The Gratitude Campaign

Absolutely amazing!
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  1. This is a great idea. I never thought to just give a sign of thanks but I can see how it can go along away. The soldiers risk their lives for us and the least we can do is thank them for their service.

  2. This can be used for anyone at anytime. And yeah, I never know what to do or say when I see someone in a uniform. I think I even try to avoid eye contact most of the time. But when I do get eye contact, I give them a nod. But I will start to say thank you.

  3. I never was sure how to say thank you in sign language but now that I know I will defiently use it. I liked these videos because people need to say thanks you more often. I feel that today especially the younger generation they are not always taught to say thank you. Growing up my mother always made me say thank you even when I didn’t have to. I appreciate all the soldiers that protect us and it reminds me to thank them she I see them.

  4. saying thank you and being polite goes a long way! you can make someones day even to people who work at grocery stores and or places that require them to put up with rude people a simple thank you for their work will always be appreciated.

  5. Saying thank you is easier than people may think. Video’s can be shot from your couch, bed, or even bathroom! I think thank you’s go a long way and are highly appreciated especially by those that do so much on a daily basis and never ask for recognition.

  6. I like that this simple gesture can communicate so much.

  7. Samantha R. Cimilluca

    Im one of those people who have always wanted to say thank you, but never do.I love all of these videos and i think more people should see them and know how important it is to say thank you to those who serve and sacrifice their lives for our country.

  8. Each of these videos are beautiful in there own way.
    I never think to say thank you to those who have risked their lives for our country. These videos definitely shed light on that, so this is something I will now work on.

  9. I am so grateful for the men and women who protect our country and make it possible for us to live in peace. These videos are very touching.

  10. Being the holidays I realized how lucky I am to have the things and people in my life that I currently have. I used to take them for granted but after I met someone these past few weeks and grew close to them, I realize the difference in our lives and wish that others had it better, instead of I having it so great.

  11. Seize the moment and thank our servicemen and woman. A little gratitude and kindness go a long way. It’s the little things that make a difference. I also think about all the families of there servicemen and woman who keep the home front going when their loved one is serving. There is sacrifice also on spouses and their children. I am thankful to them also.

  12. Those who serve this country are the bravest men and women in my eyes. We really need to be grateful for having them to protect us.

  13. I loved these gratitude videos, especially the first one. I loved how they mentioned that it’s not about politics, but about service. I feel that too many people shun soldiers because they think they’re the cause for war. These people are brave and noble to be doing what they do for their country.

  14. Ever since my brother enlisted, I always make it a point to say thank you to all the men and women I see in uniform, or veterans. They are the reason why we get to live carefree day to day in the United States, and some have seen and done more than we can even imagine. They deserve the gratitude.

  15. All of these videos made me tear up. My dad served in the Air Force until a little bit before I was born. He flew a plane to Desert Storm. He’s always told me stories about it, and he says that when someone says thank you, it makes him smile. I do this every time I find out someone has served, or is going to serve, the nation in this way, or any way, really. They deserve more respect than they get.

  16. I am beyond thankful for those who have gone and served our country. They are some of the bravest men and women to leave their families, friends, and loved ones to go and fight for us. They risk their lives for millions of people that they don’t even know. They show us the true definition of strength and honor and i believe no form of gratitude is enough for what they encounter for this country. I will now stop each time i see someone who has served us and tell him/her thank you.

  17. I enjoyed these three videos because my dad served for the country as well and he tells me sometimes some of the things that soliders go through. It’s not easy and they deserve gratitude from us for serving and protecting our country.

  18. Thank you. Two simple words that so many people forget exist. People need to make these regular words.

  19. My Mom has always told me to say thank you to anyone who has served in the military, and most of the time they are taken back because it is not a regular thing to hear from a stranger. The recognition that they deserve is not given and I feel like this is a simple change that could be made on a daily basis.

  20. Now that i think about it have never took the time to say thank you. knowing that it might mean alot to them. This made me want o say thank you next time i see them around.

  21. This is a great video because it shows us what military people go through. It also shows us how important it is to say thank you for someone. No one really takes the time to understand how important a act of kindness can mean to a person. This video also showed me that you shouldn’t wait for something to happen to tell them how much you appreciate them.

  22. I have a lot of military personal in my family and it never occurs to me to say thank you. two simple words that are often forgot, but can much such a huge difference. i know that it could make someones day to know that we americans are still thankful for their services and sacrifices.

  23. It’s true when I see a military person, it never occurs to me to say thank you. I could be that I am a shy person, but I do realize that all those young people put their lives at risk just so we can live in a free counrty. I have cousins in the military so this is close to home.

  24. It is important to note that the men and women that enlist in the service fight to protect our country. Whether you agree with the service or not they are placing themselves in danger and this should be respected.

  25. This is a nice video. I wasn’t really aware of all the things military people go through when they are away serving our country until my brother came back from the Air Force. He told me all the things he had gone through and it is so true that we should thank them for their service.

  26. These videos are very touching. They make me want to go to my cousins house and give him a big hug and tell him thank you.

  27. Its amazing how far a simple thank you can go. These brave men and women knowingly risk their lives to protect our freedom and defend our country. If that doesn’t deserve our thanks, I dont know what does.

  28. Gotta love when people support the soldiers! Thanks to anyone who has helped protect the freedom of this country.

  29. To have gratitude means many things. such as, to give thanks and to really appreciate what people have given to us. I thank god everyday for the people that I have in my life. I may be atheist but love and gratitude are the underlining of human existence. We must first love the place we are in and always remember to smile a little. Give thanks to the one that love us because life is too short not to live.

  30. People that serve our country are really brave because they go out knowing that they are risking there lives. This video showed me that we shouldn’t wait for a tragedy to tell someone how much we appreciate them.

  31. There are so many people in our lives that help us every day and to show some gratitude can really put a smile on someone’s face. These videos really made me appreciate the men and women that serve our country every day. They risk their lives for us; we should at least let them know how much we appreciate it. Its nice to see that even a simple jester can make someone feel better.

  32. The people that serve our country are a special type of person. It really takes someone special to go out risk their lives to protect us and our country.

  33. I love these videos. Two of my brothers, my sister in law, my cousin, and some of my very close friends are in the military and I know how much a simple thank you means to them. Like the first video says, it is not about politics. All of the men and women serving in the military are fighting for our protection and for our freedom. The least we can do is tell them that we appreciate it.

  34. I always get chocked up when I see a man of service. I don’t feel that words are enough to truly show my gratitude for their service, the things they’ve done, the things they’ve seen. I sometimes wish that they didn’t even need to perform their duty. That the world was at piece, but that’s a flight of fancy. The only thing I can do is hope that their reintegration into normal life goes well.

  35. I liked the videos a lot, just a simple hand gesture can mean so much more than anyone would think. No one understands just how much a act of kindness can mean to a person. I’m thankful for what our soldiers do, I try to thank them whenever I can.

  36. This was very touching. It makes you think about how much some people have given to others. I am very greatful for one of my tea hers who helped me though so much trouble in school. Or when my father died how many people came to our aid. The ones that stuck around I am must greatful for.

  37. Just awesome the hand gesture can mean so much. Sometimes people take for granite the great sacrifices others have made to protect Freedom. I will show Gratitude great campaign.

  38. The videos on gratitude were very touching and motivating. It encouraged me to tell the people I love thank you more than I already do. Especially my parents. Sometimes I never tell them thank you for all the hard work and sacrifices they have done for me, but watching these videos has made me appreciate everything they have done for me. The least I can do is tell them thank you for all there hard work and support.

  39. I, especially, can relate to these grattitude videos, for I have a greater sence of grattitude since the brain hemorrhage I endured after my twentieth birthday. I feel it is important to tell my helpers thank you. I also feel it is important to tell my god thank you for each blessing and each new day. There is a problem with today’s society and it could be that most people feel that they are entitled to the gifts of life and offer no sense of grattitude in return.

    • Wonderful words of wisdom often come from people who understand the blessings they experience. Denielle’s trauma at such a young age has given her understanding beyond her years and have given her an outstanding appreciation of the world around her. She is a shining light for us all to emulate.

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