Two Other Takes on Environmental Issues

Suggested by Classmate Jennifer:

Stephen Schnider – Environmental Biologist

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  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    I liked this video because it showed how a real educated person believes about the global warming scandal. It showed evidence that the chance is there even if it’s not 100%. His examples and how they relate to everyone also made it very believable.

  2. This topic can be found interesting to many and to others very confusing. There are so many different opinions and discussions about global warming. I would say I am stuck in the confused group! There is one thing said and then another which interprets the opposite meaning. I was lost in the beginning of the video but once he started talking it made a little more sense.

  3. Global warming is a controversial topic, many people have formed opinions about it due to how the information is presented. I also liked the example he used for the term value management it made alot of sense to me.

  4. I like how this guy takes his stand. He discusses that there are aspects of global warming that are factual. While we don’t know what those facts will lead to we can guess where they might lead. We are probably not in as much of a threat as some make it out to be there are possibilities that global warming can cause problems to the world as it is but it is not a guarantee.

  5. My favorite part of the video was the fire insecure example he used. That we pay 1000’s for house fire insecure when its a 1% probability of it happening to you yet there’s a 50% chance of “global warming,” affects happening that will change the way we live but we wont do anything about it.

  6. I find the topic of Global warming very interesting, but I also find it annoying when people try to argue for the topic when they are not that informed about the topic themselves. People should really look at all the facts before making argument for or against anything.

  7. The whole concept of global warming is kind of confusing due to the information that has been provided. For instance, do we really know if humans are affecting the earth with its man-made CO2 or that more CO2 results in a greener earth?

  8. Everyone is afraid of the outcome of global warming because they don’t know what to expect. Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not CO2 causes global warming. According to this video CO2 causes a greener earth and without it, earth couldn’t survive.

  9. I find it interesting how scientific names like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide are talked about. Many are not very acquainted with chemistry or science so to the average eye these all sound like bad chemicals when really there is one chemical in those I mentioned that is actually good. CO2 is a natural chemical that gets a bad rep. Things are distorted like Stephen mentioned because the government or whoever is controlling this fallacy is interested in instilling fear in to individuals who are not educated on the topic. It stems down to financial control and mind control. Knowledge is power like Francis Bacon once said. Maybe if people took an interest in doing their own research on these issues , they could know what fake information is trying to be drilled in to them by media and hypocrite scientists bent on gain and glory.

  10. William J. Gonzales

    I agree with Stephen Schneider with how the information about global warming is selective and being distorted. This kind of falsehood and distortion is what makes people believe that global warming is a serious threat. I also agree with him when he says that we need to find our own answers to this “Global warming” or climate change to see what we believe in. We shouldn’t take the credibility of these lying advocates of global warming.

  11. Special interest groups that are paid off by big companies should not explain scientific evidence because they do not bother to learn the full concept, and/or just distort the information for their own benefit.

  12. It’s a shame special interest groups choose to distort facts. That is how people get misled.

  13. Everyone grabs the info they want to support their own ideas, and by everyone doing this confusion is a product of this. Many different outcome are hypothesis, so people don’t really know what to believe. This video explains what happens in reality precisely.

  14. This film reinforces the fact that even when all of the correct information has been presented to the masses, it can still be persuaded take the wrong actions by big business and bureaucracy. These entities prey on the lack of knowledge of society to continue make their money while putting everyone else in harms ways. If they take and invest their money into better ways to improve our way of life and still make money then everyone wins.

  15. I feel more confused than before after watching this video. I understand that we do not know all the factors that play into global warming when we use system equations but we can make a well educated guess. It is crazy to hear everyone have their own personal opinion on wheather or not CO2 admissions by human factories is causing global warming.

  16. It’s interesting to see what he compares global warming to and it makes complete sense. We don’t 100% know everything and it’s a very humbling concept. Now when I watch animal/nature documents, I always listen to see if the narrator mentions global warming effecting the habitat and he or she usually does. The climate seems forever changing and out of our control. I believe that’s why mankind is so afraid of it. We can’t control.

  17. My first idea about environmental changes was that the changes made by humans are bad and are going to cause horrible outcomes. Then it changed to thinking that environmental change is natural and that it is not going to affect humans in any way. Now, because of this video, I understand that the changes caused by humans exist, but no one knows the outcome of them and it could go either way.

  18. This video is very interesting, the controversy that Global Warming has and how no one really knows whats the case leaving it to be only theories. What I really liked was how Stephen explain cancer in a global warming matter how we know its at risk but are we going to really wait until it gets worse and can no longer be fixed.

  19. Katarina Ponomaroff

    Within the first three minuted of the video a theory of what will happen to the world is shown and it is actually quite frightening to watch! The last stage of life shown was cannibalism and that can all start with a negative toll on the climate. The climate is a very complex system that scientists have to figure out, and has the ability to create highly tragic events. Global warming puts us at high risk and there seems to be no way out!

  20. I thought that the term value management was interesting. Its a shame the second video is not available to watch.

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