Time to Sequester Air Force One Vacations: A Little Common Sense to Save Taxpayers’ Bucks




11 responses to “Time to Sequester Air Force One Vacations: A Little Common Sense to Save Taxpayers’ Bucks

  1. Not being a personal fan of Obama, after watching this video he really just irritates me even more. He has done nothing in office in my eyes to be considered a good president. Knowing that he takes this much time off when he should be trying to come up with a solution on how to get us out of debt in the next 10 years makes me livid. Who knows maybe I can just not pay taxes and when the IRS contacts me ill reply with an “Apology.” It will definitely cut down on his travel time.

  2. Congratulations on picking your president. Why would someone vote him into office for a second term after you saw what he accomplished in his first? It irks me the vacations he takes with his family. Also a little fun fact, Michelle Obama has had the most personal servants of any first lady.

  3. This simply made me dislike President Obama more. He uses our tax money to go to vacations. That is simply not fair. We need to get this president out of here.

  4. Common sense would be great. It would be nice to see some conservative measures being taken.

  5. This just made me hate Obama more, 5 vacations to Hawaii? we are falling into an economical death trap, I can’t even focus, I want this man out of office right now.

  6. Do we seriously pay for Obama’s vacations? That’s ridiculous!! I never would have known! We could use that money on something that actually matters.

  7. knowing that money we pay as taxes goes toward his vacation isn’t right. I do believe the President should be able to vacation and relax but he should do so on his on dollar and not the expenses of our nations tax payers.

  8. Imagine what we can do with that money for things we actually need it on? We are paying for his vacations, why not pay for more serious things! He should have a limit to vacationing if that’s the case then, haha!

  9. This video shines light on the amount of money that the government spends on the president and it’s a lot for any president to be spending not just the one who we currently have. And to be honest the problem is not how much it costs, it’s how often these services are used for. But, I also take into account that the job of being president of the United States is extremely stressful and has a lot of demands so, like any job in the world it has its good things and its bad things. Overall, I think that the the amount spend is reasonable when making executives trips around the US and the world but, for any other thing first class will be alright.

  10. The president gets vacation time and he is told how much vacation time and expenses he gets. He has to take his own plane and cars, because its too much of a security risk other wise. When people take there family on business trips its nice to take a little detour and see the sites around, its normal, he has a family too. A Million dollars to the government is nothing. Everything is in billions with them. If you want to go into vacation expenses by the government people look at the congress, there is a lot more of them and seem to be always on vacation.

  11. Wow! This is ridiculous. Tax payers are paying for this?! This video is interesting because personally I had never known how expensive it is to fly these planes, and the president wrongly takes tull advantage of it. Citzens pay millions of dollars of taxes per year just so he could go on vacations? David Spady it is right! It is common sense, and taxes dollars should not be going to this, but just for soley buissness reasons.

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