Thomas Paine in 2013


This first video is the origninal Thomas Paine, the revolutionary War hero who fired up the American people with his book Common Sense.  In the 21st century Glenn Beck wrote his own version that followed Paine’s original text.

Now a parody has been created here below.

Subject: Thomas Paine 2013
This guy’s video on youtube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit. That’s very interesting. 
Watch it now before it’s pulled from youtube. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future. Pass it on, if you agree…


5 responses to “Thomas Paine in 2013

  1. I really enjoyed this video. He brings to light many issues that most people are oblivious to. Americans have gotten lazy and stupid, they whine about things but dont anything to change the issues.

  2. “You look to the government to solve problems THEY created in the first place.” I couldn’t agree more with Thomas Paine from 2013! I found the parody video to be intriguing and I’m sure that if Paine was still alive today or came back from the dead, this would be an accurate representation of a man who stood up for Americans. The fact that it is allowed to let illegal aliens come into America and take away from citizens who have worked for their social security all of their lives just doesn’t make sense. I thought the parody was going to be comical, but it had a very serious connotation and I am glad I got to see it!

  3. This is so true. I like how he is saying to follow the law when it comes to giving the legal immigrants a chance to succeed. We should not be paying for any lawbreakers to live in our country. They are draining us of our hard-earned money and taking advantage of it.

  4. I agree with ismael we do have many individuals that fight for their rights and should be recognized. However, most of the human population is silent and should voice their opinions, but to a certain extent.

  5. France had it right when the people rose up and let their voice be heard whenever they felt they were unsatisfied. We do have people here who do fight, but the silent majority has become passive and unfazed by their government’s action. If we were to rise up now and march all the way to Washington we may be labeled as traitors to this nation because the majority is not behind us. How can we get prudent leaders in the government when the same lazy, greedy men have been voted in again and again. It’s bananas that we are in the state that we are in. Those who have come before me have failed.

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