This happened in New York on Sunday. Unbelievable!

From my friends from Northern California!  Scary!

You must go directly to YouTube.  The creator wants to control the site.  This has to do with National Security and” Freedom of Religion.”

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  1. It crazy how that guy really got on stage and demanded a international laws. I feel as if they can come to American and demand to change things why cant they the same within their own country.

  2. Wow, way to make yourselves look like the stereotypical muslim extremists. Religion is so pathetic. There is nothing spiritual about it. The Senator was right in what he did. Those people do have freedom of speech, but nobody with any self-respect could sit there and be a part of that. I bet the Senator was embarrassed. I feel bad for him. He didn’t sign up for that!

  3. The Muslims did have the freedom to speak what they thought, but it was offensive. The senator could have taken action in a bad way but instead he chose to leave the stage, which was right of him to do. He did not comment on why he was offended because he did not want to ruin the event.

  4. I felt a bit disgusted when the woman said that they carry bombs in their wombs in her little poem. At the moment we can shrug off their demands, but with time they’ll definitely become more influential in this country. It is already happening in France, and it will happen here. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to this conundrum that doesn’t involve violence.

  5. I commend him for getting up and walking away. This was the best thing to do. I respect the way he did not even give his comments on why he was offended to spare any one else’s feelings. I am a strong believer in my faith, but to pass a law against blasphemy goes against our constitutional rights. We have a right to feel or say what we want, no matter what. Those who have the guts to speak out against God… well… may God be with them.

  6. He had the right to walk away and he used that right. He did not cause a scene he just simply walked off and i admire how he handled that.

  7. The right thing to do was to walk away. Instead of putting this lady in place, he just simply walked away. People should not be judged my the acts of others.

  8. I feel that I have mixed feelings about this issue and hope what I say does not offend anyone. I understand where the Muslims are coming from when they feel offended by the actions and sayings that are taken against the Prophet. The movies and animated cartoons made against him and offensive to the Muslim population. I am Muslim, and it offends me also. However, just because a few people decide to be disrespectful towards the Prophet and the Religion of Islam does NOT mean that all Americans are at fault. For the young lady saying such cruel words about Americans, calling them “Nazis”, that is just wrong. I consider myself American because I live in America and I love my country. I commend the senator for taking a stand .

  9. Like I said before, I’m please that he stood up for what he felt, and what was truly right.

  10. This guy is crazy! I really think Muslims were just regimented to believe what they do. They are probably jealous of how free we are! Hopefully the people realize how powerfully they can be if they stand together like we do. I wouldn’t want this country any other way, even if it does have hard times.

  11. what i see video that Senator have right to walk off the stage because i think this lady was offered something that he dose not like it .

  12. Wow, some of the things that were said were just crazy. The senator should have just left earlier.

  13. No one has the right to offend something like that, especially in public. I get that she was trying to be funny, but there is a limit to everything. That limit was passed, I am glad Tony stood up and left. He did not have to hear those offensive words.

  14. i totally agree with tony ! He was was disgusted with what they said and he left . he has every right .

  15. I think he needed to stand up to them with pride in his belief instead of allowing the majority push him around. What he needs to do is grow some balls and face the crowd with an iron will or balls of steel.

  16. I agree with everyone who has so far commented on this video. He had a right to do what it did. He was offended and didn’t support what they were saying; so he decided to get of the stage. It was mature of him to walk away rather then ruining the event like he said he could have done by speaking his mind.

  17. I found what they said to be very offensive, and it makes me very angry to hear that. If i were the senator i would have done the exact same thing.

  18. I was offended. I was very pleased when he walked off the stage. THat was not something that we should support.

  19. I believe he did the right thing by walking away, if he felt offended he shouldn’t stay. The way he didn’t make such a big deal was awesome.

  20. It was right for him to walk off the stage because of what he believes in. Also to not make a big argument and a big deal.

  21. i think he was right to do what he did, he didnt like what they were saying so he left. He stood up for what he belived

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