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  1. I would NEVER want to to come within a million miles close to this guy. HE scares me.

  2. Rosamaria Valdez-Lopez

    Um, this is really different to me. I could say a lot of my opinions on how this freaks me out, but I am not going to. This is definitely not in most comfort zone, and it comes off as a joke.

  3. This guy is just another wack job who got popular from you tube and is now a hit sensation. The news can make any average person into a public sensation and now everyone is asking questions about who he really is because of it.

  4. Yeah, this was odd, I can’t even twist this into something political, I mean, if you as an individual choose to believe in aliens and admit it, i’m fine with that, either way I see it. We are either alone in this ENTIRE universe or we aren’t. Both answers are honestly quite scary. Although when it comes to aliens, other forms of life, I don’t understand why we expect it to look anything remotely like us, technically the flying spagetthi monster has a possibility of actually exsisting if you think about it.

  5. This video shows us that the guy is so crazy. I think that he is just doing all of this weird actions to just get attention from everyone. There are always crazy people that will go to any extreme just to draw attention.

  6. This guy is a nut! But a lot of people love that kind of entertainment. He is creative and stands out and that’s what gets people talking.

  7. This guy is crazy! He obviously is acting this way to gain attention. But no way is this guy right…

  8. It would be so awesome that if we are aliens, a seed colony anyway, and people like this are being transmitted through in a sense… I wonder if feelings and experiences can be shared or omitted through technologies that would have to be extant in order for a lot of these abductions to go down, in particular memory replacement/modification. Perhaps upon more discovery of the brain, we will see a means to produce technologies, and if we can, would it be so hard to believe that others (if we are a seed colony, there would have been others) could do so. What if there was a reclassification of life in the near future? How would that affect how we think about where life could have started or how? I wonder these things all the time… I wish I knew what to say about it..

  9. His voice is so annoying and he reminds me of that idiot Fred..who’s voice I also hate. Why do people support guys like this who have nearly no real talent besides the fact they have huge balls to put themselves out there looking like a complete moron. I have no positive feed back on this guy, he is a complete waste of space and time.

  10. Wow I do believe that he is on something. It is pretty obvious that he feels the stranger he is and the more out there he is the more attention he gets and it seems that he is right about that. I am really hoping this is an act .

  11. This song… how I missed it, ha. This guy is either really crazy or a genius, I will go with the second option.

  12. I think he might just want attention by doing weird actions like these things. In the media people will only give you attention if you are original, obviously this guy likes to get weird.

  13. yes i agree he is a very creative man, but at the same time i believe that he is trying to get attention any way possible.

  14. Some people will go to any extreme to get in the spotlight. Ufo Phil is very creative I will give him that.

  15. this guy is a complete weirdo! I mean even after watching this video I have no idea who this guy is. To me he is some random crazy person that needs to get on medication as soon as possible

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