Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time

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  1. This was such a touching story. I couldn’t help but choke up a bit while watching it. Its crazy that this surgery only cost $300 but yet these people are so poor that aren’t able to afford that. I think videos like these should motivate us to help others, even if it means only donating a few dollars. But one thing that is for sure is how blessed we are to be in a country where we can get so much help if we were in need like these families.

  2. This is really one of the amazing things about modern medicine. These two girls had spent their whole lives in utter darkness, only able to perceive the world with their other 4 senses. For only 300 dollars, this operation is truly miraculous

  3. This is such a heartbreaking story that anyone’s dreams can come true. In America people are expected to get what they want and don’t work hard for their goals. I think that in other countries people have hope even when it is not possible and there is no chance they will get a better life but in America people lose hope if one thing doesn’t go there way.

  4. Technology has been developed well over the years. I’m glad to see that it is being used for the greater good of humankind. It was great to see that many of these operations were discounted for family’s that normally could not afford them. I was happy to see that the operations were successful on both of the sisters and that they are able to enjoy the gift of sight.

  5. I am so glad I was able to find and share this video. I watched this quite a few times and it continued to make me feel so happy for them. Without this surgery, they would have been dependent on others for their entire life. They would have probably been reduced to begging in the older years after their parents passed away. They got another chance to enjoy life through their own eyes and be their 0wn person free from the obligation of others. It makes me shudder how many other lives could be changed, ( by an organization performing these surgeries free of charge to the patient) but will probably never get the chance since there are so many in need of help.

  6. We all have things we are grateful for. All too often we are not appreciative of the important things in life. Its always the newest iPad or iPhone or video game. This story shows how people’s lives are being improved through little to no cost and for the right reasons. 300 dollars!? I would be lying if I said I would not pay 300 for surgery, ANY kind for that matter for a child I never met before to have their vision. This is very heart warming to see people that care for the well being of others with no benefit to them other than helping someone in need.

  7. Its very amazing to see that the surgery for these girls was only three hundred dollars. I’m glad these twin girls are able to see. Now they are able to see each other. Its a wonderful miracle.

  8. Great article. Reminds me of organizations such as Doctor’s without Borders are springing up around the world. Ironically, they are able to practice without being burdened with such things as a board of directors looking after the profitability of the hospital or soaring malpractice insurance premiums. We’ll have to go abroad for health care soon 😉

  9. This is a very touching story! I loved to see how happy and ecstatic the girls were to be able to see. Three hundred dollars to most Americans is affordable, especially if their eyesight is at stake. Americans are spoiled and take precious things like eyesight for granted. These girls were lucky to have parents that worked hard to raise enough money to get this eye operation done.

  10. There’s nothing really to say to this other than, amazing.

  11. This is so heartfelt, these people are living very simple lives. And the only thing they wish is to do is see the world. We who can see, can really learn a lot from these two young girls. Also, those of us who can see, and can afford to have this simple 300 dollar surgery done. (if needed) Will never understand. this video is really heartfelt, I feel I have so much to be thankful for.

  12. This was a beautiful video
    I tried putting myself in both the parents and the childrens shoes and it brought me to tears.
    I couldn’t help but wonder how beautiful life is and thee gift of sight is to a person who hasn’t been able to see from birth.
    How much do we take for granted?

  13. I am shocked at the cost. It seems so little to us, but so much to them. That begs the question: why not donate?

    I don’t know what to write that hasn’t already been written. Sights, and any of our other senses, are real life special powers. They allow us to experience the world. I wish no one had to suffer from anything that could strip them of enjoying the smell of a loved one, or the look of a smile. Thankfully, we are using technology to create better lives.

  14. I am shocked that only three hundred dollars can bring sights backs to these blind people. When people spend tens of thousands dollars on plastic surgery, they should think about donate that money for these who truly needed, that is the truly beauty for these people who donate, not their temporary fake noses.

  15. Watching this video made me really happy. It’s amazing how far technology has come where someone’s eyesight could be restored. The video made me realize how thankful I am to have the ability to see and that I shouldn’t take it for granted.

  16. This video amazes me at the advancements in technology and its incredible to see the looks on the girls faces, once they can finally see. Its so humbling knowing how great we have it in this country. Most of our problems seem very trivial in the big picture.

  17. The video is very heart warming. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to be able to see the world. Organizations like these who help blind people in poverty based countries around the world show that people still care about each other no matter how much hatred there is in the world.

  18. This is so beautiful! The gift of sight for two lovely children in a poor economic state. In spite of all the chaos and destruction created by humans, there are still many of us who believe in helping and showing love to others through our knowledge and unique talents. Inspiration at its finest.

  19. This video clip remind me of how fortunate I am having the ability to see the world around me, and how many things I take for granted that could be dreams to many. My mother has been legally deaf since she was very little. All the sound to her just like vibrations in the varies in magnitude. I really hope that someday I am able to help her bring her hearing back and listen to me sing to her.

  20. We are so spoiled in this country and so unaware of the poverty in this world, unnecessary poverty because of corrupt governments…so sad. When I lost my vision from a broken artery in my head and the doctors said I might not get it back, I was terrified, but I had a miracle and my sight was restored with the care of an amazing ophthalmologist. I understand the joy on the girls faces.

  21. I cannot begin to describe how this video makes me feel. It is amazing how we have all this advanced technology that allows us to return someone’s sight. However there is always the problem of payment. Advances in the world like this should not be charged for this should be available for anyone who may need it. It is more depressing to know that here we can help people but because of a lousy 30o dollars that someone wants to make there are millions of blind people still in this world.

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