This Post Submitted by Student Cassandra Noyes: A Satirical Irony

Nonprofit buys house across from Westboro Baptist Church and paints it colors of gay pride flag.

Planting Peace bought the house directly across the street from the notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan. and painted it the rainbow colors of the pride flag. It will be used for volunteers helping with the nonprofit’s anti-bullying initiative.


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  1. I think it is very courageous what this group did. We have to learn how to live with the new society and well some are gay. We do not have to like it or be gay, but they are human and deserve to live and be happy however they want to live. If Christians do not like it, they can keep it to themselves.

  2. Being a Christian everyday I hear how Christians are anti-gay. Some people need to just chill and mind their own buisness. I’m not for gay rights but then again I’m not going to go out and make life harder for gays.

  3. Such a clever idea! Hopefully the WBC will eventually learn that extreme hatred is useless.

  4. When I saw the picture and article on it I thought it was hilarious. I just love how the planting peace organization painted their house to defy and throw in the Westboro Churches face their acceptance of the homosexual community.

  5. I feel that this is a great form of presentation, as well as protest against a belief. Although, I personally do not support gay right’s, i still believe that the westboro baptist is ignorant and extreme. We are all entitled to our own opinion and i choose to keep mine to myself, because i will not feel offended until I am approcahed by a homosexual in a sense of more than friends. Other than that, let them do as they please, and after death we will all find the truth.

  6. I love the sassyness of this stance against the Westboro Baptist Church. It isn’t hurting anyone but their point is getting across.

  7. I love to see people standing up for what is humanily right in our world. I am sorry but if a higher power is encouraging you to love your neighbor and accept all, it should not be also telling you to hate a group of people who see love in different eyes than you do. I support this nonprofit and I applaud the people who came up with this idea!

  8. I think it is really great how the gay community strategically placed a rainbow painted house right in front of the Westboro baptist church to really piss of that sad excuse for a religious group. Honestly, i am damn sure that group has no right to judge anyone or tell them how they are going to hell or how god does not like them. More people like that should stand up against them. We should all accept the people for who they are and not because what choices they had made in life.

  9. This is pure awesome. The westboro church is just sitting there all mad because this is like a F U right across the street. More people should stand up against them.

  10. I think that was a good idea to paint that house in the gay flag colors in front of a Baptist Church. It’s going to bring awareness of the gay community. I think religious people or not we aren’t the ones to judge others. We should all accept the people for who they are and not because what choices they make in life.

  11. This is awesome. Religious fanatics need to wake the —- up. I guarantee that if Jesus was around today he would be chillin’ with the people in the rainbow colored house.

  12. Good for him! Stand up to those wackos. Look up on YouTube “brick stone” He is a guy that goes to the protests and interviews the Westboro Baptist Church. It is actually hilarious to listen to their ridiculous views and how they contradict themselves and even prove that they do not know the true meaning of Gay.

  13. This is great, I love how the guy is just standing there like “hey we are here.” How is it that “only God can judge us,” yet everyone seems to own a gavel?

  14. That’s funny we’ll they are fighting for what they believe. This is the land of the free. But you know code enforcement will be all over them.

  15. This is hilarious, and exactly what these nut jobs deserve. You have the freedom to have your own opinion, if you think being gay is bad, fine by me, doesn’t bother me, because it is just an individuals opinion. I have the problem when they attempt the empower and enforce their opinion on people they don’t even know. That is when I can’t help but feel outraged.

  16. I agree that gays should be treated equally. I do not agree with what they have chosen, but there is always forgiveness. Some people turn to it because it is either all they have ever known or they just don’t know where else to turn. I think it is disrespectful and low of the organization to place this house directly in front of the church. The “gay pride” topic stooped down to another level and proved themselves incapable of supporting themselves without disrespecting others’ beliefs.

  17. This is absolutely genius. The Wesboro Baptist Church must be fuming. I would kill to see the look on their faces when they see it. This group is simply too extreme to the point that they are giving their religion a bad name. In fact, they aren’t even a church. At this point, they’re a cult.

  18. I’ve watched videos on youtube interviews with the members of this curch and I am so happy that someone is taking a stance against their hatered towards gays and even our soliders that fight to protect us.

  19. This is beautiful! Hey, what ever it takes to get these people to see that we are all equal, especially in God’s eyes! I love the sign, “Planting Peace” That’s genius!

  20. Here’s to hoping that the people across the street don’t end up burning the colorful house down.

  21. I found this really impowering. I’m not against people’s beliefs and I am not gay but I believe that all people are equal. In any way shape or form or color. It makes me angry when people bring down another human being and try to hurt them mentally or sometimes Phisicaly because they think a different way. Oppinions are oppinions and everyone has one. It makes life more well rounded. But when some goes as far as some of these people it is distasteful. If only they could take a different approach to what they believe. Perhaps be alittle more tolaratable. What people do outside of church or state is none of anyone’s business. People do not have to agree with everything everyone says but we could hear them out but not have to agree. I believe that everyone is equal and no one should be judged. In the end we are all just Human.
    “When the power of love becomes stronger then the love of power, the world will know peace.”

  22. I thought those of you who have followed the capers of the Westboro Baptist Church (guaranteed not to be Baptist) would enjoy Cassandra’s contribution to this site–Pure Irony.

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