Top 10 Guiltiest Dogs


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  1. Dogs are insanely smart and this video proves it!

  2. this is a funny video my dogs also know when there in big trouble. I like the 3rd place one. The owner said “which dog did this” and the two dogs look at the other one I was dying!! then the dog runs away and hides.

  3. These are one of those videos that I can watch over and over again because it is so hilarious just because it is true! I couldn’t believe the dogs that actually showed their teeth, I’ve never seen that before! My dog does the same thing and we would know she did something because right when my family comes home she acts like that and we know she got into something. After, we check the house and found what she did she would just go straight to her bed because she knows what she did.

  4. This is why dogs are called mans best friend because dog truly express themselves in a real way. I always loved dogs and watching these videos gave me flash backs of my dog and when she was guilty and how she acted. I remember trying to be firm but at the same time deep within I wanted to just pet them. Dogs are truthful and their expressions are real and never fake this is what make a good friend.

  5. This was so cute and fuuny. I think dogs are awesome. They just have so much more character then anyother house pet.

  6. Man this video was hilarious because the dogs knew what was coming when their owners where asking them if they did something wrong. Dogs do understand what they did wrong, but they just try and act like nothing happened.

  7. Katarina Ponomaroff

    This video especially made me smile and laugh because people name their dogs some ridiculous names! I believe that dogs have emotions and express them and this video shows how dogs know when they are guilty and have done something wrong. My dog has always been very obedient, I have a beagle. No matter what these dogs get into to, they always make up for all the silly mess with there precious faces and loving attitude.

  8. Dogs are quite humorous, but i think there are specific behaviors that we incorporate into them that they cannot express. But, dogs are so silly sometimes

  9. i hate when my dogs do this i feel so bad and i cant stay mad at them whatsoever so i end up playing witth them.

  10. My dog does the same thing! He looks at me with his huge eyes and looks so sad. I have to remind myself to not fall for that face because I’m supposed to be mad at him, haha.

  11. Christopher Rodriguez

    It is so funny how you can always tell when a dog is guilty of something. They basically sell themselves out! The last dog was definitely the funniest though.

  12. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    My dog does the same exact thing when she’s guilty! It is so funny, she once knocked down the christmas tree and when I arrived home, she had guilty written all over her face and body language. Dogs are so precious, even when they are found to be guilty of something.

  13. This video mad me simile because how guilty the dogs looked. I think dogs are one of the smartest animals on this planet, they are truly man’s best friend.

  14. Poor little doggys! I swear they were acting like toddlers. That was a cute clip to watch.

  15. This video is so funny! I love the one with the three dogs and they totally sold out the one who did it. Also after when the guilty dog doesn’t want to come clean he just backs up and leaves. Dogs are such a crack up!

  16. Yea I don’t like this video im an animal lover especially dogs and they seem very sad in this video. Im used to my dog being happy wagging his tail all the time or maybe because he’s just a puppy but this video seems to depressing.

  17. The video is kind of sad but funny. The dogs seem so sad and depressed, and it reminds me of my dog many times.

  18. This video is too cute. It definitely made me laugh. My dog gets her guilty face when she gets busted as well. Some people say that animals are not smart when in fact they are. They know when they do smething wrong especially when they have been with you for a while and know the house rules. I love the reaction of the number one dog and the reaction of the little white dog with the other dogs.

  19. This video really made me laugh i never thought some dogs could react to guilt like that. I really like the one with 3 dogs and 2 dogs looked at the white dog who was the guilty one that was hilarious.

  20. I love dogs they are so funny! Thats why they get along with kids so much just because they are so happy and loving.

  21. This video reminds me of how similar dogs and children are being at the rawest form of “humanity”. This funny and cute video reminds me of the actions my past dog used to do.

  22. You could never get this reaction out of a cat.

  23. Dogs are the best animals hands down!! This video proves my point.

  24. Dogs really are mans best friend because you could only feel guilt if you did something bad toward someone you love. Dogs are so cute and they make mistakes just like all of us but I think it’s great that they can show there emotions just like people can.

  25. That video is so cute! Dogs truly know what they do wrong. They are smart creatures.

  26. How funny to see how they know exactly what hey did. it would be great if they didn’t do it again though.

  27. Haha what a funny video! my dogs do this all the time! my Favorite one was number three, such a cute reaction to the crime!

  28. I love how the dog’s owners caught this on camera because this is simply hillarious. Watching dogs have the same reaction as a child when they are found guilty for wearing their “mothers lip gloss”. This video was so funny I’m going to add this to my facebook page.

  29. This video is adorable and shows that animals comprehend humans to a degree. It saddens me to know that there are animals in less fortunate situations that are treated badly by unfit guardians.

  30. I find this video to be really entertaining because my dogs act the exactly same way when they do something bad. It’s really funny some of the expressions they make that let you know they are guilty.

  31. Dogs are very funny in that they know when they did something wrong. My dogs do the same thing when they did something bad.

  32. Its funny how dogs are fully aware of what they have done wrong. My Yorkis is the same way when he know he done something he shouldn’t have.

  33. This video is so funny! My dog acts the same exact way!!! So funny to see dogs have similar emotions.

  34. This video was priceless. It is funny to see animals carry human emotions like that. My cat had me laughing this morning, he kept meowing and I told him to stop and I could have sworn he was glaring at me. He had the meanest look on his face. It was hilarious.

  35. I love this. This should be proof enough that dogs are capable of feeling guilt, but for some reason it seems odd that dogs could feel feelings that seem to be only human. It would mean that animals, or at least dogs, are able to tell the difference between right and wrong. It also makes me wonder if wild dogs would also seem to be capable of these feelings. I think that domestic dogs that are raised around humans learn the difference between what their owners consider to be right or wrong…

  36. This video is hilarious I had no idea dogs cold be guilty. You can easily see the guiltiness on their faces. I wish my careless dog got guilty.

  37. I think number three is the best! I love how the other dogs look right at the white one. Dogs are so cute and are actually really smart!

  38. Dogs are just like kids and they show it. My Chihuahua gets this guilty look all the time. She won’t even look at me when she is in trouble. You can tell that dogs actually feel bad.

  39. This is so cute! I love seeing a guilty dog anytime! I reminds of my dog when he got my shoes. Seeing this just makes me smile

  40. The reactions and facial expressions of these dogs are priceless! It’s crazy to see dogs act so much like people.

  41. This video is so hilarious, that I have probably watched it about 10 times since i’ve seen it in class. My dog does the same thing when he knows he did something wrong. My dog also grins when he did something wrong it is so funny.

  42. My dogs act very similar to this when they have done something wrong. I personally do believe that dogs as well as many other animals have higher intellect than we give them credit. I have witnessed animals show feelings just as we express ourselves. You can see when they are happy, sad, and as you can see in this video, guilty.

  43. This video is hilarious and I think I’ve watched it three times now. I made my family watch it because this is exactly what my sister’s dogs do when they have done something they are not supposed to. The guilt is always written all over their face and it is pathetic, yet funny at the same time. One of our family dogs, Mallow, who is just a puppy (but the size of a full grown lab) has a tendency to gnaw on the banister to my sister’s stairs in her house when he doesn’t go out for a walk to get his energy out. As soon as he’s caught, he puts his head down, starts wagging his tail and looks at you until you’ve decided he can give you kisses to make up for it. Silly dogs!

  44. This the funniest video I have ever watched on Dog. It is fuuny how a dog can me so similar to a kid. Like a kid they blame everything to someone else or just put that sad face to you. In this video you can see how dogs do the same like kids and can never be mad with a pet because they are your joy.

  45. This is such a cute video and truly did put a smile upon my face. It is interesting to see how dogs similarly react as humans do when they are guilty, or know that they did something wrong. My favorite would have to be number one. You could just sense the dogs sadness, and can not help but to smile/laugh when Denver starts showing his teeth.

    • This video is absolutely adorable . The fact that dogs are just like humans and have a guilty mind is amazing. But you can not punish a dog that does that how could you they are way too cute . Just like little little kids sometimes its hard to be mean and to not laugh. It is crazy how you could see a dogs expressions but I noticed it more in the eyes. It seems that the dogs eyes let you see into their soul.

  46. It’s funny to see these dogs actually show remorse for their bad actions. We assume that being lesser animals, dogs don’t really understand guilt, but this video makes me question that. The way the dogs will hang their head and put their tail between their legs makes me think they do feel guilty.

  47. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time. It shows humor, but my question is are the dogs truly feeling guilty. This video makes me wonder if animals have a higher form of intellect, that we as humans fall short of understanding at this present moment. I say this to people and they laugh at me but I truly wonder about that.

  48. This really is the most cutest dog video ever! It’s crazy how dogs feel guilty because they know they did something wrong. I absolutely love the innocence animals have and this video just made me laugh way too much!

  49. Those poor dogs all new they were caught, so I kinda felt bad for them. As a dog owner, I’ve seen that face many times and it always makes me less mad. My white lab, Blanca, has been notorious for dumping the trash in the middle of the night. Whenever someone sees the trash and Blanca hears that gasp,she avoids eye contact at all costs. It is so funny how much emotion dogs give off because it shows how closely tied they are to their human counterparts.

  50. This is a funny video. I think the funniest one was the 3rd on the countdown. The 2 dogs who pointed out the 3rd dog and he walked away, was definitely cute. It’s interesting how dogs behave just like humans do when we are guilty. They try to hide or get away with it, but you cannot be mad at the cute faces they make!

  51. My grandma was actually talking to me about this video when she came over this last weekend. She was telling me that i had to watch the video where the dogs were on the stairs and they all looked at the girl dog when the women asked who made the mess. It is really fun to watch dogs show their emotions through their eyes and actions. My dog Tinkerbell will walk really slow and crawl to ,e when she has done something wrong. It is one of the funniest things to see.

  52. This is so funny. My dogs do the same thing when they find out, that we know they did something wrong. My dogs just walk straight for the door because they know they are in trouble. The dogs faces in this video are priceless and very amusing.

  53. This YouTube video really hit home for me. Lately I have been catching my dog in our trash and a lot like those animals in this video he starts to give me those guilty eyes and body language, its hard to stay mad at him.

  54. This video was very entertaining. It is interesting how dogs can express guilt by facial expressions or by their actions as well as humans do. My dog named Princess sometimes runs out of the house onto the street and when she gets back home she slumps over because she knows she is going to get in trouble.

  55. It is hilarious to see how dogs are similar to children. You can see their guiltiness by trying to distract their owner. It is exactly what kids do. They blame it on someone else or make a sad face because they know they did something wrong. At the same time you can’t stay mad at your pets because they are peoples pride and joy. They are men best friends.

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