Urban Saturday Night

The quiet is destroyed by crushing sound.
The sirens wail.
The paddy wagons rotate cherry lamps.
The humid smog drapes on putrid slums.
The night sisters loiter in littered portals of garrish flats.
The pimps procure acne-faced infants.
The greedy pockets are fed with illegal sheckels.
The rancid grease wafts through alleys.
The graffiti storefronts are striped wrought iron
Everywhere pain screeches in unholy compliance.

The National Poetry Anthology. 1988 Edition. New York.
Copyright © 1987 Janice Kollitz

26 responses to “Urban Saturday Night

  1. This reminds of Chicago Illinois, the highest crime rate in the country, and Obama headquarter.

  2. This really shows how an urban night is, because during the day it may seem one way but at night everything changes.

  3. The poem talks about the the average city street at night and the opposing danger that fills the senses at night in the city.

  4. This is a great poem. It explains the truth on what could happen on any night, or even during the day, and people need to realize that and be more cautious.

  5. I though that this poem was very interesting. I like the way it was written. I also liked the realism in it.

  6. This poems is very nice because it is true all these thing happen at night. this bring everything to the front and shows everyone the reality of what really happens.

  7. I liked this poem because of it’s negativity. As I read along I envision numerous cities in the U.S but in other countries as well. It is an eyeopener to how not only the U.S but other countries have poverty.

  8. gives a good visual of what you could see on any normal night.

  9. I had i difficult time trying to puzzle this together. or in other words i quite didnt understand this poem

  10. I like this poem because it gives a sense of what evil is and that it is all around us. Its funny how people don’t relize it.

  11. This truly is an urban Saturday night description but of the old days. I believe the only thing that has changed from this scene from the old days, is how modernized it has become, and more dangerous it is out there now.

  12. This poem points out all the negative things about the city. It just makes me imagine a trashed city that I wouldn’t dare walking around.

  13. this poem somehow reminds me of my fiance. he is very conscious of our environment…especially when people litter or graffiti anything! if someone litters he’ll get out of the car pick it up and put it in the trash! lol

  14. This poem shows the negativity that happens during city nights. I don’t like it because its not uplifting or positive. I feel like every line could be reversed to be more positive, and show the good things that go on in the city at night.

  15. I agree with my fellow calssmate this poem reminds me of east LA. The streets are filled with graffiti everywhere.

  16. It does not surprise me that cities are turning that way. People are becoming careless and do not think of the community that they live in.

  17. I pictured LA and every violent movie I saw when I read this.
    Unfortunately, the streets won’t be safe for me to travel alone. This frustrates me because I don’t always want to rely on other people to keep me safe forever. This only makes my parents hold on me stubbornly stronger.

  18. Be aware of your sorroundings, does this seem so unusual it shouldnt, its all around you at this very moment.

  19. This made me envision something out of a movie. A movie where you crime and distruction is at the highest point…

  20. The activites described in the poem is “all around us”, meaning in other countries as well. This poem did not make me visualize just the United States, but all countries with high poverty rates.

  21. Really reminds me of Harlem, The picture just popped into my head right as i was reading it

  22. i envisioned east L.A.

  23. This poem makes me think about the slums in New York. It does not paint a pretty picture in my mind and i would not want to be around while these things are happening.

  24. This poem paints a picture in your mind of a city and all the crime that comes with it. As glamorous as a city might seem, it always has its seedy underbelly.

  25. this poem is a reminder how i should not waste my time loitering in the cities, because you never know what can happen and you never what your parents to receive that phone call.

  26. My mom always said nothing good ever hapens after midnight. Ha! The older I get the more logical she seems.

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