The Latest Data on Climate Change from Erika

The latest From Accu-Weather and a NASA Scientist show how new technology has changed we now view what Al Gore called Global Warming (note from Jan Kollitz)

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  1. Nathalie S Gallardo

    Weather changes cannot be predicted perfectly and I believe that no matter if the earth is warming or cooling the weather can change whenever it wants to.

  2. I don’t think Global warming is the result of climate change. I believe that mother nature takes course and that is the result of crazy weather and storms. As well as a higher power.

  3. The climate change is causing changes but it’s hard to say how much. While some parts of the world are hotter some have record lows. And the overall changes in temperature are hard to relate back to natural disasters like storms and tornadoes.

  4. Even Mr. Brooks said that it is difficult to tell whether or not global warming is a cause for the severe weather storms. We do not have enough evidence or data to show that global warming actually is true.

  5. Pretty soon they are going to link cancer or something like that to global warming. My main concern is with this scandal of global warming. What really is going on with it and why is the media constantly talking about global warming? Like in X-files what is the cover up here or ulterior-motive? Is there a bigger issue happening that is hidden beneath global warming as a sort of veil? or perhaps is nothing happening at all and there are just people feeding the fears of citizens?

  6. Miranda B. Barragan

    I must say that in the k12 system, teachers teach about global warming and how it effects the environment. I am amazed at how wrong they were. They were teaching students false information. Global warming is not real. It has been a scam all along. I see now more than ever that it is important to think for myself.

  7. Global warming was what I have been taught throughout the years and has been emphasized by the media. Now that I have learned new information I can now say that global warming is a scam to blame weather inconsistencies.

  8. Through out my life time I have seen the forever changes in our weather patterns. Just when our best scientists think they have the solution, the weather changes its direction over again. I’m from Gary, In. and when I was a kid we had some very harsh winters. But during that time, I remember one Christmas my brothers and I were riding our new bike in 60 degree weather. Normally it would be about 20 to 0 degrees and snowing. Until we create machines that can predict the weather, we have to deal with the changes as they come.

  9. William J. Gonzales

    Haha Global Warming? really? this again eh. Well i honestly do not think Global warming has to do with more tornadoes. If anything, global warming is just a pseudo subject that just hypes people up for nothing.

  10. It may be true that climate change does cause natural disasters such as tornadoes and floods, but we cant blame the climate change to global warming. Changes in the earths atmosphere have been occurring throughout history.

  11. i believe this is a natural climate change would not really label it global warming.

  12. Everyone assumes the climate changes are from global warming. Climate changes. It isn’t constant, but because humans have no control of the weather they make up ideas like global warming. The man even said temperature and moisture levels balance each other out; nature takes care of business.

  13. Katarina Ponomaroff

    The introduction of this video states that when there are big weather changes in climate a lot of people point their fingers at global warning. Regardless of what the outcome of crazy weather is, I always question the reason for random and crazy weather changes. It is actually scary that we don’t know the exact cause of it, is the weather changes a man made issue or is the weather simply unpredictable? We don’t quite know.

  14. I have to admit that I use to believe in global warming awhile back because thats what I was taught in various science classes to believe and I never questioned it. Now I see just how nonexistent it actually is. The scientist who try to prove there is a presence of global warming have few credible evidence to its existence . The weather in California, especially Riverside, changes all the time. One day it could be in the 90-80s and the next it could be raining and in the 60s but that doesn’t prove anything on the presence of global warming.

  15. I think that clearly the weather is unpredictable and we will have years of good, bad and worst weather ever. I think that perhaps our weather goes through cycles and we really haven’t had true accurate recordings long enough to be able to label it as Global Warming.

  16. Elise G. Richardson

    Growing up in Southern California, weather is constantly changing, it can be in the 100s one weekend, and be cool 70s by the next weekend. However, I did not know that temperature and moisture had a correlation.

  17. The weather is very unpredictable, and global warming is clearly non existent. Nature will be nature and it will obvious have many natural disasters in order to change and adapt from season to season. It just blows my mind how when I took a sociology class, my professor would continue telling the class that global warming is a serious problem in this world and we need to be aware of the issues its causing otherwise, there would be a problem. She would say global warming is a big problem and everyone should be informed about it. I just think its insane how we are so often misinformed with our education.

  18. Natural disasters are always scary. Living in southern California there’s never any tornadoes, the worst we deal with is earthquakes. If I ever leave so cal it would be nice to know what civilians can do to prevent tornadoes and hurricanes.

  19. This video was very short but, they spit it a lot of information out in the short time they had. I do not believe global warming is the cause for more tornados in the United States. I believe it is just nature doing what it does as always and that is causing natural disaters.

  20. Even though this video is short, it still contains quite a bit of information. I am definitely frightened more of tornadoes than I am of earthquakes which is why I live in Cali and not in the South. The whole idea of global warming has been around for years and yet nothing has happened. It is just mother nature doing her job, but people should respect our planet a bit more than they do.

  21. The weather is something that we cannot control. It’s all a part of nature and we shouldn’t believe everything that they say about global warming. I have heard friends say “Oooooh there are more earthquakes, floods, & tornados!! The world’s going to end!!” This is obviously not true because we should expect that the earth is going through changes but it doesn’t hurt to at least be prepared.

  22. I do not feel like our environment is facing global warming. I think that the weather will always be slightly unpredictable. No one will know how many storms and floods and tornados will occur each year and people should stop looking for something to blame.

  23. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I think this whole global warming is retarded nature is nature you can’t stop it no matter how hard you try. This whole “the world is going to end” because of the recent earthquakes we had like about a month ago is getting old. If something happens it’s going to no one can change it we just have to be prepared.

  24. Tornado’s and other severe weather appears to be progressing. However it could just be the people worrying as i agree changes should be little to not much at all. The Earth has been around millions of years and i’m sure a few floods and tornado’s will prevent life from happening on earth.

  25. Why do people in high places try to take God out of the picture? God is still in control, so why worry, you are still in his hands-

  26. Its just the earth doing what it has been for years. It defiantly would be terrifying to be in a tornado storm.

  27. Things do change throughout time, so why even be scared? It is just mother nature working and trying to fix herself. Earth is very complex and works is mysterious ways. Why question it? Like I said, mother nature is taking care of herself.

  28. Global warming seemed true when i was younger but in todays day now they have made it very dramatic. The earth may in fact be warming up, but it goes through different cycles over the years and its not at a rapid process. It takes years to evolve and new data will always come in.

  29. I guess Al Gore is a get-rich-quick genius because he walked away with a Nobel prize. Even though there was increases in the tornado count and it seems as if the weather is getting worse, i still believe that it is all apart of earths cycle. Maybe the human race has something to do with it because of our life style, but no matter what we do mother earth is still going to take its course. Global warming was believable but in today’s society its just another idea. I think I should come up with something like Al Gore, maybe I will win a prize and some money.

  30. When i was younger, I thought that global warming was serious and the cause of everything bad that was going on. Now, after growing up a little and learning a lot more, I understand that natural disaster happen, and it is a cycle that the Earth goes through. We don’t need to, and shouldn’t blame ourselves for something that the Earth does on it’s own. I agree maybe we should be for gentle, and less wasteful with our resources, but they are all here for us.

  31. Global warming seemed like a logical explanation when I was younger, but know it seems really drastic. I have taken some physical geography classes and have watched many documentary on global warming. The earth may in fact be warming up, but it goes through different cycles over the years. In the past thousand years the earth has warmed up and frozen to extreme temperatures. So why should we weigh so heavily on the earth’s changes now

  32. I use to believe in global warming when I was younger but as I got older I started to not believe in it. I just see it as the weather being unpredictable, there’s no telling if it is in a cycle that we don’t know if the world goes through or not. This could be completely normal.

  33. This weather pattern isn’t a sign of the so called Global Warming. Anytime it is stated “the last time we saw this type of weather” indicates it has happened before. We can only go back as far as recorded record and I truly believe it is a cycle. This of course doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be mindful of how we treat the Earth.

  34. I believe that our solar system could be on some kind of orbit. Like how the moon rotates around itself and the earth, and the earth rotates around itself and the sun. This is what causes the seasons to change on earth. This is on a small scale, because the planet itself could be experiencing it’s own “changing of seasons” right now. For us, it seems like a drastic change of weather because we have not been around long enough to experience it ourselves. Think about the Ice Age….the Second Ice Age….and how far apart those were. I think there will be another one, but we may not be around to see it.

  35. I believe there are changes happening to earth we don’t even know about. whether humans are apart of the change or not, change is still occurring no matter what.

  36. Though I think we need to change our wasteful ways, I do not think global warming is happening.

  37. I do not believe in Global warming, I believe in the end times and none of this should be a suprise if you read the bible, and know what should be comming in this world.

  38. Can not fight nature, even if you try.

  39. Cant control the weather seems like have to be prepared for whatever that happens

  40. I don’t know if this is because of global warming, but it is scary. Weather is unpredictable so we as people, just have to deal with it.

  41. They are still somewhat guessing, that always bothers me when reports are sent out and officials are saying “Our best guess with the evidence we have at the moment.” and I’m sitting there going “Great! we get a guess, and worse when I ask ‘are you going to have any evidence that can not be disproven and will be absolutely true?’ I get a ‘we can never be absolutely sure of anything.'” best guess, the change may have an effect, but who knows, not the people we are paying hundreds of thousands to figure this out!

  42. All the nature disaters are scary and think that its ar a reault on climate change.

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