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Los Angeles, CA — A California man who regularly contributes to the popular radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory has big plans. He aims to become the next president. And, Phil Hill –better known as UFO Phil –claims aliens from space have given him all the authority he needs to assume the job without waiting for the November election.

In interviews with Peter King of CBS, The Huffington Post and other media outlets, Hill revealed he is in possession of secret scrolls written by beings from another planet. Those documents supposedly give Phil the authority to assume leadership without a vote.

Once he assumes the presidency, Phil plans to establish a formal ‘Senate for Terrestrial / Alien Relations‘ to welcome the arrival of “Brothers from Space”. He also wants to decommission all military ships at sea in favor of a new fleet of flying discs with spaceports in major cities around the globe. And then there’s the giant stone pyramid he’ll build behind the Hollywood sign.

There’s one more thing. Hill says, “The Statue of Liberty has to come down.” He promises to erect a taller ‘Monument of Zaxon’ in its place. Zaxon, according to Hill, is the “leader of the good aliens. He has very nice skin and will look phenomenal as a statue.”

If UFO Phil’s campaign promises sound a little over-ambitious, there’s a reason. Phil actually plans to become President of the Earth. “Obama and Romney can still have their election. I will be their boss. And, Putin and Kim Jong Un will be running their thoughts by me. And, I will take those ideas to the aliens for final rejection.”

UFO Phil is a published composer, filmmaker and self-proclaimed “man of science”. He has appeared alongside actor Tom Green. And, his song ‘Listening to Coast to Coast’ is a theme song for the radio show Coast to Coast AM.

UFO Phil can be reached at (323) 319-4836 or by email at ufophil@ufophil.com.


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  1. I’m pretty sure this guy popped something or was on some type of drug.

  2. I always thought people who belive in aliens are a special kind of people. Overall i like his take on aliens. It was funny and the music wa s alright.

  3. this guy made this video while on acid.

  4. This guy is definitely a character, doesn’t surprise me that he is hanging out with Tom Green.

  5. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    This amuses me. I am not saying this guy is an idiot or is just embarrassing himself, he is just creative and strong willed. Even though most people will totally dump him off of their radar, I find it interesting and like to keep up with things like this. I am not saying I believe him and his ideas or his stories, but I do like how he has taken it to this extent and people are noticing him. I will like to see where he goes in life.

  6. This guy is atonal nut. Hope he doesn’t think he can actually be president!

  7. The world needs characters like this. As he makes fun of the truly crazy people in an entertaining way. I enjoyed watching it.

  8. I hope hes not serious.

  9. UFO Phil has a couple of screws loose in my opinion, I hope he was joking because his chances of becoming president are slim to none. He is entertaining though.

  10. This guy seems like a total weirdo! I do like his clothes though he has a great sense of fashion.

  11. I liked the song as for the guy… I’m not to sure about him. He might be over exaggerating things just so that he can get attention from a lot of people but I’m curious as to why he would want all the attention. If hes not making this up then he might possible be on something or hes just overly excited about the idea of aliens.

  12. UFO Phil is definitely a character to say the least..

  13. I really hope that this man is making this all up in his head just for fun because if not than he is just a nut!

  14. Wow. This video is really weird and the plans he had are crazy. I really don’t believe anything he is saying.

  15. The song definitely caught my attention along with the spiffy costumes and wigs. It is obviously a satire and serves a meaning. I enjoyed hearing his interpretations on the topic of aliens and propaganda.

  16. This is one of the weirdest videos I’ve seen in awhile. I’m hoping that he is not serious. This has to be all in his head.

  17. This has to be one of the craziest things I’ve seen. I can’t tell if this guy is serious or not haha. Its just really funny to watch and very creative.

  18. Things like Ancient Aliens and Alien Encounters drive me insane. I mean, in the whole universe we can’t be the only living things, but I doubt its intelligent life. If there is life it is microscopic or on a completely different level than us. This guy is funny in his satire and I feel the way he does. But it is interesting to think, “What if?”

  19. This video was hilarious because this guy honestly believes that he can be the president. Maybe in his dream… not even in his dream.

  20. Dude, I would totally vote for this guy! Hahaha. yes!

  21. This guy is weird but he does a good job at getting his point across. Maybe people have to act outragous to get the attention

  22. ha these guys are funny how their mocking system!

  23. This guys sense of humor is funny the video made me laugh. It is one of those videos that are trying to say something but turn it around in to a funny video. unfortunately not to many people see it that way.

  24. This is pretty great. I love how everything he states is just so outrageous. This satire is amazing and i love this kind of humor.

  25. This was a weird dude I have to say. Maybe he is just tryna prove a point that I didn’t catch.

  26. I enjoyed how this mans beliefs are so different from what the norm of society thinks as I know we are free to believe in what we choose, but for him to be a serious about this topic as if he is a devout believer is what made me laugh on the inside.

  27. Is this guy crazy ? he makes no sense at all . thats all i have to say

  28. Is this guy serious? I do not know what to think of this. I mean it is pretty amusing and funny, but I am just confused on whether or not he is serious. This song was a bit goofy and catchy, but this guy has to be crazy.

    • This guy is mocking the system and conspirators. He is not serious. Look at the way he dresses. If you ever listened to Coast to Coast in the middle of the night you would know people call into George Norry and tell about the aliens they know, the 3rd dimensional people, the ghosts they’ve seen, and they predict the future according to Nostradamus.

  29. catchy song but phil should focus on music rather than running for president.

  30. This man is pretty wierd but it is funny to see how he acts

  31. Some people get some crazy ideas. Wherever this took place, they definantly need to increase funding to their Narcotics Police Division.

  32. Is this guy serious? It was a pretty catchy and entertaining song and video though.

  33. This video seemed pretty funny but to me it seems like a song that little kids would sing too.

  34. What did i just watch? This sure did make me laugh though. I hope this guy isn’t serious about running.

  35. The song made me laugh for a while. It’s one of those songs that is weird but has a nice little groove to it. I personally do think there are somethings we do not know about the universe. There are so many planets (some like Earth) that could be habitable. Why can’t there be any other life forms? Why does the government deny the existence of area 51 when it is obviously an actual base? Do they take us as idiots? I found out that there are signs saying that if you enter guards are authorized to kill. What’s there that needs to be kept so secret? Don’t the people have a right to know?

  36. As everyone , I’m sure ,rushes to claim this man as crazy but what if he is telling the truth? Okay maybe he is a little off his rocker, but his story is awfully interesting. I, for one, love people like this.

  37. You gotta wonder if this guy did a little too many drugs in high school…

  38. This video i found to be extremely weird, but it is true that there are people out there who believe in some bizarre things. This guy is just another example of one of those people

  39. Everyone has there own opinion and ideas. We should respect them because we never know who’s actually telling the truth. In this case, the idea or belief sounds kind of absurd.

  40. I’m not sure if he was serious or kidding around. I hope people don’t take him seriously! If they do, then America is getting denser by the years.

  41. This guy reminds me of people that are shock artists and have outrageous acts like Alice Cooper or Marilyn Manson. They try to tell you something through their crazy acts about society or other important issues and it’s your job to decipher. Either you get it or you don’t.

  42. I think people like this are just a little crazy! I know he was joking but he had to get his idea from somewhere, meaning that someone out there will actually believe in this

  43. Its crazy to think that there are actually people out there that really believe in all of this. I know he was just joking though. This video was really entertaining.

  44. i like the ironic intent in the video. I almost fell for it, and i know many people probably didnt understand the intent behind the video either.

  45. This is strange. I see that he isn’t serious, but I know that there is really someone in the world that believes in all of this.

  46. This is very strange to me! He needs someone to bring him back to reality

  47. This guy has a great imagination and this article was funny and so was the video. The song was a bit catchy.

  48. People are very strange. I don’t put anything past anybody anymore. I definitely got a kick out of this guy and it doesnt surprise me he hangs out with Tom Green.

  49. reading this article and everything UFO Phil had to say reminded me of jhonathan Swift and his “modest proposal” . whith this crazy ideas that phil puts in the table in only leads people to come up with accual good ideas to improve how election run now a days.

  50. A good laugh. Maybe this guy has too much time on his hand. Not to be critical, just can’t imagine why some people try too hard.

  51. I don’t know if this guy is being sarcastic or he truly believes all this because it wouldn’t surprise me with people now a days having crazy thoughts and ideas. This guy is losing it.

  52. Wow this was hilarious!

  53. This video is ridiculous. Some people are really losing their mind. i cant believe this man expect to assume presidency. Our world is becoming psychotic very rapidly .

  54. Funny video in a sarcastic way. This guy is a nut.

  55. Don’t you worry, I’m PRETTY cure he’s a legitimate sarcastic!

  56. The irony that this man releases is HILARIOUS! I really hope people do not think he is serious, I take it as a largely satirical view on Presidency.

  57. UFO Phil is not serious. He is totally ironic! Jonathan Swift would approve of Phil’s 21st century sense of humor. One must admit that Phil actually could be considered a little more civilized than Swift, because Phil did not suggest eating Irish babies to eliminate the food famine in 18th century Ireland and didn’t speak of his American friend having a wonderful recipe for a ragout cooked from Irish baby meat.

  58. This guy is crazy to actually beleive that this will happen. And it’s also crazy that there are people out there that follow this man. Don’t we have more important stuff to worry about.

  59. Wow, i can’t believe this guy is so serious about all of this.

  60. Wow! Some people are out there in their ideas. I kinda want to see what his documents look like.

  61. He reminds me of korean guy who was candidate of president, and he claimed he can do magic such as he can heal people by making one second eye contact or can walk on the water. There are some crazy people who want to rule over the nation, and UFO Phill is dreaming more than them definitely.

  62. Wow, its obvious that this guy hasn’t taken his medication lately.

  63. this guy is really serious? i hope not.

  64. This UFO Phil guy seems pretty far fetched. But if the man is serious more power to him..

  65. Woah… Is this guy serious? Documents that give him the authority to assume leadership without a vote?? He must be crazy! Good luck with that one Philly boy!

  66. Okay how did you get this clip of my husband?

  67. Hope this guy wasn’t serious but if so he’s views of life beyond earth are pretty funny.

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