The Metamorphosis

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  1. The impact of Gregor’s transformation on his family is often overlooked. So often is it mentioned that Gregor’s family shunned and feared him, but the feelings and thoughts of his family are never given real thought. How would you feel if someone you loved woke up one day and was completely different?

  2. This story is something that i would really pay attention to. If one does not have have self-worth, and relies on others to determine their worth, then the moment you become worthless to them, then you might end up as Gregor. Gregor provided for his family and they treated him like trash.

  3. This is a sad story. How natural is a family bond if Gregor’s family members turned heir backs on him when things got difficult?

  4. this is a sad story but also reveals a harsh reality for Gregor. its sad how the family could not help him when he could not help himself. the family abandoned him and fell apart and the most heartbreaking part is that the sister still helped him until she no longer could. this story led me to believe that there was going to be a change or light at the end of the tunnel. as the story continued i couldnt help but agree with and understand gregors pain and ultimate decision to end his life, for the better of a family who did nothing but put the weight of guilt on his shoulders.

  5. The animated short film was just creepy. The narrated film was too dramatic and did catch my attention. I found it best to understand the story from reading it.

  6. This story was incredibly sad. I couldn’t help but think that if only Greggor would have been more extroverted and less exclusive with his family that maybe he could have continued to live somewhat happily with them.

  7. watching this was interesting and was showing that there is no such thing as true love even between family members. Gregor was the sole bread earner for the family as his father was unable to work and walked around the house as a zombie, his sister was young and Gregor wanted her to join a good university. The story was a sad story showing that society represented by the three loggers rejected the beetle just because they did not understand the creature. the family rejected the bettle as they grew tired of the beetle and cast it to its death. the fact is Gregor did not embrace who he was and we see that when he did embrace it he had a sort of temporary relief. so i believe kotchka is showing that trying to be something your not will lead to disaster while embracing who you are will lead to relief from hardship.

  8. It unfortunate that people can be so selfish. This is most displayed with the sister. The way her care for Gregor changed as time went on is horrible. This selfishness was what was killed Gregor in my opinion. He was used and thrown away literally after he was no longer of use to the family. That is NOT how a family treats each other. Their individual selfishness will be the root of their demise.

  9. In this story it seemed as Gregor was the only one to suffer from the transformation, but the family depended on him because he was the one making money and working hard to maintain everyone. His family also failed to realize this and alienated him because of his appearance.

  10. this was a good short story I loved the theme of the whole thing because it really easily compared to everyday life. at first he hates his life because he was to work to help his parents out but when transformed he is relieved of that he doesn’t have to go to work because of his new transformation. he still feels bad that his parents are struggling even though he chooses not to go to work.

  11. Gregor Samsa’s life before the metamorphosis was the human alternative to what it was like to be a worker in an ant colony. All of his daily duties and responsibilities were unconditionally for the benefit of the queen, his parents in his case. Although the Samsa household was incomparable to an ant colony in size, Gregor’s work was still expendable because his sister would soon fill his role once his function ceases. In the end, much like the loyalty of an insect to its queen, he regarded his family with love and compassion in his dying moments even though they had thrown him away.

  12. I can tell you one thing, he sure handled waking up as a giant beetle well. I may have died right then and there. I must say this story is a dark one, but, it has it’s upsides. Gregor wanting to be the rock for his family actually enabled them to have to do absolutely nothing. It went from depending on Gregor to feeling entitled. When Gregor was no longer useful, they had to get up and go get it themselves. Food, money, whatever was to be required had to be worked for by a family who had done little to nothing for so long at the hands of their “beloved” son whom they now treated as if he never existed. Its amazing when you fnd out what you’re really worth to people after you ar eno longer useful to them. Gregor finally passing on was his peace and freedom as well as his fmaily’s. Bittersweet indeed.

  13. This story is so different from all the others. In majority of stories it always end in happiness and love even if there’s some death and pain in the middle. However, this is the only story that I’ve read that shows that love does not conquer all. It shows realization that anything can happen and the result will not be what you expect, there is no control over anything but each individual has to be happy and love themselves.

  14. No love is offered unconditionally. Gregor’s family members didn’t work for years before his metamorphosis, but Gregor devoted himself to maintain his family’s living. After Gregor became ugly and useless, the families’ attitudes changed so fast. Gregor’s sister is an example of an innocent girl who was changed by her own selfishness.

  15. Through out Metamorphosis. I was intrigued by the fact that this short story had many similarities that portrayed in today’s modern society. This tragic story of Gregor was entertaining, but as the end came to conclusion it became depressing. It was extremly sad to read that Gregors hard work and suffering was unappreciated and his stress succumb him to becoming an insect. Kafkas metaphor of an insect greatly protrays Gregor in becoming useless, and expressing how his existence was only to provide for the family without any consideration for his well being.

  16. The Metamorphosis was a very weird story, Gregor transformed into a Giant bug. the story showed many transformations not only with Gregor. The family was the ones who were affected by Gregor’s transformation. the family were very dependent on Gregor then he became a gaint bug and could not communicate with anyone. the family members started realizing that Gregor not coming back so each family member had there on transformation.

    • I’m with Alex on this one. This story was not just about the transformation of poor Gregor. It was also about a families transformation overnight. These people almost seemed as thought they were ready to get rid of this young man. Thanks Alex. Maria Jones English 1B

  17. Its sad to see how badly they treat Gregor after all the hard work he has done for his family. Gregor worked very hard and it was sad seeing how his boss comes in asking where he’s at but he seems to be mad at the fact that he’s not at work rather than worry or ask if there was anything wrong with him first. At the end of the video, the dad kicks him and tells him he is “out of order.” That was cruel to see. Just to see how ungrateful the family is. Gregor worked hard for them and when he became in need they all turned their backs on him.

  18. Man, even when he died there is no remorse from the family. Typically that is how most stories and movies end with a small amount of regret/remorse for the victims. This is what makes this story so original. From beginning to the end the writer never lost position and theme of the story. It is a glimpse of how inhuman, humankind can be. Gregor was better off dying because his family would only bring him down and due to his kind soul he would have been tolerant of it. Thank the heavens that his family got off their lazy bums and at least learned to be self-reliant. Gregor got his bittersweet freedom in the end while his family forever stayed rotten. Justice delivered unconventionally!

  19. The story was way different from the video we watched in class. In the story it gave more description and details how Gregor changed into the insect. It was sad how his family turned on him and he still believed he was in a human like form. Its sad at the end of the story when the maid just sweeps him up in a dust pan and throws him in the trash like he’s nothing.

  20. The book goes into more description than the video above. Gregor devoted much of his time working to help support his family. When the metamorphosis occurred and Gregor changed his family eventually turned their back on him, when he needed their support and care. His father especially isolated Gregor. The end of the book was unexpected and sad.

  21. After reading this short story, I find it very interesting how in Gregor’s mind he still thinks like a human but his physical appearance has completely changed. Throughout the whole story he is faced with a challenge to be emotionally comfortable or physically comfortable. His mind and body remain opposed to one another.

  22. Family values have changed over time. People are learning to see one another as an unique individual than a money maker. It is very hard for the younger generation like us to imagine how poor the society once was back in the days when this story took place. Gregor seems to be the only person who has to take on the financial burden of an entire family. I believe Gregor had undergone some kind of mental break-down and an unknown psychological illness causes him to hallucinate. In other words, thinking himself being transforming into a bug is just how he interpret why his family start to treat him differently.

  23. this was a really sad story.
    I read part of the ebook to get a better understanding of what took place and the whole time I was reading/watching it I was thinking to myself.
    is that what we do? work ourselves to the point where we cant work any longer and then all our hard work goes in vain.

    the fact that Gregors father seemed so unsympathetic was even more sad.
    that’s truly how it is today, no one really cares about what another person is going through.

  24. I watched the video first. The video is nothing compared to the actual reading. The reading goes into great detail, I am very glad that I decided to read the story, I wanted to know how this young man turned into a hideous creature. My suggestion is to read the story first, and then look at the video. I myself have 2 kids, and for me not to care about what is going on in the room would just be neglect, the parents in this story just seemed clueless or maybe just didn’t care. To work and then go through a serious change must really be something. I really felt for Gregor.

  25. I am not familiar with this story, however the Metamorphosis left me speechless. I was in great awe of Gregor , I can relate to his situation of how stressed and worried he felt throughout the whole incident. As of a year ago my father became paralyzed, and I get how Gregor feels, he has no time for let downs or illness he must be on the move. He needs to keep going to ensure that his family will be okay. It did sadden me to see how uncaring his father was of what happened to his son. He had no sympathy but rather anger that his son was now as he stated, “broken.”

  26. I remember reading the novel for this video when I was in High School. It was a sad story about isolationism and being taken for granted. Gregor was always good to his parents no matter what they asked of him. When he went through a metamorphosis and changed into a bug his whole family turned on him besides his sister. The ending was unexpected and sad.

  27. While this is a very upsetting story it is not all that uncommon for the themes that are expressed in it. Many people do rely on others to take care of them and support them. Not only did Gregor rely on his family to take care of him as a roach, but his family relied on him when he was a human to support them. Some people will abuse this relationship and make the supporter feel guilty if they do not provide for the supportee, much like what happened in this story.

  28. Reading this story was very sad. It was upsetting to read how Gregor’s parents treated him as a money well and not as their son. When Gregor is bling to the things his family is doing to him because he loves them and is used to being treated this way. This video teaches me to treat others well and with respect because being treated bad can cause someone to break down just like Gregor did.

  29. I don’t know who i would feel if i woke up and found that i had changed into a bug. I know i wouldn’t have acted like Gregor that’s is for sure. The guy seemed like he had no sense of self at all, he doesn’t think ” oh god iv turned into a bug I’m screwed” he just worried how his family is gonna survive. Some might see this as a kind and selfless act, but there is nothing worst then for a person to not have a sense of identity.

  30. This is a really amazing story about a man that transforms into a bug. Gregor and his family go through a series of changes in their lifes. At the beginning of the story we notice that Gregor is he only one with a job. The fact that he is a huge insect does not worry him as making it to work on time (as if he could have). He is more worry about providing for his family than his horrible aspect. His family is scared but also worried about their financial status. The parents seem a little selfish towards the end of the story when Gregor finally dies. This story has many themes such as: love, transformation and worriedness. In my opinion this entire story seems like a nightmare anyone can have.

  31. I cant get enough out of this story! The Metamorphosis really makes you think “outside the box”. Gregor turning into an insect defines what stress and misery can do to someone when they hit rock bottom. The whole story is a subliminal message that shows ones true inner feelings. Even though he was externally an insect, but it was his family who were the real nasty insects internally.

  32. Watching this video was so entertaining, I’ve never seen anything like this before and I want to see more. The Metamorphosis is one of those stories where you can finally release a sigh of relief at the end because of how well the story comes together. I think it’s brilliant how the family was finally fixed after their son turned into a beetle…

  33. This was an interesting short story of a man who transformed into a beetle. Despite the drastic change he underwent, all he was worried about was the well-being of his family. It goes to show the extent one is willing to go because of love. Love is the movement.

  34. Metamorphosis is a multifaceted story. The story invokes many different emotions and feelings, but the main ones that come across are those of anger, frustration, and guilt. The feeling of guilt has a tremendous effect on the story. It frames almost every thought that Gregor has. This feeling of guilt is the side effect of having a colossal responsibility on one’s shoulders. Gregor’s inability to take on the huge responsibility of taking care of a family causes him to feel immense frustration and guilt. Gregor’s role as a provider is what defined him as a human being. The day that he stopped being the provider was also the day that he stopped being a man, and in turn, he became nothing but an insect.

  35. The short film didn’t do the short story any justice for me. After reading it i thought it was great and very sad actually. This guy has basically been torn apart from his family and i think being turned into this beetle is what really made him realize this. His family has been using him for a long time but he was blind of their intentions. Since he was never really home he would never hear their conversations but after being transformed into this beetle he was locked in the room forced to listen to their conversations as the only form of interaction he can get. Not even going to sleep would help him escape what he’s living through.

  36. The Metamorphosis short story is very sad and tragic to me. I believe the story is trying to tell us not to get so caught up in one thing that people forget there is a world worth living for. Gregor is so wrapped up in his families life and pleasing his parents that he forgets to live for himself which ultimately turns him into a giant bug. For Gregor, being around his family and going to the same job is all that he knows and does not think of anything else kind of like a beetle, a beetle lives everyday in routine because it knows of nothing else. This story should make people all aware that there is another world worth living for if people just step outside of their comfort zone.

  37. I think it’s interesting that instead of waking up from a nightmare, he wakes up to one. The life he’s been living has been so wrong, and it seems like his new beetle body is just an extension of his inner realization, or his awakening, which isolates him from the rest of society. He can never go back to living his normal life; he knows that trying to fall back asleep would be impossible.

  38. This was a sad story. Here is a young guy that does everything he can do to provide for his family, but they don’t appreciate him. The emotional neglect, hating his job, make him transform into an insect in the hopes of escaping, this however alienates him even more from his family. The closed doors in the house have a significance. Gregor’s family hides him like he’s their little dark secret…their shame. In his last moments he has no ill thoughts of his family, but he is finally free.

  39. I find it quite absurd that no one ever asks how it occurred. People don’t just turn into beetles every day, it is physically impossible. I feel bad for Gregor because of how he is treated by the people he took care of just the day before, he is beaten for something he had no control over. Guess that’s the last straw for families, turning into a beetle.

  40. I really enjoyed reading “The Metamorphosis”, it was a story that really touched me , i felt really sad for Gregor. Personally i believe that Gregor loved his family so much that he forgot to love himself and live for himself. His family was his life, all he wanted was to make them happy and would do anything to make them feel comfortable. I found it really sad that his own family dehumanized him very quickly, just because he turned into a beetle physically it didn’t mean that he wasn’t Gregor anymore. Gregor was neglected by his own family and they didn’t care about him,the sad part was that Gregor would have done anything to please them.

  41. This is a story of how isolation and guilt may be forced on an individual to the point that they will transform into something nonhuman and die before trying to find their own freedom.

  42. After carefully this short story, i have come to a conclusion that the author Franz Kafka had some family issues growing up. usually the fictional stories that a person writes he or she can relate to that story. In this case, Gregor is betrayed by his family after he has morphed into a huge bug. His family, the one who has been taking care of gregor and gregor taking care of them, want absolutely no contact with gregor. this story goes to show powerful alienation can be and what it can actually do to a persons mental health.

  43. After reading this short story, I was shocked at how Gregor’s family treated him once they were fed up with his condition. Gregor is a hard working man who does nothing but try to provide for his family. He explains that he does not particularly enjoy his job, but he does it to insure that his family are living comfortably. Once Gregor is turned into a bug, his family can only tolerate it for so long, and become fed up. I was shocked at the betrayal from Gregor’s family members.

  44. After i read the story, it is sad how Gregor’s family treated him after he transform into an insect. Gregor loves his family until the very end, eventhough his family thought of him as a burden. This story make me reflect about my own life, and how i appreciate my lovely family even more. I despise those who does not appreciate their family support for them.

  45. The video was a bit confusing and although it does share interesting points about the story, theres not much to take from it considering the video is only 7 minutes long. It was only after I read the short story that I was really able to understand it’s meaning (or at least what it meant to me). In my personal opinion, the story goes far beyond the over night transformation of a young man and the struggles this transformations brings upon him, but rather about the unconditional and selflless love he has for his family. Throughout the story and in the mist of his tragedy, Gregor can’t help but think about his family every step of the way, even in times when being selfish would have been completely understandable and perhaps even necessary. In the contrary however, his parents show very little compassion for him. His family treats him like a monster forcing him into complete isolation. Even his sister who once looked over him eventually grows tire and frustrated. Gregor who loved them unconditionally despite his family’s indifference thinks of them up until his very last breath, “He thought of his family with tenderness and love.” (pg. 136) while his family only thinks about the burden that has been lifted off their shoulders.

  46. It is interesting in this little short clip film how Gregor’s father is so strict. When he says “you must work hard and if you’re sick you must work even harder” this really justified how serious he is about his son’s success. Then after everyone leaves and he is at Gregor’s door alone he is sympathetic hoping his son isn’t sick. I thought this was an interesting side to his father’s personality because of his contradiction.

  47. Honestly, his father reminded me a lot of my own father in the sense that he always pushed me and never accepted any of my excuses. For example, I used to always get perfect attendance in elementary because I was allowed to miss school, even when I was sick!

  48. Watching this video puts in a better perspective on Gregorys life and how he is overworked to the point of exhaustion. Reading the story, it is even more sad how Gregory actually feels guilty for not being able to make it to work and provide that income that his family so selfishly relies on. Great read.

  49. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    So I actually wasn’t able to watch the movie in class but I did end up reading the short story in one day I actually got hooked on it and enjoyed it. I soon realized it was never really about him being a bug but rather him being a source of income, rather than a real son. And when he couldn’t provide for his family they literally forget about him it’s sad but actually learning the metaphor of this story made it extremely interesting to read and I HATE reading lol!

  50. I have read a number of books that were later made into a movie and was extremely disappointed with the finished product. I much prefer to view a film production and read the book afterwards. As we watched the video, i was a bit confused but was able to get a basic understanding of the plot.

    As I am reading the short story, almost done with section 2, my perspective has changed about what is going on. I visualize Gregor suffering a mental breakdown of some kind. Perhaps schizophrenia, I don’t know.

    Just an ongoing observation. More to follow

  51. The film was MUCH different from the story. I am glad that I saw the film BEFORE reading the story because the story provided much more insight and understanding as to why the father beat Gregor. The philosophy was well provided and allows me to have a different perspective of waking up in the morning!

  52. This was something that really opened my eyes to the thought of if its really easy for a family to forget someone if they dont exactly fit in. Thats because i think family comes first no matter what, but in this movie once he got a little bit diffrent he was rejected.

  53. At first this story did not interest me because I thought it was just a science fiction story about a huge bug. Once it started showing his struggle trying to be accepted by his family that he has been supporting for a while. Gregor was the only person in the household with a job so he was paying for everything. His family did not appreciate what he did for them and once he was a bug that could not work anymore he was seen useless in his family’s eyes.

  54. This story was interesting to read. I was amaze to see how important money was to Gregors family. It was sad to see how he got mistreated by his family just because he wasn’t able to provide anymore.

  55. When I wrote my analysis essay on this story I notice the parallel relationship between Gregor’s transformation and the industrial revolution of the late 19th and early 20th century. The reasons are many, one is the time that it was written and another the drastic and demanding life style that people of metropolises cites experienced. In essence, the author of this sort story was able to see the down side of progress.

  56. This was a very different yet very interesting story. It was interesting in a sense that a story about a man transforming into a beetle wasn’t the only transformation happening. It was also interesting to see how affected the family was by Gregor’s transformation and then lack of support after he could no longer sustain his role in the family. This story was a good read.

  57. Family and friends accept people for what they know them as. Once a change occurs those who care about you try to help you until their efforts are realized to be worthless.

  58. I did not think that I would enjoy this short story, but in the end I really did. On the surface it just seems like a story about a guy that turned into a bug, but it is so much more than that. At the end, I was surprised at how much this story affected me. I was really able to feel Gregor’s pain that was caused by the abandonment by his family.

  59. I thought this story was amazing in that the detail and mental and emotional imagry was very in depth. Like many of our other short stories this one shares the common theme of how people really express their true colors when presented with certain situations. Gregor was the sole provider to his family and in an instant, because he turned into a bug they betrayed and forsake him.

  60. The story was quite an amazing story about how a family changes their opinion about there son Gregor when he is transformed into a bug. He goes from being one of the must relied apond member in the family, but when he needs someone they slowly turn on him and cast him into the darkness.

  61. This was one of the saddest story I ever read. The one question that always comes in my mine is which kind of family will do this to their child! I don’t call them a family.

  62. The demands of supporting a family can be extremely stressful and hard, especially if the family doesn’t seem to notice ones effort. All the responsibility being put upon one person can make the individual crack eventually. In Gregors case it seems like his sense of duty never faltered no matter how his family used him.

  63. Metamorphosis was very strange to me. However, Kefka still made me think about a lot of strange predicaments. It made me wonder if my family would ever cast me aside if I became useless to them.

  64. This short story connects with life in so many ways, but yet you would never realize it.

  65. Shocked! Disgusted! Compelled to continue reading. These are all thought I had when reading part one of The Metamorphosis. I like this story because it is very ralateable to various aspects of life. I tryed relaying the messages in the story to a friends but only reading for them selves did them justice.

  66. I enjoyed this reading of The Metamorphosis. Franz Kafka did a wonderful job of incorporating real life situations to an absurd situation. I thought it was weird at first that he turned into a bug but it ended up making sense in the end.

  67. this story was a weird way of showing you that you must not take anything for granted or make the best out of your situation, because if you do not. bad things such as these can happen.

  68. The Metamorphosis was a very interesting story, it showed many transformations not only with Gregor. The family of Gregor was the ones who were affected by Gregor’s transformation. Every single member of the family had a diffrent transformation, which i thought was quite interesting.

  69. It was so sad to see how the family treated Gregor after his transformation because he could no longer provide for them. it sees as if they were only using him.

  70. This story was interesting in part, but you had to do some deep thinking to understand the meaning and philosophy. It is amazing the depth the author went into.

  71. I was so surprise how your own family can act like this. You would imagine your family would always understand in any condition you were in. It just disgusting how there are really some people out there like this. It just hurt me to think of just abandoning your son just because he is different. Some people really don’t have hearts.

  72. As I began reading this story, it seemed as if i was going to fall asleep it was so boring. I think what caught my attention, is that even though this exact story would not happen in reality, the true theme and meaning of this story happens very often in ones life. Throughout life we all begin to see the people surrounding us true colors. Sometimes it is very shocking, as such his sister. Sometimes we believe that the people we love, love us back just the same. And in some cases, we’ll find out they love us for what we do and what we provide, not for who we are as a living creature inside. Very interesting story, and i could definately relate in some cases. I believe that we all must somewhat live for ourselves, because you really cant trust anyone but you for happiness. it is a blessing to give all that you can to this world, but it is also a wasted life if you completely lived for others demands.

  73. This story makes me think about who I really am for my family, friends, and teachers..etc. What if they love me not because of who I am but because of what I do for them?
    Would they stop loving me when I become ugly, weak, and disabled creature? As time goes by, people get crazy about money and become materialists. And it makes harder to truly trust people. It will be really sad if I realize I was actually some insect for them. Gregor in this story truly loved his family and this is what he gets..

  74. I was confused at first by the direction of the story. It wasn’t until after discussing it in class that I started to see a story unfold. The focus on Gregor in the begining and the direction of the story is interesting to me. It is frightening to see how change can be such a elusive yet obvious matter.

  75. This story made me so sad and angry. I could not believe that his sister could just let her brother suffer because he turned into a bug. I really do pitty Gregor. He works so hard for his family and when he can’t provide for them anymore they take off their mask and show Gregor their true feelings for him.

  76. The metamorphosis to me was really quite weird, however, it made me think very critically about what the author was trying to get across to his audience. The more i thought about it, the more the story made sense to me. The most important theme i believe is that hard times are going to come into our lives, but it is our job to accept them and make the best of our circumstances.

  77. The short story Metamorphosis depicts how life can change in an instant and during this crucial stage the subject’s true character is put to the test. In the case of Gregor before he went through his transformation he was a devoted son and brother, yet when his situation switched from a reliable to a dependent member of the family their attitude towards him changed as well. For instance, when he could no longer work due to his physical incapacitation his family viwed him as a heavy burden. This story demonstrates that there is no guarantee in life regardless of the good intentions of the individual.

  78. This story was interesting, i had to read it a couple of times to have an understandment of the story. After the goup disscussion in class i was able to understand it better.

    In the story Gregor the main character is transform inot a bug, it doesnt’ say why or even goes into much deatail about his transformation, almost as if has not too much importance. just as how the author in the story doesn’t put too much emphasis in the transformation neather does Gregor. In fact he actually tries to go to work the next morning as if nothing has happen, he gets mad when his mom and sister try to get out the furniture in his room so he can have more room to move around even though in his new state he has no need for it.

    This made me thing of how often in times people who go through hard chanches in their life try to ignore the problem and go on as if nothing has happen and everything if fine.

  79. When reading the story I also thought it was a dream of Gregor’s, and sadly enough it became a reality. This is a really sad story, just the thought of waking up to someone else, better yet to an insect who many people dispise and kill. What caught my attention was the chief clerks reaction, he was not as surprised as his parents and instead insisted that he’s just out of order just like a machine. I have to read the story yet but the chief clerk looks suspicious in this act.

  80. When I first started to read this story, I thought it was kind of a strange one. Gregor’s dreams soon became a reality as he was morphed into a little critter. He waoke up as a bug that was helpless to not only his business, nut his family. When you see a bug, you instinct Is to squash it. That is exactly how his family made him feel. He lost all his self motivation, and it wasn’t his fault. His family no longerknew Gregor as their son, but as a helpless insect. Their actions less him alone feeling hopeless and it drove him to take his own life. Families can be our worst critics sometimes!

  81. In the beginning of this story, I thought it was just Gregor in a dream. But as I read to find out it was his reality, it saddened me to know his family would just turn their back on him like that and totally resent him to make him so hopeless he kills himself. So much for the word F.A.M.I.L.Y in that story!

  82. This story was truly depressing!

    The theme of family and the duties of family members to each other drive the interactions between Gregor and the others. His thoughts are almost entirely of the need to support his parents and sending his sister to the Conservatory. Though Gregor hates his job, he follows the call of duty to his family and goes far beyond simple duty. The family, on the other hand, takes care of Gregor after his metamorphosis only so far as duty seems to necessitate. He is kept locked in his room and brought food. In the end, his room is barely cleaned and his sister no longer cares about what food she brings him. Her actions are routine, as she only wants to do enough that she can claim she has fulfilled her duty. When she decides she has had enough, she insists that their duty to him has been fulfilled: “I don’t think anyone could reproach us in the slightest,” she says as she suggests that they need to get rid of him.

    Guilt stems from family duty, and is Gregor’s most powerful emotion. When he is transformed into an insect, Gregor is made unable to work by circumstances beyond his control. Despite the fact that his metamorphosis is not his fault, however, he is racked by guilt every time that the family mentions money or that he thinks about the pain that he has inadvertently inflicted on them by losing the ability to support them. Guilt, it turns out, is deadly, as Gregor realizes at the end that his life is the only thing keeping the family from a better life. He dies for them just as he lived for them: out of guilt.

  83. Wow. Well talk about a weird story! It was terrible that his family just ignored him and didn’t care about him. It was nice though that his sister gave him scraps of food, and took care of him the best she could. Eventually the family broke down and wasn’t doing so well. Gregor felt like he was responsible for the falling apart of his family. He felt like the only thing he could do to was to kill himself. And so he did.

  84. This was a very interesting and different story. It was interesting to see how his own family, who once loved him, has now grown to forget him. His sister being the main one. In the beginning of the story she wanted to help Gregor, but as the stress builds up and wears the family down they all turn to resent him as their sympathy fleas.

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