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the piano guys




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  1. Definitely amazing musicians! Ive always enjoyed music on so many different levels. Music is an amazingly universal language. I feel you can feel it vibe coming from the beats and rhythms. Almost to a spiritual point.

  2. Being apart of music for over 10 years, this always intrigues me. It’s beautiful the way these guys play. I love how they use the piano in a way other than just using the keys. I never thought to do what they did.

  3. From all the pieces i seen my favorite one was “A Thousand Years” . I have Piano guys on my pandora as i do my school work. I love them!

  4. These men are so talented!! I loved this video. I’ve had a passion for music since I was very young and watching how they played the song in a very untraditional manner was awesome. I’m definitely going to watch more of their videos in the future.

  5. I am trying to write these posts without looking at others comments. I feel there is something uniques about music that touches a humans soul. It not only entertains but also soothes ones soul. I was also impressed to see how musicians can used a instrument differently then how it is normally played.

  6. Oh my the way they play the piano is great, who knew that an instrument could be used completely different. The piano guys are amazing and I love how it is just instrumental because you really get to listen to the melody. Such a peaceful way to listen to music. Each performance was phenomenal.

  7. I love these videos. They are so talented and creative. My favorite part is when they really get into and just satrt to party with it. These guys righht here completly innovated the use of a piaano beyond the simple keys given. They are tru;y amazing.

  8. This was definitely a more pleasing way to listen to One Direction. But I am always in awe of people who can make music in the most unconventional ways!

  9. I already seen all these videos before. Piano guys are awesome, and they do very good covers of very popular songs. I wished I learned at a younger age to play cello. Ill see if there are any classes for cello I can take.

  10. These men are amazing! They remind me of the Texas National Anthem girls! I admire their percision. It must have taken many hours to perfect their routines. Also, they are talented.

  11. these guys are amazing and super talented. i love how they do this all for free and just have fun doing it, they are really good and sounds exactly like the songs they are doing. this just amazing.

  12. These guys are AMAZING! They played the songs perfectly, I didn’t hear a single missed note and that seems very hard to do for a regular musician , playing one instrument. These guys were sharing the same piano and using every part of it. It makes me wonder how they could come up with such creativity

  13. These guys are very talented. My favorite part of these videos was, seeing the similes on the musicians faces as they were doing something that they love. It seems to me that they were having at lot of fun just doing what they loved.

  14. They’re so talented! I’ll always prefer the slower Judy Garland version of Over The Rainbow though.

  15. All the videos were pretty cool to watch. Music is one the things almost all people like, so everyone enjoys to see what people with great skill and talent can do get people to enjoy music even more.

  16. I adore The Piano Guys! The piano is one of my favorite instruments so it was fantastic finding an entire YouTube channel dedicated to making music covers with a piano. The Piano Guys are great to listen to when I want to study and need music that won’t distract me.

  17. Wow! I had never heard of The Piano Guys before seeing these videos. They are incredibly talented and mesmerizing to listen to. I only know the basics of piano but these guys have now inspired me to maybe go and take lessons because I want to play like them! The last video was my favorite.

  18. The One Direction one was great. They managed to make a crappy song sound good.

  19. Wow definitely a must see! It is simply amazing what these guys can do with musical instruments. I wish I had the talent to play the piano. It is a wonderful instrument and can really sound amazing when played well.

  20. These are amazing and a must listen to. I personally prefer viloin and piano music over what is used today, because it has more feelings invovled and can really touch you if you may attention to it.

  21. I played the piano for 13 years and had no clue you could play it like this. This video takes a lot of practice and skill. They make one piano seem like it is five instruments. I do not know how it possible to make all those sounds!

  22. They are absolutely incredible, they have so much talent. The music is smoothing and makes you relax as well as the scenery they choose sets the tone towards the song there playing. You are really able to capture the songs instrumental without there being lyrics to it to distract you.

  23. These guys are absolutely amazing! Just wow. I watched all of the videos and enjoyed every single second of all of them.

  24. I really enjoyed watching all these videos and found them to be very interesting and relaxing with beautiful music they played. It’s cool to see what different talents people have and for people to be that talented in music is amazing. It takes a lot of time to learn how to play and to be that good, it must of taken a lot of patience and time.

  25. Seeing that I watched one of these videos in class today I had to watch more and by far this one I really loved!!! People with such talent like this really amaze me how they can play an instrument so good, sometimes I wish I could’ve done something like this! Or been in a music class. I really admire this video and thier music!

  26. My mind is blown. I absolutely loved this! These guys are incredible! I love how they use the instruments in all sorts of ways, especially the piano. These were also all just great songs choices. I could listen to this kind of stuff all day long. This was very peaceful and did indeed put a smile on my face.

  27. These guys have such talent, its really refreshing to see these kind of videos nowadays.

  28. Extremely talented enjoyed watching this video.

  29. I will without a doubt be listening to their music. The way they are able to use the instruments in such a graceful yet powerful manner is incredible.

  30. These guys are awesome very talented. I like there twist on a modern song.

  31. I loved all their music, can we please kick Kiss-Fm off the radio and maybe dedicate a station to these guys? All they could do is take modern songs and class them up.

  32. I actually wouldn’t mind listening to this music throughout the day.

  33. These videos are just breathtaking. So different from the music we listen to no a days. The use of different instruments (and using instruments in different ways) make such amazing sounds. So much better than all the auto-tune stuff they play on the radio. I like these classical versions of popular songs.

  34. It’s always nice to see individuals with real talent like these guys. The more classical music the better in my opinion.

  35. Iv’e never heard of the Piano Guys before but they are very talented. It’s good to see people who can actually make music without the use of computers and all of the modern effects that we can have today.

  36. These videos are amazing and breathtaking. I have always loved instruments and how they can make you heart sore with sounds.

  37. I discovered these guys a while ago, and I absolutely love them. I like the classical sound of their covers more than some of the original songs. These guys are so talented!

  38. My brother showed me these guys about a month ago and I became obsessed right away. I am really into music I listen to it everyday 24/7. I listen to everything and these guys are one of my favorites. I love them because they are unique they make you really admire music. I recommend these guys to everyone I know.

  39. I watched a couple of these twice I was so intrigued by them! I showed my grandpa these videos, because his two favorite instruments are piano and violin, and now he is going around showing everybody he knows! Most of the music we hear today is electronic or rap, it’s really nice to hear such talent come from more than just a computer software. Absolutely loved it.

  40. Absolutely love this videos! I have danced my entire life and coming from a ballet background i can really appreciate classical instruments and the talent of those that take the time to train and make such beautiful pieces. I absolutely love the remake of each of these songs, in particular the 1,000 years clip with the violin and the piano. I think it is unfortunate that modern music no longer uses instruments, but instead beats and technologically created rhythms. I think people need to be more educated in the art of music at a young age in schools so that they can find a passion for this incredible art form.

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