This an original trailer to the extra credit project Titus, an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic play with foreign subtitles and original English dialogue.

Titus Andronicus (character)

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Titus Andronicus
Creator William Shakespeare
Play Titus Andronicus
Date written between 1588 and 1593
Source Fictional
Family Sons: Lucius, Quintus, Martius, Mutius
Daughter: Lavinia
Brother: Marcus Andronicus
Nephew: Publius
Grandson: Young Lucius
Role Roman nobleman and general
Portrayed by Anthony Hopkins and Peacock among others

Titus Andronicus is the main character and tragic hero in William Shakespeare’s  play of the same name  , Titus Andronicus,  a Senecan tragedy. Titus is a Roman nobleman and a general in the war who distinguished himself in ten years of service against the Goths. Despite his exemplary service the war’s toll on him is sufficient that he declined the emperorship. Nonetheless, he begins the play as an exemplary citizen. However faith in the traditions of the Roman system of government eventually leads to his death as others seek revenge.


Some sources claim that the name Andronicus comes from Anronicus Commendus, a 12th-century Byzentine Emperor, who shared Titus’ proclivity for shooting arrows with messages attached. When Anthony Hopkins played a stylized version of the character in the 1999 film Titus, he described the character as a combination of King Learn and Hannibal Lector. Although Titus Andronicus is the main character, some productions have adapted the play to be seen through Young Lucius.

Role in play

Further information:

The play begins with Titus returning home after many years at war with the Goths, bringing with him the remaining 4 of his 25 sons. Titus is selected by the people of Rome to be the new emperor but refuses this offer due to his already advanced age. In his stead he chooses the former emperor’s eldest son Saturninus. By the ceremonial sacrifice of his most noble captive, Alarbus – the eldest son of Tamora, Queen of the Goths – Titus unknowingly sparks off a series of events that are motivated by the desire for revenge. Throughout the play Titus seeks revenge on Tamora for injustices against his family while simultaneously being the target of Tamora’s own quest for revenge. Titus murders five people during the play, including one of his sons and his daughter. Displaying strict adherence to Roman law he murders his son, Mutius, for defying the order he has given for his daughter Lavinia to marry the new emperor Saturninus. The second act of filicide occurs at the end of the play when Titus murders Lavinia so that she will not have to live with the shame of having been raped and mutilated on Tamora’s orders by her sons Chiron and Demetrius. In Titus’ final act of revenge upon Tamora he kills Chiron and Demetrius and uses their blood and bones as the ingredients of a pie. “Let me go grind their bones to powder small, / And with this hateful liquor temper it, / And in that paste let their vile heads be baked”(5.3.197-199). Titus serves this pie to Tamora before killing her. As is customary in a Shakespearean tragedy and as a Senecan hero,[Titus Andronicus also dies in the end, killed by Saturninus who is then in turn killed by Titus’ last remaining son, Lucius, bringing to an end the cycle of revenge that has prolonged the play.

This play is set after Rome falls and there is a lack ofjustice, morality, and the government fails; the Eastern emperors take over until the Roman Catholic Church takes charge.

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  1. Revenge does come with consequences. I saw this one documentary long ago where it detailed the beginnings of mankind. It showed a scene in which a hunter was killed by a beast. The fellow hunters decided to find this beast and burn it alive for revenge.

  2. There is an obvious theme of revenge in “Titus Andronicus.” It features a seemingly endless cycle of bloody vengeance that nearly destroys Rome and takes down the city’s most important political figures.

  3. In Titus, as in Hamlet, the title character’s enemies take his madness to be a form of weakness, when in fact it is, to some extent, a strategy.

  4. I actually saw this movie (this weekend). Very good movie, a lot of troubled people, and very graphic. I felt that that there was a domino affect of revenge. These people were basically killing each other off in the name of revenge and hate.

  5. This movie displays the true meaning of revenge. People who seek revenge and have hatred towards others are destined to a world full of chaos. Great film, I enjoyed it very much.

  6. This play looks very interesting the trailer seems to describe the film as a bombshell loaded with every thing from love to revenge to death. Im eager to see the play.

  7. All I can say is that this movie was a little hard for me to understand not because of the characters or story line but, because of the words that they used.

  8. its hard for me to follow these types of films because im not the best at shakespear, but i really think that it looks like if you did understand it that it would be really interesting.

  9. Well in my opinion it’s about two different people who try to ruin each other. Eventually Titus revenge turns out to be one of the best revenge ever! I thought this was the best part of the movie. They basically have a battle and there’s so many different topics on this movie like lust and most importantly sweet revenge, which is the highlight of the movie. However revenge is bad.

  10. Shakespeare is just so hard to understand but then again I dont use that many words in my vocabulary so obviously I wouldnt understand.

  11. I love reading Shakespear and his plays Titus is one of the favorites how he succeeded his father Vespasian upon his death, becoming the first Roman Emperor to come to the throne after his own father.

  12. Very creative version of Shakespeare’s classic play, it appears that each play that Shakespeare wrote ultimately became a masterpiece for the ages.

  13. This interpretation is so crazy! It would be very hard to understand if you knew nothing about the play.

  14. Even though I don’t understand Shakespeare’s plays when reading i know they are interesting because when i see a movie it so intriguing to watch; If only i understood what i read as how I see it would be amazing!

  15. This is a very different interpretation from William Shakespeare, but I kinda like it.

  16. this is a very different perception of a play by shake sphere but it is a good one just different and very interesting.

  17. A very intersting interpretation. It has a very similar feel to the 90’s version of Romeo and Juliet only no love story and much more chaos. It seems to kind of be all over the place but maybe thats just the trailer. I definitely love Anthony Hopkins he is the man!

  18. Hmmm, an interesting twist on a screen play adpated from William Shakesphere’s play. It seems a little chaotic amd may be hard to disect. How each character interact with one another. It has somewhat of a dated feel too, 1990’s.

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