This Is When You May Need More than 7 Rounds

This is an interesting very short couple of videos that demonstrate how a public service commercial is made.  You will be interested in how the media works to influence the public by their use of rhetoric. The videos at the end of each individual video give more information on the new tv series “Shoot to Kill” and demonstrate other production techniques.


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  1. I agree with having weapons for protection. In fact, if I even lived on my own I would certainly buy a small gun. Especially as a young woman. However, I would hope and expect that I went under serious background checks and that if my gun was found in anyone else’s hands that I would have consequences as well.

  2. This video is so true because it shows just how badly gun owners need to be required to have proper training. I thought this video was very informative. A lot of people don’t know exactly how to use a gun but still get them. But i think that if someone want to own a gun they should go through a certain training etc.

  3. I like this commercial because it is very realistic. A situation like this is can and does happen. I also appreciate the director for showing a different argument toward gun control.

  4. Watching this video actually gave me the chills. It is such a good video and it actually makes you question what would you do in you were in that circumstance. It always provides the idea that people should be taught how to properly use a gun just in case this confronted with this tragedy. But only certain individuals should be allowed to have bare arms.

  5. Although the video is trying to prove that guns need to carry more than 7 rounds for safety purposes, the father can be blamed in this video. If there is an intruder coming into your house and you have a firearm, you better know how to shoot it, and shoot it well. I think it is a must to teach everyone in your family to safely operate a firearm so if a time ever comes where it is needed, they know what to do. For those of you saying to get rid of guns, I don’t think any criminals are going to listen to what the law has to say, just leaving the law abiding citizen defenseless.

  6. In my opinion, I think guns will always be with us no matter what. What was the whole purpose of guns in the first place? To obtain our independence from the British empire when they wanted complete control. Everyone, except those who are mentally instable or with a criminal history with guns, should have a gun and be properly trained.

  7. This video shows just how badly gun owners need to be required to have proper training. If properly trained the father could have taken out the first guy with one, maybe two bullets and the second guy with about the same. Shoot to kill don’t shoot to injury. Another thing is why didn’t this guy have an alarm in his house? Also just a side note, when ever calling 911 try to use a landline because they can be tracked much quicker. For California when you call on a cell phone it goes to head quarters in sacrament to and then you have to tell them your location. If you can not talk then they have to run a location search which could take minutes. If you call on a land line the address pops up on the screen as soon as they receive the call and while they are talking to you emergency services are already en route.

  8. This was good for two big reasons: To show that sometimes a mo’fo’ won’t go down (in particular those on heavy drugs like methamphetamine, opium, etc.) Do we need more rounds to fend off desperate attackers thus? Perhaps. If one is willing to risk shooting through their attacker and hurting a loved one… It takes a lot of training to be able to even properly fire a weapon, especially hand-held weapons (save the .22 caliber, 9mm, .45 caliber for some) but even more to be able to fire it under duress when it matters. Not everyone should have an assault rifle or anti-tank gun, but we do need to face reality. There may be some people out there to hurt us and people we don’t know. Until we reach a utopic society where we won’t have to worry about such things, I can see that people will argue for the ability to defend themselves. So, it may be true that one does not need a firearm to slay a person, firearms do make things easier. Maybe in protecting the rights of the whole, we as a whole, should rid ourselves of such weapons.. but there is the possibility of invasion from other countries/people/creatures(aliens) who may not want to abide by these rules, stock-pile weapons, and turn the rest of us into their pajama pinata party pugil pokers when the rest of the populace has forgotten how to fight. Like a lion who chooses to rid themselves of claws and teeth to adopt a more peaceful means of existence amongst its neighbors (if such a lion existed and was able to make a decision thusly out of what it contrived to be morality through their senses and experiences) we run the risk of starving to death if we do not find another means of sustenance. In the case of humanity, if we do not find another way to protect ourselves, that is, without using weapons or lethal force. So, why the fuck don’t we have non-lethal weapon system like a sleep gun? That is because our understanding of how the world works is changing all the time. But there are less pleasant (for the one on the receiving end) ways to take someone down without needing a firearm, but they are not as fast as the rounds an intruder is probably already willing to you use on me… In the end, taking a life to protect one’s own… maybe because the intruder felt they had no other option than to jack a dude, ya know? One must live with the decisions they make. Not everything is black-and-white. But having your family safe? It’s not an easy question.. High-cap mags for all? What about gangs? They actually group together and fuckin practice this shit. I don’t remember a single time that I saw laws that already prohibit high-cap mags actually stop criminals from attaining them… I think I’ve been talking for too long on this… You should have seen what I deleted lol.. maybe for another time… But both arguments go a long way. With guns and weapons about the planet for anyone to use, including government and police forces, there will always be a chance for human-on-human fighting. If we rid ourselves of all our weapons (considering whether they can do damage to creatures that are/ may be technologically superior to humans) then aliens (or other seed-colony-humans lol) can swoop-a-loop and attack the living buhjeebus out of us… and probably win, unless germs take ’em down. Haha. Francis Crick (directed panspermia). Read about it a bit, it has to do with the possibility of life being carried by asteroids and meteoroids, and planetoids. Directed panspermia proposes that life forms can survive the effects of space (in the cases of extremophiles such as tardigrades). Woot.

  9. This is a very powerful commercial. Some people say that it’s the fathers fault for shooting the first intruder 6 times and if he were well trained he would’ve been able to protect himself and his family more efficiently. Maybe, but what if there were 4 or 5 intruders? Even someone who has been traied does not have perfect aim and may need to fire a couple of rounds into one of the perpetrators. In this case, the man still wouldn’t have had enough ammunition to protect his family. Plus gun control will only work on the law abiding citizens. Criminals will still find ways to get more ammunition and automatic weapons, even if they are outlawed.

  10. Personally, i am not a huge fan of guns but I do believe in preparedness. In the video, the dad pumped six rounds into the first perp…Who does that?! If he were trained, he would not have needed more than seven rounds. That was his fault for having a gun and not using it efficiently. However, looking into the creative process of putting the video together was pretty cool. In my view, if you’re going to have a gun, be trained and know what the hell you’re doing.

  11. Personally, i am not a huge fan of guns but I do believe in preparedness. In the video, the dad pumped six rounds into the first perp…Who does that?! If he were trained, he would not have needed more than seven rounds. That was his fault for having a gun and not using it efficiently. However, looking into the creative process of putting the video together was pretty cool. In my view, if you’re going to have a gun, be trained and know what the hell you’re doing.

  12. There is always going to be two different sides of an argument such as this one. I believe that guns should be allowed but only for certain purposes like for protection. But i think that if someone want to own a gun they should go through a certain training etc.

  13. This is a good video and true. Arms and magazines are not the real problem. The real problem is violence, drugs, and mental health. Arms will always exist with or without laws. Gun laws just hurt the responsible people that can purchase them legally.

  14. I thought this video was very informative. A lot of people don’t know exactly how to use a gun or what its like for something to happen like that, and it should show people to be more willing to learn what they might have to do one day.

  15. ahhhhhh! here we again, even on his interview the producer said, we didn’t want to cast a real actor because he wouldn’t show real emotions. The video of the making of the video was a form of propaganda its self, i almost laughed at how the producer was faking his emotions when reading everything he said right out of cue card, maybe he should of hired someone real to play him on this video!!, its another garbage point of view trying to push for guns by pushing fear on people, don’t get me wrong i don’t want government to take all the weapons away from its citizens, i think it should be harder to obtain and have a limit placed on how many weapons one is allowed, why do you need a stock pile of weapons? does it make up for something you lack? does a weapon make you feel like a man, gives you power? Anyway, this video screamed fake!! gun saves peoples lives just as much as calling 911 does, its a shame they are trying to scare people into thinking like them, be an individual and figure out what you believe not what they tell you to believe!

  16. This is going to be a long, long rant! First, Home Security systems don’t stop crimes nearly as much as guns do, second, guns prevent 100 times more crimes then not, third, the problem when people say “When a gun is in a house, people have a higher chance of being shot in homes…” Only if you’re fucking stupid, and treat the gun like a toy, and you don’t give your family or kids the appreciation for what a gun really is, and what it can help or hinder.

    If you sleep with a gun under your pillow, you’re stupid. If you wave you’re gun around like a toy in front of your children, you’re really stupid. If you get a gun because you’re trying to be “Cool” or “Gangster” you’re incredibly fucking stupid. These are a majority of people who get shot in their own homes. Idiots who don’t have an appreciation for what self defense is! A cop, a home security system DOES NOT physically stop an intruder! PHYSICALLY STOP, is the focus on this subject, death PHYSICALLY STOPS AN INTRUDER! An alarm does not stop an individual from harming you or your family, if you think it does, your clearly not thinking.

    “but the cops are coming…” but are the cops there? is there anything actually stopping you from being harmed? No, and like hell am I allowing my freedom to defend myself to be stripped from me, because you have a horrible false sense of security!

    Pistols, they are good for home defense because unlike shot guns there is not a very wide spread which can harm family members if they try to run or see who is invading the home for example, lets say “kids are sleeping upstairs, they hear the door get kicked in and for some brain dead reason they go to see what all the commotion is about” they can walk into the shot gun’s potential spread. Negative situations with pistols, if you don’t practice with a pistol and get good at it, you’ll miss a lot, hence why stupid “Gangsters” then to kill people they don’t intend to in drive by’s and shoot outs because they never practice. An incompetent individual with a gun and a popularity complex doesn’t give you or the government the right to strip the freedoms of other’s to defend themselves with how THEY SEE FIT!

    I hope no harm comes to individuals who live peaceful lives and feel guns are unnecessary, but please as an individual, you can give away your rights, but don’t try to give away mine too! I like being able to defend myself instead of needing to rely on cops who will take 10 minutes to 35 minutes to come to my house after I have called them.

    The point of these videos was to show 2 things, that for or against guns, they try to select people that seem like the “every person” individual. In all honesty, most people don’t practice with guns multiple times a year, so when they need the gun for self defense they have a very limited experience with it. The other main point in the P.S.A. is the fact you can only have a 7 or 9 round clip, and the thing is, pistols don’t tend to kill in 1 shot if isn’t in the heart, head, or lungs. As said, the average individual doesn’t tend to experience a lot of practice with a gun, so only being limited to a small amount of bullets can cause a situation where you missed way to many times and didn’t kill the intruder, didn’t you see the man close his eyes has he fired the gun? Many people do that, sadly, when they fire a gun, and that’s not how you’re suppose to fire a gun! But the chance of being robbed in their house is VERY small, just like the chance of an individual in your family harming himself/herself with a gun unless they are VERY disrespectful of what a gun is for.

    “What if someone has a child, and the child finds the gun.” First off, you should always have the gun in locked case, out of reach of the child, if you don’t that’s on you for being an idiot, its a gun, not a vibrator! Second, if it’s loaded, once again, your stupid, there are simple rules and codes you follow with a gun, if you don’t that’s on you for being careless with a weapon. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, Fucking grow up and get some! I’m tired of adults in this country acting like a bunch of bed wetting children, be responsible. My father taught me, and showed me about guns, he had me shot them when I was young until they were no longer “Cool” or “Awesome” I got fucking tired of them quickly, and I didn’t care about them. If you hide something from your kid, it’s the golden apple of knowledge, they want it more. My father, metaphorically, shoved guns down my throat until I didn’t even care for them anymore. But I understand and respect their entire reason and value. I do own a Pistol, locked in a case in my closet, and if someone breaks into my house, I will call the cops, after I put 1 bullet in the intruders head and 2 in his chest.

    “BUT THAT’S A HUMAN BEING! He might have had kids! A Family!”
    Well, all I know is he had a choice, and he picked the wrong one. Maybe he should have pulled an Aladdin and stole some bread or an apple from the grocery store, not try to rob an individual he didn’t know. Grow up! Life is not that simple or friendly, Stupid things happen to stupid people who don’t respect individuals or a dangerous situation.

  17. What is the point of these videos? Katie questions this because she is innocent. These film makers are demonstrating to all who watch how the public is being manipulated by special interests (the ancient Greeks would call them sophists). Special interests include all kinds of groups who want to manipulate people with unsound theses–straw men and a multitude of other unfair tactics. In this case, the people who believe in the 2nd amendment are demonstrating how influencing the public is achieved. However, in this instance they are demonstrating how criminals get away with “murder.”

    My house was burglarized last FALL. The neighbor kid who committed the crime is rotting in jail for grand theft. When one is the victim of a major crime, the individual victim feels paralyzed and impotent.

    But, what about the rhetoric of those who want to discard the second amendment? Whose side are they on? I don’t believe it is the side of the victim.

  18. I am kind of confused on the point of these videos. I think it’s crazy how much work is put into creating a simple commercial. But, this didn’t look like a commercial.

  19. This seems to be the issue that always comes up with the gun fanatics: I need my gun and lots of ammo because someone might break into my house and endanger my family. I think we should put more energy into improving home security systems, and eventually get rid of guns altogether. Maybe have secluded recreation areas where the gun freaks can go to get their fix, but people don’t need guns. They just don’t, and it been proven that having a gun in your home increases the chances of you or your family members being injured or killed. Just sayin

  20. I think this is interesting, because it is a different rhetoric than 90% of what one sees on the internet and most television stations. In order to be a well informed person, one must always understand all sides of an argument.

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