Today from Washington DC: Obama Speaks up on Obamacare

November 14, 2013


11 responses to “Today from Washington DC: Obama Speaks up on Obamacare

  1. I know that he’s trying to please everyone, and all we really do is point fingers and blame him for everything. Who knows, maybe his healthcare plan had several major positives to help those who need healthcare. But when proposed to congress, they may have altered multiple things to their liking. I’d say I’m all for universal healthcare, like several other countries have, but that will most likely never happen.

  2. Obama’s ideas sounds great but too bad they are horrible in practice. It’s kinda like Communism; the ideas sound fantastic on paper and awful in use. Another way to waste our tax money.

  3. I wish I didn’t have to deal with this either. Kids have it great. Never having to worry about Obama destroying us.

  4. Can I just go back to being a child? Where I didn’t have to worry about these things? This is freaking ridiculous. Things need to change. Really Obama?

  5. The healthcare is a bunch of bull. Obama is just screwing over people. Then this website has already been fact is ridiculous. How in the world can this be safe for citizens. Identity theft has already occurred because of the healthcare website. Imagine if the government can not even take care of that, imagine how obama care is going to screw over the people. I hope the best for those who did get obama care.

  6. The fact that Obama’s website was not secure enough is ridiculous didn’t the government make the website? I guess it’s to much to assume that the government would be capable of making a good secure website for people my mistake.

  7. This is a prime example of Obama’s strongest attribute: the ability to shift blame away from himself and take position alongside the opposer. Not once has he admitted to being wrong, and you would think that he would take enough pride in his crowning jewel to at least make sure that it works! I have a link to an article that explains why the website isn’t operation.

    TLDR; The blame for the failing Obamacare website is squarely on the shoulders of the government. It cheaped out on workers and used under qualified political cronies to create the webpage.

  8. Im fairly postive that there are far more wesbites that handle way more things than obamacare’s site. Websites such as youtube and facebook have millions of transaction in a day and they are gobal wesbites, if they can handle it they obamacare should be more than capable of. And all these “improvements” sounds like there making a total different site, if they could revamp the enitre site in a few weeks why couldnt they have done it in the years they had?

  9. I agree with Keenan.

  10. Your classmate Keenan posted this Message:

    You’re right I can keep my healthcare plan and I am going to enjoy the process of getting sick to having to go the store and get medicine so stay in my bed and sleep! If I get injured I will look on the internet to figure out the issue and fix it because im not paying! i am talking sarcastically. People need healthcare that works for them but obama needs to step his game up because his proposal is in the gutter right now.

  11. The spin, spin, spin…can we get to the point? This plan will not work if young people between the ages of 18 and 32 must carry the burden for the old folks like me, and the theives that lie under oath. I need complete answers. The insurance companies cannot “put the plug back in the bottle” as insurance executives have repeated. Obamacare required the insurance companies to drop millions of citizens who were happy with their healthcare and now are going to go without, because they can’t afford Obamacare’s exorbitant cost.

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