This is Great–Shared by Luis Cortez

This is Luis, I found this video of a little boy who I thought was a genius. He inspire me to keep going towards my educational goals and never giving up. I thought of how bless I am to be able to attend college while other kids dream of having a peace of paper and pin to learn. I have the link of this video below. I hope you like it.

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  1. Truly motivational, this shows if you truly apply yourself, you might make your dreams come true and probably make it more likely that you can achieve your goals.

  2. this is amazing, goes to show how advanced our technology is. what a smart young boy. glad he was recognized for what he did.

  3. This was a great video. There are two things I have taken from this video. One things is that I am glad there are still innovators and inventors out there in the world. The other thing is that we as a planet should be ashamed of ourselves that in the 21st century we still have poverty thriving in this world. we need to stop trying to do each other in and do more to help each other up in every part of the earth.

  4. This is amazing. He is such a genius and he really has no resources. This really motivates me to push myself and know it is possible to build my own future out of nothing.

  5. Wow, the will of the human spirit can go so far.

  6. It’s amazing that even in a place that we would see as hopeless, this kid pursues his goals. It’s sad to think that if Kelvin was any other middle class American kid, he’s probably be supplied with most of the tools he needs to be a success. This kid is an inspiration, because he can take the little he has and make the best out of it.

  7. Kelvin is an inventor with the passion to help. Even if he doesn’t have the appropriate tools to create he finds old things and makes them into something useful. I think its great that he had to opportunity to be able to come to the US and create things in a place with helpful people and the appropriate tools. Kelvin isn’t the only kid out there like this, so i think its great that there are programs out there to help them.

  8. Goes to show if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

  9. It’s inspirational to see achievements like this.

  10. This young man is a true blessing and I hope he knows how special he is to David Sengeh. It is inspiring to watch young kids like DJ who are so intelligent and really devote themselves to something that they are so passionate about. It really is true that it doesn’t matter where you come from, but it is about where you’re headed.

  11. Get this kid a job now! We need innovations like his in our country now! What a great young mind and hopefully we get to continue being amazed by such incredible engineering.

  12. When I see young prodigy doing what they love to do and making this world a better place brings joy to my heart. He may love to work machines, but I find it adorable because he is trying to help his family by bringing them money from his gift that is a blessing from God.

  13. This adolescent has amazing talent. There are truly children that are destined for greatness based on their genetics and cognitive ability. People of limited resources adapt to their situations as best as they can. It is important to hold value towards luxury possessions such as electricity and running water.

  14. This video is pretty awesome because it shows how someone can take something small and turn it into something amazing. People like Kelvin are all around the world who need to be given the chance to act on their ideas.

  15. A perfect example of anything is possible. He made it possible to make something out of anything. You do not need a lot to get a lot.

  16. I love people that have ambition and have motivation to do things. In the long run nothing will get done if you rely on others all the time. Get out there and do it yourself!

  17. It is great how kids get so inspired. It is so nice of him to want to help his country to advance and move forward in technology. His inspiration and dedication to do all of this is inspiring in itself! I wish there were alot more kids like him.

  18. This is so very inspiring. It shows anything is possible if you put in the hard work and you have an intense passion for it. This kid is a wonder and I am very excited for him to improve the aspects of his home town. You can tell he reall enjoys what he is doing.

  19. This video is very inspirational. It proves that no matter the tools or experience you have, you can truly accomplish anything! He is an extremely brave and persistent guy.

  20. This boy is so intelligent! I’m so impressed by what he does. He had nothing and then would make things out of the supplies he just had at home. I wish more people were like that in the United States. There wouldn’t be as many problems within the school systems.

  21. This video is very inspirational. It really shows that once a person is dedicated to achieving something they can do it no matter where their from or how much many they have. It all comes down to you and your drive to achieve.

  22. I love this young man’s ambition and creativity. It’s amazing to see him create things with just scraps. I can see him going many places in his near future.

  23. This kid is absolutely inspiring to me because it shows how much, as an American that we take for granted. We have access to a lot of the tools he was using without going dumpster diving. He is already so successful at such a young age, I hope that he can help others rise up like he did in order to rebuild that country and make it a better place. One day kids like DJ Focus are going to rule the world.

  24. Wow. I am so impressed by this boy. We as Americans, rely so much on technology and stores to give us what we need, but this boy just makes whatever he needs. I would never even think that this stuff could be made out of stuff i consider trash.

    • It is amazing that this young boy had this amazing opportunity to show his intelligence . This boy is one young talented individual and the fact he was able to fly across the country to America and be given the tools he needs to expand his horizons. It makes me so happy and fortunate to have what I have here. Intelligience is a powerful tool and anyone can go somewhere with it if they allow themselves to believe they can just like this young boy. He inspired me to be thankful every day more than ever and to work hard for what I want.

  25. This boy started inventing things he needed. The problem with America is that our youth has everything could possibly need and want, so American kids have no need to expand their imaginations to become creative inventors

  26. I love this video. I have watched it over 20 times. I love the self motivated nature of this kid. I wish more people would give as much to anything like he does. In this way can we truly solve the problems facing us.

  27. You can see how kids in america dont take advantages of their possibilities here. And how you can see that this young man is driven to make a change in his community.

  28. It really goes to show that all you need to do is put your mind to something, and try. Don’t just wait for someone to tell you exactly how or what to do, just try it yourself and see what you can accomplish.

  29. This is truly amazing and inspiring. This video proves that if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything. All it takes is focus.

  30. Hearing stories about kids who are so motivated into what they love is what I adore seeing. This video inspires me in so many ways. I am so appreciative on all the amazing things I have and the great opportunities I have here for myself and my future.

  31. This video was so inspiring. This boy was from a community with little technology, and did something so big for his age. I found it inspiring because he said he wanted to do it for his community, and especially his family to help provide for them. I also loved how is DJ name had a inspirational meaning behind it, which suited him well.

  32. It so crazy how he comes from such a poor country where he cant rely on the technology we take for granted here. I think its so cool how he puts things together and make stuff that can be uselful for his community.

  33. I’m not surprised about this young man because sometimes it takes not having anything to find something. This is incredible and inspirational. Education comes from inspiration.

  34. The video is great because it shows us that you do not need money and school to survive. This kid has been educated by using the common sence and things he learned through out his life. He also shows us that you can do anything just try your best and accomplish it.

  35. This shows that anyone can do anything they put there mind to and try hard enough to complete whatever it may be. Its also shows that we can teach ourselves and having a teacher like we do is just an advantage.

  36. This is very motivating and inspiring to watch. This goes to show how children that are not able to get good educations can strive for excellence. This boy is not educated through books and school, he is using common sense and skills he learned throughout his young life. Another great example can be learned from the owner and creator of Microsoft. Bill Gates was looked down on and made fun of when he expressed his ideas and he showed his abilities and is now the richest man in the world.

  37. This video clearly shows that there are many uneducated geniuses in the world. In which they teach themselves and bring innovation to their cities and countries. They do so with much less material as opposed to America’s people. We don’t need more innovators, yet more to be publicly renown.

  38. Our technology here in the US is advanced compared to other countries. DJ Focus is a very smart young boy. Having to make electricity for his city, fixing and inventing at the age of 15, makes him a genius. There is more people like this out there. I am glad smart people like this are been recognized.

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