The Little Sign

The little sign that will prevent death by guns … not!

Fear. These people are in fear for their lives because of guns. Well, I shouldn’t say that. These people are in fear because of evil men with guns. That is a better description of the current situation. The people that are eating, drinking, shopping there have been disarmed, which means that they are vulnerable. Vulnerability is very attractive to those criminal predators that we have in society. If you’ll notice in the recent events of the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, those were places where people were unarmed, vulnerable. It disgusts me to think that this is the reality of things, but it is. A nice Forbes article illustrates the point I’m trying to make:

Numbers don’t lie.

Do not be a victim. Have fangs, claws and venom, just like the criminals do.

10 responses to “The Little Sign

  1. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I agree with the others criminals find their ways taking guns away is not going to make a difference, sadly people wish but its reality if someone wants to do something they will find a way to do it, even if it means trying to get a hold of weapons.

  2. Christopher Rodriguez

    People should be allowed means of protection, not always guns but anything that’ll prevent attack. There are other ways to get guns though, that problem won’t be ending soon.

  3. To take away weapons from everybody is just wrong. I feel that it is a violation of people rights. A criminal will always find a way to obtain a weapon so unarming everyone may cause even more harm because it would leave others defenseless.

  4. Since when have signs ever made a difference?
    “say no to drugs” “this drug causes cancer” “18 and older”
    They are all jokes.

  5. This is the equivalent of telling children not to swear. It’s not going to stop them from swearing. This futile initiative is a genuine waste of time and energy

  6. I think they should be able to keep their guns. Even with the sign their are still criminals who will break the law.

  7. It’s not like weapons can only be bought in stores, if someone wants to get a gun they’ll be able to get a gun but in a far less legal manor. I mean I’m as afraid of insane people with guns as the next guy, but seriously just give these people there guns.

  8. I like to see them come through the door.

  9. Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on weapons if needed. By unarming citizens it might create even more damage when they need to protect themselves.

  10. The video has a strong message–I also went to the “Forbes” site and looked through the interesting videos and articles. Thanks again for a good tip!

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