The Road to World War 3: Sent by a Student

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  1. I don’t believe there will ever truly be peace. The intent of gaining financial and military control over the world is merely a means for the US to expand it’s reach across to other nations. The goal of politics is to monopolize everything, and as far as we’re concerned, the resources within our borders aren’t enough to satisfy that goal. Our founding fathers structured our government as a way to ensure our excessive growth; however, the ideals and expectations that they had would be virtually impossible to carry on until the full growth of the nation. Yet, other nations saw hope in the creation of America because the British were the undisputed superpower at the time. Had Britain been undisturbed in containing it’s standing conflict with it’s colonies(America), they would have undoubtedly had full reign over the whole face of the Earth. As funny as it sounds, world domination truly is the goal of politics. It’s almost inevitable that one day all the nations of the Earth will be under the control of one party, though this could be several hundreds of years from now. It’s up to the people of the world to decide whether or not to let that government hold merciless power over them, or to force change themselves through revolution and resistance, and see to it that the ideals that our forefathers had set in motion are realized.

  2. We all know that money makes the world go round. Money can cause tension, but also “peace” which has apparently only occurred for a few hundred years. Of course, if we mention a world war, everyone is going to become even more paranoid. However, if it happens, it happens.

  3. Oil has always played a big roles in all the world wars. Although America is pretty set on wanting to pull out of places rather than expand! and nobody is going to attack us for our oil.

  4. We’ve always known that money in a sense makes the world go around. It is just hard for some when they learn the awful truth.

  5. It is another attempt to take the money from the poor and give it to the rich, through fear, and mistruth.

  6. This is very interesting but the first thing i want to know is the credibility of the person that made this video. This proves that everything comes down to money. The U.S. government is greedy. One of the reasons we have such a large military is because we made deals with tons of other countries for protection so they don’t need to have such a large military any more. “Far as long as you allow them too” I like that he says that, do not give up and to look to our fellow Americans. Tell the people, Tell the protectors. Fight against the Greed of the banks. Civil disobedience is the only way to make a huge statement to, just like Martin Luther King Jr. I am ready to fight back, just tell me the most effective way to save as many lives as possible. Thank you for sharing this!

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