I Have a Theory! (sent by a student)

I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and I believe that I’ve come to this conclusion: the American people don’t care. Well, that’s an overstatement. I should say that the silent majority do not care. The silent majority is the “presumed moderate majority of the citizens who are too passive to make their views known.” And being silent is the ultimate form of consent. The U.S. is heading into war, People. This is beyond a game now. Any ally that America had supporting them have long left our side, because they know that this war is going to be a waste of money and a waste of time. President Obama … no, he doesn’t deserve that title. Tyrant Obama is ready to have our people bombard Syria with missiles. That is an act of war, only the Congress of this United States has the power “To declare War . . .” according to the Constitution. How is this unconstitutional action going unpunished? I’ll tell you why, it’s the fault of the silent majority’s for not pressuring their representatives and senators to take action. Those men and women have the power to impeach this riff raff that we have leading our country, but they won’t. They won’t do it because the silent majority has deemed it so. I’m trying to think of ways to get the silent majority to quit their willful ignorance of these crimes against our country and constitution, but the only plan I have is education and propaganda. To tell them that the constitution is our contract between us and this current government, to tell them that their vote has the power to shape this country for the better, but they won’t care. They’ll continue to think that the government is their overlord, they’ll continue vote for whoever makes them feel good rather than vote for someone who will stay true to his his country and constitution. It’s an absolute feeling of melancholy when I see people everyday, people who have no idea what’s going on in this country. I just hope that whoever is reading this will become a patriot who will help wake up the other members of the silent majority.

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  1. I feel that the American people do care but feel there is no reason to voice themselves because they feel as if what they have to say will not be heard. Many Americans do not know what is really going on in our country and it is extremely sad! The people need to be more informed about what is happening in our nation and that the constitution is being violated and the government is not acting in the right manner. Maybe if the people knew about such things and educated themselves on issues in our country than just maybe they would care to voice their opinions and stand up for themselves!

  2. i agree with many of the points presented here, it is the sad truth that most Americans today do not care to educate themselves about what is going on in our own society.

  3. I disagree. The American people care about a lot of things. Things like making sure that no one feels alienated or singled out, and making sure that those “less fortunate” people are taken care of, and to take guns away because guns are bad, and to take money away from the rich because they worked hard so that money should go to the poor people. The American people care a lot in fact, but just about things that make them feel good about themselves, not the issues that actually matter in society

  4. Our america has become a disgrace from what it used to be…we used to be a module for other countries. We used to be the leader in production, innovation, and education…where has it all gone? Because now we are so blinded by our need for instant gratification for having our smartphone glued to our hand, growing ignorance, and just plain laziness. The people of this United States is so gullible to belive whatever is said to them without a second thought to question it. Our Entire Nation needs to “wake up!”…our entire nation needs to stand up united for what is just, and our entire nation needs to climb back to the top because that is where America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is meant to be.

  5. It’s not that the American people don’t care, but I also think that they’re too afraid to say anything! It’s so sad because people in this country are too afraid to voice their opinion about anything because they’re worried about being called racist for not liking Obama, or they’re worried about being called communist for liking him. The American people need to go back to the days when they didn’t mind questioning the status quo because they weren’t afraid of offending anyone.

  6. I totally agree!!!! But, I think that the problem is that the silent majority of people just don’t know how to start a “rebellion” (I guess I can say that) to President Obama. Because, Obama sadly but true is more powerful than us. BUT, as the majority there are more people and only one of him (president). So, hopefully someone will have the courage to make a difference.

  7. I couldn’t agree more.

  8. Excellent, excellent.

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