This website suggested by Student Howard Erickson: Especially for Dads

Good afternoon this is the website I was telling you about. Let me know what you think? This is my friend Randy’s website. Randy said he made this website to advise good fathers and to help aid with coping.


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  1. There are definitely to many children growing up without a father. My dad left me when I was six, along with my mother and 5 siblings. It really traumatized my older siblings who had to grow up never to see the man they looked up to. Every kid should have a father.

  2. My friend was going through divorce and told me that California was a No-Fault state. He really wanted to bring his child up right and not leave him with his mother that had issues. In the end though he settled back with his wife for his son. I wonder how he’s doing now.

  3. There are really so many people in this world growing up without a dad. I have grown up without a dad and I feel like it’s really made me who I am today though. I know some people that have grown up without a dad and have some problems and get themselves into bad situations.

  4. The sad part is that the courts are slanted towards the mother, when sometimes the father is a better parent. I have a freind that is 22 and honestly she is not a good mother. I know the babies father to and he is a generally good guy! he takes care of the baby when he is around but my friend was able to convence the court not to give him and coustody of the child. So no the father has to pay child support and doesnt ever get to see his child for more then a weekend a year when he comes to town for holidays, hes in the military. She doesnt care that the child doesnt get to see the baby she just cares about how much money she is sucking fro him. if the court asked my to testfy i would not testfy on her behalf i think he should have the baby way more then he does and she should be the one paying him. He is a good father and its sad the courts dont see that.

  5. Wow, I could read things on this website all day. This is really sad for the children. I do think some Mothers manipulate the system due to their own animosity towards the fathers. I think as a Mother you feel you want to protect your child from any danger, hurt or harm. If the Father does something to you, you take as an attack on his ability to be a parent. I am not justifying this but I do think Mother knows best. I believe all children should have a right to see their fathers or a relationship with them, but also if it is the right thing to do, for the child’s sake and not the mother’s opinion.

  6. I went to this website and clicked on “What is America’s #1 Problem?” and it said, “Too many children…growing up without a dad.” This is a very serious and real statement. My 12-year old cousin has grown up without a father figure in her life. It has crushed her to not be able to have a dad to go play outside with or just mess around. Honestly, my dad is more of a dad to her than hers could ever be! Every child needs mother and father interaction to be well-rounded and cared for as much as they need.

  7. I think there are a lot of good fathers out there that should be entitled to their rights as a father. However most times the dead is not everything that he claims to be, and later down the line he can and probably will leave the child and ultimately doing more damage than good. I do think this is great for the dads that deserve a chance and get a chance to be a good father.

  8. This is a long discussion and arguments can be made on both sides; this is an individual matter with every case. Sometimes people’s biases get in the way on one side or the other. That is why people need to see both sides of a story. Frequently the innocent party gets the “raw deal”–sometimes the mother and sometimes the father. I am frequently disgusted to see that liars get the best side in court battles. I’ve served on many juries–both here in Riverside County and in Alameda County–the jury has to decide who the liar is in each case, which is a tough job when many members of a jury are also biased. There is no easy way to remedy the problem. What we, as a society, can do to recitfy the situation partially is to teach students to argue fairly and look at the proven facts in any case before the court.

  9. The title of this post really caught my attention, I guess because I am a single mother? It’s good to see that there is a resource for a good father to turn to should he decide to take a stand for his right to be a part of his child’s life, but I question if the courts are really on the mother’s side or not. When I was in the mediation room with my son’s father, I made valid points with evidence from a journal I had kept for my son’s well- being while the father told lies and had no evidence to back his claims. The mediator cut me off everytime I made a claim from the journal, and he insinuated that I was trying to keep my child from his father when I had previously stated that I have never kept my child from his father. I felt I had to defend myself in a room where communication should have been mutual, so I dropped the defense and gave the father of my child what he wanted even though I felt my child would suffer in the situation.

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