The Project

Somewhat dated yet still relevant. . .

Published on Sep 18, 2012
In 2001, an inconspicuous manifesto now known as “The Project” was recovered during a raid in Switzerland: A manifesto that turned out to be a Muslim roadmap for infiltrating and defeating the West. Today, files containing evidence from the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history, which include details about “The Project”, are being withheld by the Department of Justice.

In an explosive two-part mini-series, TheBlaze documentary unit investigates how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American government and exposes how our nation’s safety is in jeopardy as a result of this dangerous government cover up.

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5 responses to “The Project

  1. Definitely interesting! Im going to do a little bit of reading further.

  2. This seemed somewhat interesting to me so I googled the movie and found it on Youtube. Im watching it right now. Definitely something interesting to watch either way.

  3. It is true that when most people hear the word “racist” they immediately turn their nose and try to disassociate themselves with that. The truth of the matter is that it isn’t racism, it’s statistics. You don’t see Mormons trying to destroy the West (at least that we know of), it is the Muslim extremists. The government has their nose pointed in the correct way, but now they need to go and get it dirty and face the consequences of it without worrying about their political careers.

  4. It’s amazing how much evidence there is against groups of terrorist yet how little the government can take and use from the evidence. There are tons of items that the government found yet the content in them is not enough to take down the entire terrorist. Then when there is evidence up until the twin towers fell no one took the evidence seriously. I remember watching a video in high school about a man that worked in the CIA. He came across compelling evidence that suggested an attack. He was very concerned but no one besides him took in seriously. He was convinced that if people had taken the evidence seriously the fall of the towers could have been stopped. Take note government, you have the answers in front of you more often then you think you just have to really dig into it.

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