The Real State of the Union

After watching the “State of the Union” address for an hour and a half and listening to the distortions, I do understand why voters are confused. Emotion, not logical and critical thinking, comes nto the discussions. In this video, Glen Beck goes to the original sources (what as English and critical thinking instructors are required to teach students). Jan Kollitz


7 responses to “The Real State of the Union

  1. I find it surprising the amount of hypocrisy that can go into a presidential campaign ad. The fact that President Obama let’s the ad show him taking responsibility for things that were unlikely his doing, or that are not necessarily good and twists them in his favor is kind of disturbing. It seems like there is a lot of hypocrisy that goes into political adds, but for it to be just so blatant is very discouraging.

  2. Yea I do agree that people that run for office to promise things to the public just for votes and as soon as they are elected they forget about those promises.

  3. Yes presidential candidates use propaganda and make promises they do not intend to follow through with. Its so they can appeal to their voters. Only until the candidate makes it the white house does it become an issue. Our debt is ridiculous, Obama claims information he wasn’t even around for, and its sad that people today are starting to question what Obama has done for them lately. He has not followed through with any of his promises and has made matters worse economy wise.

  4. Every president in every election promise many things. They have to, that is how they grab voters attention. Who ever ends up becoming our new president will promise many things and will not be able to accomplish all of their promises. This is what happens all the time. The economy problem will probably not be solve till many years, many future presidents.

  5. WOw this video was amazging i have never noticed how candidate say one thing and change to the next everyone should be very careful what and who they vote for because each candidate says one thing and when they come into office they end up with other issue.

  6. every single candidate promises the sky and stars to people and this magnificent nation to get into office. I think people need to analyze every candidate and be realistic about what can be done and leave out the BS.

  7. Almost every presidential race ever has used propaganda and false promises to get a candidate in office thats just how it goes. It is up to the individual to cut through the BS and decide what is realistaically going to get done based on what little information voters are given about the candidates. I found the facts about our national debt at the end of this video the most shocking! They are spending 3 to 5 of the average person’s lifetime earnings every sixty seconds. The fact that we have been on the largest spending spree in the history of the world was unwelcomed news to me!

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