country. Videos like these should be made constantly and maybe aired as commercials so that voters understand who’s lives they are changing.

  18. Wow this is a great video. Instead of telling us who to vote for they are implying that we should research and vote for the “Dream Team.” It is really good to know that there are kids that teach themselves about politics. they were right about our freedoms being taken and how we are being forced. They were right about protecting our borders too. Sadly I don’t think either candidates will help us this time. Neither of them are bringing up ideas that will help because they next day they say something that contradicts what they said before. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have an independent president or congress. Wouldn’t it be better to have people who are level headed and a few extremes on each side.

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