Throw Granny off The Cliff (Part Two)

The “Affordable Healthcare Reform Act,” otherwise known by some as “Obamacare,” is now before the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS).  The Court will consider a challenge by over half the states as to the constitutionality of Obamacare. We should have the final decision sometime in June.  American Doctors for Truth is an organization that attempts to educate the American population about some very negative details about this new law. This week, they produced a television ad that parodies the the ad where the Republican Congressman Paul Ryan was depicted as tossing granny from the cliff.  The new ad depicts President Obama, not Rep. Ryan, as the guy dumping granny out of her wheelchair off a cliff into a cavern below.

Some months ago, a group of Obama backers at The Agenda Project, placed an ad (the second video on this post) ridiculing Paul Ryan’s plan to get rid of the U.S. deficit and save Medicare (which passed in the House of Representatives, but Harry Reid (D-NV) refused to take the bill to a vote in the Senate).  Obama has been constantly slamming Paul Ryan and members of the House for not cooperating with the President on his health care reforms.

First, here is the new ad from American Doctors for Truth:


Now, here is the original ad produced by the liberal group, The Agenda Project, depicting Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), as tossing granny out of her wheelchair over a cliff into the sea or other large body of water Can you believe it?  The Democratic Party removed part 1 because it was such a lie and the response (part2 was paid for by a group of doctors trying to save their doctor/patient relationships and demonstrated the falsehoods in the bill.  Sorry you cannot see it–not because I am biased but because I want to show both sides of an issue.

What do you think?  Check out the facts for yourself then leave  a reply.  Consider everybody’s opinion, but rely on the facts.

28 responses to “Throw Granny off The Cliff (Part Two)

  1. This video really helped me understand Obamacare much more. I’m not sure if I agree with it 100% but, I am happy I have another understanding of it.

  2. Not a lot of people really knows what is going on with our government. Most people relies on each other and if one person if misinformed… who knows how many other people are just as ignorant.

  3. i understand why so many people are against it and these videos help many people understand what obamacare really is and i hope it makes everyone want to do more research on it.

  4. They explained the ObamaCare in an easier way to understand. Watching this video lets to know the things that the President do not want many americans to know about which is very disappointing.

  5. Obamacare seems very misleading and there is very little information on what the bill truly holds. Even though I do agree with Obama’s idea, that everyone should be entitled to free healthcare, I disagree with his plan.

  6. no wonder why they want us to have obamacare insurance . what if that happen if they dont wanna obamacare ? too bad or what ?

  7. Ive done research on Obamacare. And there are so many people who are for it, yet so manyb against it. Obamacare does not help me or my family out one bit. I know that it does benefit others, but so many people are finding ways to cheat the system and such. So im not really for it.

  8. The idea behind this completley opposes what is supposed to have gone in to effect at the end of Bush’s presidency. At the end of his term, Bush made it illegal for an insurance company to disallow or adjust prices due to medical history.

  9. No president is a bad president becauise they each have an opinion and view on how they think they are going to fix all these huge problems but not all their plans work. Obamacare is just one of the many plans that is not going to work.

  10. WOw this video makes me think more and more about obama because he was set out to do something good with this country and everything is just truning out worse. I want to research what is really obamacare about and study what did i really agree to.

  11. I think that everyone needs to research obamacare and form an opinion. I believe that by passing this bill it is taking away our constitutional rights.

  12. I dont want to get into the obamacare because to say the trueth I dont know much about obama care and I keep hearing bad things about it but I dont know my view on it just yet.

  13. I believe that before a person decide to vote one way or another to honestly with due dilligence research the bill, do not just take the words, ideas, views, and opinions of others and think that you can make a effective, mature, and wise decision. With some many things in society it seems that as a whole society is content in living in an ignorant space and just go along with the majority without truly knowing the consquences and reprecussions of such an important decision.

  14. I don’t understand why the House speaker would just say vote yes to find out what is in the bill. Is she just plan stupid to think the American’s would just vote blindly on something that contraversal. She must had been paid out millions to say that.

  15. Many people are unaware of how this bill will effect the American people.I think this bill is just another way to control the American people.

  16. When it comes to obamacare many people don’t know what it is and what comes with it. Many people are for it and others against it. The importance here is for people to inform themselves.

  17. the government is something strange but can not be questioned because they run everything without any hesitation.

  18. This is something that compels me. With all these sides to the bills it makes me think, why would the government do this to its own citizens and is there a hidden motive or goal that they are trying to achieve by cutting our rights.

  19. It’s videos like this that show how much America still needs to learn about Obamacare. There are so many people that are for or against it, without getting all the facts about it.

  20. I appreciated the point Sean Shnahan made about how voters should examine all both sides of an argument. Clearly the above videos represent two clearly defined points of view. When the Demoncratic party’s attact showing Paul Ryan tossing Granny of the cliff, the Republican party retaliated by showing President Obama tossing Granny off the cliff. One obvious fact is that Americans are very engaged in this issue over the cost of Obamacare.

  21. There are always conflicitng adds from bothe parties regardless of the issue. It is up to the American voter to go out and discover what the real issues are and not rely on the propaganda from either side. This is the main issue with American voters today is that they become confused, just as my fellow students posting comments, because both sides will always point the finger at the other. How can a true democratic vote occur when voters have no idea what or who they are truly voting for? Our voting system has become a popularity contest based on false promises. Voters have to take the initiative and do some research on the issues or candidates. Never mind the campaign trail or anything said on television, go and look at the numbers, the legislation getting passed, and who is pushing what up for a vote and base your decisions on fact.

  22. There seems to be many hidden things in Obamacare and I would like to know what those things are. The doctors made it clear on how they percieve this bill and are against it to the fullest.

  23. People aren’t educated on the full aspect of obamacare, and they don’t realize it’s ultimately degrading our rights protected by the constitution.

  24. Videos like these are exactly why people need to be educated in Obamacare! Yes, in theory, we ALL deserve medical care, but not at the cost of our constitutional rights!

  25. After viewing these videos i’m curious to know what Obama care truly contains. For some Obamma care is good and this reform will help our future. However from others Obama care is not beneficial for us. I want to know more in depth what it truly is so i to can take a stand on what side i’m on.

    • The Kid Truth is bringing to the forefront a very important issue–“what does Obamacare truly contain?” The document is 2700 pages and the regulations are another 54,000 pages (the regulations were written by bureaucrats, not members of Congress). Huh? In 2009, members of Congress were given 3 hours to read this. Let’s be realistic. Could you read 2700 pages in 3 hours? The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told the congressmen and women to just vote yes and pass the bill to find out what was in it. Huh? The Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate and voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill. All Republicans voted against it.

      As the bill has been read and analyzed, many people disagreed with several issues, the main one being the abuse of the commerce clause in the Constitution. Another violation has occurred since then–this issue is the freedom of religion in the first amendment of the constitution, not yet under consideration by the Supreme Court. The issue now being discussed by the Supreme Court is the commerce clause violation. How do ordinary people with “common sense” make any kind of objective decision? In our current K-12 education system, students are only taught the socialist viewpoint and the conservative argument is not presented. Each individual person needs to see all sides of an issue, before making a judgement. In the next few days, I will try to find arguments on both sides of the argument in this highly important court case and post them for you to make your own “throughout” decision.

  26. They should have people in the government who break down the meanings of the new bills that are passed so that the general public can understand what exactly is being written in the documents we’re voting on.

  27. These videos make me want to learn more about what Obamacare is really saying. I agree with where the doctors are coming from though and I think they have a good arguement to why Obamacare is bad.

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