The True Meaning of Christmas

6 responses to “The True Meaning of Christmas

  1. Im not sure if it was planned, seemed like some people might of gotten together to plan it. Like for example when the men on the stairs began singing. But I really liked the video. This is my favorite holiday and its nice seeing everyone singing together.

  2. This is beautiful! It is truly amazing when people come together in song and allow their petty differences to be put aside. I can only imagine the atmosphere in that MALL!!!!

  3. I wonder why this is not in the put a smile on your face section. These events bring great joy as people get together and celebrate.

  4. The reason why I enjoyed this is because it’s considered a little taboo to burst out singing. However more and more people start singing and it becomes an event and is a joy to see and hear. If I had a singing voice I would be right there to share the cheer as well. Bonus points for singing Christ based songs as it’s irregular to hear that around town too. I noticed that many stores just have the generic Christmas music now that’s about reindeer, Santa, etc.

  5. Beautiful! It is events like this that make this my favorite time of the year. Also it is for reasons like this that I believe music is a universal language. Wonderful idea this people pulled wish to see something like this spread throughout the nation and put an end to all this Ferguson protesting. Spread the love not the hatred.

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