The Great Global Warming Swindle

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  1. The dramatic intro to this video was really good because it states all the main factors of global warming in a scary way then says don’t be scared because its all lies. I personally don’t believe global warming is a issue but is something that the news and media blows up to the public.

  2. I find it funny that it was basically a misunderstanding of the research found, and completely blown out of proportion. I say, just let the cycles of the earth run it’s course. The earth is constantly changing, and we only have so much recorded evidence regarding weather patterns and the like.

  3. I like the epic music in the beginning, it shows how big of a lie this video shows of global warming. does a good job at explaining why we, humans, are not responsible for global warming.

  4. I actually found this video very informative. It used a lot of data to back up their claims. All the data they gave made sense and I found to have learned a lot from this video. More people should watch more videos like this.

  5. This film disturbed me more than any other film that I have reviewed for this class. The majority of the film was climax to all of the others. The part that bugged me the most was that here in the 21st Century that in Africa there are still citizens who do not have electricity and still dying from it . And the fact that its government as well as the powers of the world have been emphasizing that the continent should not use its own resources to pull its people from out of poverty. And again this is all do to the so called global warming enthusiasts who drum up propaganda to keep their pockets lined with the blood money that many Africans paid the ultimate price for. I thought for one moment that the world was moving ahead to change this thinking. It is apparent we still have a ways to go.

    • What is being done to African nations is obscene. I’ve had many African students with horror stories. My granddaughter actually spent a college semester in Africa studying malaria and the worms that get into people’s feet. She lived with African people and had to carry water to the hut and quickly learned the people were not living with 21st century technology–very disturbing. The countries are governed by dictators and oligarchies–not republics. Anyone who becomes friends with the students who come to RCC from these countries quickly learns of their difficulties in simply having electricity to operate a refrigerator or a light bulb. The US sends money and the dictators steal it. This is immoral.

  6. Wow this is why I will never go into politics. I just do not like how politics change the truth for their benefits. Carbon dioxide is not the cause for climate changes because every specie is a carbon based life form. I always thought that global warming movement was made by a small organization, but as I see it is based on political propaganda.

  7. I watched this in class earlier, and I cant fathom how much emphasis people put in to this bologna. As humans, we are wasteful and detrimental to the environment but not in the way that global warming states it to be. I am saddened by how much influence that politics has. Science should just be called politics too…science does not even exist anymore because of how many biased people we have these days.

  8. Miranda B. Barragan

    It saddens me that people continue to believe everything that they hear on the news and in social media. Global warming is a scam. It is all propaganda and this video proves that. The Earth changes on its own and it is continuing to evolve. We as humans are not creating this “global warming” therefore we are not to blame.

  9. I believe in global warming but I do not believe it is happening right now or because of human made CO2. It has become a political thing now. Just a way for politicians to gain control of power and people. But it’s up to yourself whether to believe or not, there are facts everywhere. Hey, the polar bears are still here. It is natural whats going on with climate right now.

  10. William J. Gonzales

    Having watched this already, i can say that i am fully informed about this global warming hoax. Before watching this video, i can say that i never really understood what all this hype about global warming was. I honestly did not care, but know i do in a way of informing people of such a scheme. Pfft im not supporting something that isn’t truly dangerous! To add on to my other comment about not being totally with this whole “global warming” situation, people or students previously use to come up to me and ask my opinion on global warming, and i didn’t have one. However, now i have a stance on this subject when people as me about it. And i am glad that i watched this video because it totally clarified this subject for me.

  11. It’s sad to say but I only recently learned that global warming is a hoax. In my defense I never was a hardcore believer I just sort of said “Oh, okay”. Not everyone thinks of it so lack of passionately like I did though, and that’s the problem. Generations being fooled by this fake crisis is ridiculous. Sad that we can’t to depend on the media for correct information.

  12. Katarina Ponomaroff

    To believe or not believe in global warming is completely up to you. However, this video shows a lot of natural effects of mother nature that humans can not control. This video supports the fact that humans are not the cause of global warming like theorists say and believe. After watching this film I more strongly believe that telling the people that we cause global warming is actually a lie and use of propaganda.

  13. There’s so many differing ideas influenced by many different circumstances. Weather it’s politics, religion, or even self-image. The man’s map did seem to concur when he swapped the temperature change or in the words flipped them. As he said the sun is guiding the planet yet all these men keep bringing up arguments of man-made global warming.

  14. The sad fact is that no one cares, but its no ones fault that lots of of people don’t care because they’re dealing with a lot in their lives so we’ll just have to cross this bridge when we get to it.

  15. This video gave me a new perspective on how to view man made global warming. I use to believe that industralization by humans admitted a ton of CO2 into the atmospher causing global warming. I learned through this video that this is not true. Humans do not admitt a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere compared to other natural events that happen on earth such as volcanos and plant decay. I also learned global warming is a natural event of the earth that keeps are planet warm enough for us and other species to survive.

  16. The earth has been through so much throughout the years that some co2 isn’t going to harm the environment. Like they said most of these green house gases that are supoposedly causing global warming is water vapors and we need those vapors to keep this planet warm or we would freeze. CO2 is just a small amount of these gases and isn’t enough to harm this planet.

  17. Everyday someone is trying to take nothing and make it into something that you Need.So that they can take your money and make it their money. Wecome to the real world.

  18. If I keep telling you the same thing everyday pretty soon you will start to believe it. That is one reason that you have to start your day in prayer to your maker , to led you on the right track.

  19. The earth has been through tragic climate changes and natural disasters for years I don’t think a little CO2 will harm the planet. After watching this I had to watch George Carlin bit on global warming its just to funny.

  20. I don’t even know why we humans think that natural disasters are scary and harmful. Hello! They are called natural disasters for a good reason, it is because mother nature is doing her job. We can not stop any of that. We need to stop over reacting and let mother nature do her own thing.

  21. This video gave me a lot of insight that I will definitely use for my final. Helps explain how much global warming is scam, but, also goes into why some people do believe it.

  22. I am not a fool to the facts they show about global warming i do not believe it exist. Through many years they have said we will have an ice age but many og their theorys have been proven to be incorrect.

  23. I found this video very informative. I will be using the notes from this film on my Final. I never realized the link with Margaret Thatcher’s push for Nuclear power and Global Warming.

  24. I am using this video for my final paper and this video was more informational than I thought it would be!

    • Smart move: The “British Scientific Community” was so embarrassed when the facts came out in the East Anglia University scandal, they took a strong position. We still have people, many in your class, that still believe the garbage they were taught in K-12. I know I am like a broken record, but I don’t want anyone leaving my class that can’t think for themselves. You have been doing a good job in class. I can see your improvement in thinking and writing on a daily basis.

  25. I still believe in Global Warming and that it is somewhat our fault.

  26. This movie was very interesting. They should lots of good points about why people would believe in global warming and they also showed lots of key facts as to why global warming is a scam. they same thing happened years ago when they believed they earth was going to go into another ice age. There is no scientific fact that the earth warming is being cased because of green house gasses, but there is evidence to prove the greenhouse gasses do not have much of an effect on the weather, especially with human involvement.

  27. I do not believe in global warming. This video does a good job at explaining why we, humans, are not responsible for global warming. The earth is changing on its own, not by the influence of people. However, we are not helping it.

  28. I’m a believer that global warming does exist but not by the people. It was said in this video that many geologist are called upon to test this theory but many disagree with it. It was also said that global warming is politically driven which in my opinion is correct because I’ve noticed all of the news casts, online websites , meetings and opinions on this issue but I haven’t noticed one true fact that everyone most scientist agree upon until now. I’m glad I watched this video because it proved that global is not our fault.

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