Two Letters to the Editor that May Be Too Sophisticated for the General Public!

I give both of them them an “A” for sophistication, relevance to our current political climate, and downright “common sense.”  If I was still an editor of a large monthly publication, I would select both of them for their content and timeliness.

This is from Alejandro Zuniga;

Good Day,

I have read a few articles on the Press Enterprise website, and to be honest I am appalled at the type news gets coverage. Historically speaking, the world is at its least violent levels it has ever been, but this is not reflected in our media. Hollywood executives, lobbyists, and politicians are no help. Our movies are profusely inundated with violence, love, or disparaging what it is to be a well-rounded person. Those who look to our media for relevant information will only find ambiguity of facts, and I find that what is released in news outlets (most, not all) do not express the views of all sides of an argument to include counterpoint and a few questions. Today, what is reported on for the most part, is dissent instead of unity, when in fact there is actually more unity than dissent. There a re many oppressive regimes out there, not just governments. But, I believe there are far more people who are willing to listen to reason and if given the opportunity, will make changes in our communities for the better. It is one thing show someone that the world can be dangerous, it is another selling that idea for profit. Whether it be papers, guns or medicine. None of it is conducive to the improvement of the citizenry, and to that extent the government (because it is made up of people to the best of my understanding), because the people are the government in these lands. We should reflect on our actions towards others more than their actions on us.

This following letter is written in the rhetoric of Jonathan Swift, when he wrote “A Modest Proposal.”  This is an example of excellent satire.  (see the videos about “A Modest Proposal” before you read the text, if you haven’t done so already).

This letter is from Spencer Garcia:

Dear Editor:

Convicts on parole are finding it easier to get away with deactivating their tracking devices.  /this is disturbing.  Sex offenders  aren’t as scared to break parole anymore because our jails have become so overcrowded that they know they will probably walk free.  Placing a small concentrated explosive inside their tracking devices will certainly discourage them from removing it or violating parole.  If they try to deactivate it the explosive will simply detonate, causing another threat to the people.

Of course, I realize that this is a safety issue because the explosion could injure nearby citizens.  I have another solution.  Clear out the prisons to make room.  Take the convicted murderers and serial killers and put thm down. Permanently replace the life sentence with the death penalty.  There is no reason point in housing someone who is going to die in prison.  This not only saves the tax payers’ money, but clears ou prisons for the sex offenders.

27 responses to “Two Letters to the Editor that May Be Too Sophisticated for the General Public!

  1. In my opinion, the purpose of watching news casts and reading news articles is to inform the audience of what is going on not only around them but around the world. It is not meant to tell us what to think or how to feel but, instead we are meant to form our own opinion and we are given the chance to do our own research on the subject matter, in essence to be “self relient.”

  2. The second letter did what every media story does, try’s to get as much air time as possible so they will say the craziest things to try and get views to watch. Part of the reason we should not have a death penalty is because first it cost more then a life sentence because of how many appeals they have to go threw first. Another reason is because nothing is a 100% percent guarantee, there have many cases where they find out that person is innocent AFTER they have already killed him. It take very little to be considered a sex offender. For example if some one is caught by the police peeing in public he becomes a registered sex offender. People also think children are involved if there are a sex offender, that is most likely not true. Do you think some one should be killed because they got too drunk one night and peed in front of a bar or on the train tracks because they didn’t want to miss their train, making them late to work, causing them to lose there job. Do you think a 18 year old should be put to death because he got caught having sex with his 16 year old girl friend so its considered Statutory rape, he is now a sex offender. Where do you draw the lane? Who should be put to death and who shouldn’t? Remember we live in republic, its up to the law to decide where the line is not people, yes people write laws and therefor must think outside their box before writing any laws.

  3. i do not agree with the second letter. How can you just say to kill people? you want them dead for killing someone yet you want to kill? i do not understand how this works. That is someones mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter. think about EVERYONE who is involved.

  4. Alejandro makes a valid point on today’s media. It’s hard to find facts these days. It would be nice if you could go to your neighbor or close friends for insight. But, who’s to say they’re getting accurate information. Maybe, hopefully, someday soon, someone will report the news to the American people and report the information that is important to our society. I’m not sure about everyone else, but damnit I am tired of seeing jersey shore episodes on the television.

  5. In respons to Spencer, I agree with your letter. It is pointless to keep people in prison if they are just going to die there. If they committed a crime violent enough to get life in prison, they should get the death penalty. Plus, people will definitely reconsider committing a crime if there are harsher punishments.

  6. Alejandro makes a good point with what is being covered in the news. But I’ve noticed that most news covers a wide range of frivolous information. The meaningful and hard cover stories such as wars in other countries or an political issue that contradicts the Constitution doesn’t get reported until after the matter happens. People today have to go searching for the truth when it should be handed to us with out any questions asked. With Spencer’s letter, I agree that the life sentence should be replaced with death penalty. Why waste tax dollars on someone doing time until death. Its clear that’s it saves money, makes room, and people will think twice before committing a crime.

  7. Both letters were very interesting. The fact of the matter is we love the drama. How many of us would really watch the news to see how beautiful the world is or how many butterflies just hatched? We need to see the violence and things going on in our world to keep us on our “p’s and q’s.” As far as the satire letter, I do agree that offenders are becoming less afraid to commit offenses again. I do not believe in the death penalty but I do think our prison systems need some reconstruction. It is supposed to work as rehabilitation but all it is doing is conditioning these men and women to become a part of the system, which is why so many return to prison shortly after their release.

  8. On Alex’s Letter:
    I have the same view of most news stations as he does. I believe we as the public are being fed mostly violence through news yet many are blaming video games for the violent actions of individuals. Our news is biased and i believe alot of the news we get is only part of a story. They tell us what they think we want to hear.
    On Spencer’s Letter:
    I agree. Replace a life sentence with the death penalty because there really is no point having to house someone in prison if they are going to die there anyways. If they have been sentenced to a life in prison there is no way of getting out but a miracle. How stupid does it sound when you hear of someone that has been sentenced to a double life sentence? Really, you’re going to live two lives in prison? Or when you hear someone is going down for 251 years, well, hey, let me in on your secret if you make it to 200 years old.

  9. The first letter by Alejandra was interesting and brings up a good point. We mainly see negative stories on the news because this is what catches our eye most. News stations definitely use this to their advantage to get higher ratings and more money. It would be nice to see news about happy things like unicorns and rainbows for once.
    Spencer’s satire is very funny. I liked the idea of placing an explosive in the tracking device so the man explodes trying to break parole or deactivate it. Prisons are become incredible stuffed and Spencer supplied the perfect solution. Why waste taxpayer’s money on people who aren’t doing anything but rotting away?

  10. We don’t allow the death penalty anymore, which I think is pulling money right out of our pockets. To know that a sex offender isn’t afraid to commit crime because they know they won’t be put into the crowded jails is redundant. I totally agree with what Spencer Garcia had to say in his letter.

  11. Although I agree with Alejandro’s main point about how the media never points out the positive or atleast ignore the negative in our community, have they ever focused on reality? Made up stories and eye grabbing headlines are what get people to keep reading the stories, whether they are factual or not.
    Spencer’s letter was quite entertaining and inventive to say the least. I enjoyed the satirical outlook on the whole situation. I agree with the idea of putting an end to the wasting of resources that are provided by the tax payer’s dollars so the government could make wiser decisions.

    • I was very lured in to Spencer’s topic and take on the over crowding of prisons. I was aware that prisons are crowded and the less of the criminals get away. Thus they know that they can get away with it . But i never thought of really finding a solution such as Spencer’s. His idea was exceptionally sensible although some say it may be harsh it is not because those cells are full with those who will never leave. Thus we have our money going towards that . Basically we are paying through taxes to keep the less violent criminals on the streets.

  12. I was quite fond of Spencer’s idea about the prisons. I wrote something similar last semester for my modest proposal paper. They have serious problems with the prison systems and they need to find some way to fix it.

  13. I agree with Spencer some prisoners get the death penalty and they just rot away in their cell. All this money is being spent to house these people when they should be recieving their punishment. It is making the prisons crowded when they don’t have to be this can be easily fixed if they just killed these prisoners that are getting sentenced to death.

  14. I agree with Spencer Garcias letter. Every prisoner o life sentences should just be put to death. Each one of them is costing us more money that we dont have. Also, even prisoners who are sentence to death why do they take so long to put them down why not get i over with and clear room for new prisoners.

  15. In reply to Spencer:
    The letter that spencer wrote is really interesting and really points out the point of jails. I really do agree to what he is saying that we should make room for people who really deserve to me in jail. A of today there are many people who say if you do a small crime it will not be that bad because there are not that much room in jail to me there for a long time anymore.

  16. I agree with Spencer’s letter because those prisoners who are in jail choose to be. They recieve the necessitys needed in daily life, free of charge! However, the rest of us are paying for all of them. The life sentenced prisoners are taking up the space needed to put the sex offenders who are causing just as much of a hardship on lives as the murderers and serial killers are.

  17. Alejandro’s letter is very well written. I also agree that the media focuses way too much on the negative things going on in the world. I think that I might have even been fooled into believing that there is more violence today than there has ever been. Thank you for pointing out that quite the opposite is true. It makes a lot of sense. I also enjoyed Spencer’s satire. It’s kind of funny how it almost seems like a good solution to the problem, but obviously that is something that would never happen.

  18. In reply to Spencer Garcia,
    I really enjoyed your letter to the editor. It makes sense to make room for more prisoners in the prison. I don’t see a point it keeping prisoners that are sentenced to death just to have them suffer in the prison cells. I agree with all of your points. It’s really interesting that people know how to deactivate their tracking devices and yet courts continue to put them on prisoners.

  19. Both letters were very good. What grabbed my attention about the first letter was when he expained the difference between saying that world is dangerous and people getting profit from this . The second letter was funny. I would agree with getting rid of the criminals who are in there for life. The goverment is spending money, feeding and housing those who should be put down.

  20. Spencer had an interesting idea about the prisons. I agree with his letter that prisons are very impacted and we need to make room for people that should be their. Kill the ones that will remain in jail for life, however do it in mass amounts that could help the process move faster.

  21. I really liked Spencer’s letter, it made a clear statement that there are too many people walking free that pose a threat to society. I definately believe in the death penalty, and I think that there are many prisoners that are just wasting space in our prison systems. Some that have has too many chances, some that have dont something so inhumane to other people that it hardly makes sense to treat them humanely. Let’s make space & let the people who have a chance at learning thier lesson do their time.

    Alejandro’s letter was beautifully written, however not something (I don’t think) that The Press Enterprise will put in their paper, for it attacts them, in a way and they would be too afraid.

  22. I agree, everyday there is violence; whether we see it on the streets or on the media. Yes, the world was worse off than it was now with so much wars that occurred, but there are still different types of violence going on in today’s society that is affecting us.

    The satire was very unique, although, I do not believe in the death penalty. There should be some other kind of solution to make more room in prisons and to decrease the crimes that are taking place.

  23. I do think as a society everyone is always focused on the negativity. It would be nice to hear more positive stories in the news. Good job Alejandro. (Reference to article 1).

    (reference to article 2), I think the Satire is great! Very creative I wished I would have chosen a satire as well to write about. I have my own beliefs on what I think should be done with inmates on death row. The amount of people that are diagnosed with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) and placed on dialysis is alarming. Dialysis patients on a transplant list will usually wait a minimum of around 5 years for a Kidney. Inmates on death row should be organ donors for law abiding citizens.

  24. what world do you live in? I see violence first hand on a daily basis, not a day goes by that I am not informed of a fallen member of my community or of someone fallen victim to violence. The world is at war with each other, people killing people for oil rights, we have raised a generation of downright despiteful children, spoiled by the idea of being the top nation in the world. Instead of taking the easy road and blaming someone else, how about we open our eyes and see exactly what really is going on behind those gated worlds we consume our self’s in.

    If we begin to “put down” lifers, what exactly would be the difference between them murdering someone in the streets and us murdering them behind bars? I agree there is a problem with our over crowded prisons but there must be a different way, how about we start to educate our children from day one instead of trying to correct them when its to late.

  25. In reply to Spencer:
    I laughed my ass off i9n the library when I read the part of the small explosive charge. Funny, and somewhat useful as it may be, ultimately as you stated, very dangerous to others. As far as putting down murderers and rapists, other violent offenders too, this is illegal and unconstitutional. The fact that there are almost no regulations on the treatment and rehabilitation of said offenders is horrifyingly unsatisfactory, allowing private prison owners almost free range of how to implement control in their facilities. This, used in a negative fashion, has made worse offenders, and worse still, are those who are forced in for non-violent offenses, and subsequently have to fight for their lives amongst the “harder” inmates for fear of rape or murder. And what of the society that allows this shit to happen? Are they not just as guilty of failure in the rehabilitation of our fellow citizens? I say yes. It is our job to police ourselves and our neighbors, lest they do what they like to threaten our security. But police them only to the point of where you would like to be guided for what is viewed as a model citizen. I do not have time to go over those thing in which make one so, but I will one day.

    -Alex Zuniga

  26. I liked the first letter because he points out the medias tactics for gripping for attention. However, even if the world is better than it had been in the past, it still isn’t the utopia it could be. Although ineffective, the media draws attention toward some serious issues that should be acknowledged. To the second paper all I have to say is life is precious. I’m still struggling to accept death as the answer to society’s problems. That seems to be the most logical choice, but it is not the human choice.

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