The Government Can (to the tune of “The Candy Man”)

featuring Tim Hawkins

39 responses to “The Government Can (to the tune of “The Candy Man”)

  1. The fact that people are scared of the government really bothers me. like they aren’t hurting anybody, don’t believe everything you hear.

  2. sucks that the government has that much control and nothing is going to be done about it. if only we had more of a say so, no matter where we go seems like everyone dislikes the government we currently have.

  3. Very sad but very true. It crazy how the government is able to have such control over our money. I feel as we should have more of a say so since we are the ones out working hard for the money.

  4. I am posting this on my facebook page!!!The government is taking everthing that we have worked for and making a reason for EVERTHING to be taxed. He made a point about who can tax the trees and who can tax the sunrise? Well, the government can because they do sugar coat it to make it sound sweet for everyone to believe it. This is a remarkable video.

  5. Our goverment has many problems within it. It seems like they only support a small portion of the United States while the rest have to fend for themselves. I thought his song was quite amusing.

  6. The government is flawed and needs individuals who feel oppressed to voice their concerns and make their issues become known as a “big deal”. The reality is though the government is flawed, it is the one we have. If changes need to occur people must take action and voice their opinions.

  7. Its sad to say that the government is only looking out for the select few instead of looking out for the entire nation. But there are those few who fight for the nation; however those few are out weighed by the many who are not for the nation. Many people do not get a say in the government and this video makes some good points.

  8. This was way to funny, but very true. The govermnet can do all of that and more and it is sick to think we don’t have a proper say in the decisions of the government. Like Hawkins said ” The Government Can ” !!

  9. I agree, I think the people that work in the government are passing laws that would benefit them more than the people. I think there might be a select few that genuinely care about the people

  10. This is funny! The government can take everything like money. The singer took a child song and changed the lyrics with all the robberies the government get away with just because they can. This did make me smile!

  11. This video is completely funny. It is sad what he is saying, but both humorous and true at the same time.

  12. Of course its the government, who else would be so heartless. I guess many people disagree with the way the government run things.

  13. This is relly funny but sad, because everything he’s saying is true, or government is just a big mess, and nothing is really being done to fix it.

  14. This guy is really funny, sadly all of this is true though. The government is a wreck. Everything is falling apart, and there are not any changes being made.

  15. Well, this really did put a smile on my face! This guy is really funny, and his voice isn’t half bad. The lyrics were so true and so hilarious, I am going to forward this video to a few people who I know will enjoy it.

  16. This guy was on point about the government. The sad thing is that everything is true. Are government is slowly crippling away and becoming corrupt.

  17. I thought everthing about that song was true and the song was humorous.

  18. While I’m sure many things in this song are true , I , sadly am not aware enough to tell you what is wrong or right with the government. Although I admit I am politically ignorant, things like this make me want to become more aware.

  19. This is sooo funny and quite true!!

  20. The song was very humorous but everything he sang about was true beccause the government does do a lot of shady things. People need to start understanding the things the government does is not always in the people’s best interest. People need to change how the government is run.

  21. The video is really funny because of his dancing and voice but honestly hes right about everything he said, the government does take everything we make and that is not funny at all. But regardless, we have to listen to the government.

  22. This is so funny but that is how the government makes it feel. We shouldnt be laughing about it because there is just too much government in our life. I hate the government they should make our lives easier but they dont.

  23. And yet another clever way to bring awareness to the incompetency of our government! The government can’t please everybody. They do need to step up to the plate and work harder to improve things in our country, such as our economic crisis.

  24. I’m surprised this man hasn’t been murdered yet. Why? Because the government can.

  25. This is so funny! This song makes me happy even though the lyrics is sad. I hope many songs are like this.. so the government will hear it too.. haha

  26. kind of sad to say that everything he said in this video is true. But no one is ever going to be happy with the way the government is running our country.

  27. His voice is perfect for the song. I thought the song was funny, true and witty. What a great way to address government problems. these government issues are a joke so why not make a jokeful song about it.

  28. Like many people have already said, I do find this very funny but also kinda sad because while a lot of what he is saying sounds absurd, it is all pretty much true. Well at least we can all laugh about it for now.

  29. I would like to see this guy’s tax return.

  30. This is funny. And sadly so true. I’m going to put it on my facebook just to see how many other people agree.

  31. So true the government has its hands in everything. They take in millions and take away millions from the tax payers to pay for their greed and mistakes.

  32. I completly agree with Sean. The government does what they want because they have so much power. We will soon have no rights at all.

  33. He probably just had the perfect voice for this moking song. The lyrics where clever and he seemed to make some good points.

  34. Hilarious! However it is sad that it is so funny because it is so true. Unfortunately the government has power to do pretty much whatever they want and the only way that will stop is if something drastic like civil war were to occur. Until then we the people will keep having our rights slowly taken away, keep being taxed more and more, and will have decreasingly less faith in our government.

  35. Every video I seen and everyone I have talked to does not like the government at all, even people that do and do not live in the United States, thats funny.

  36. The song he sings sound so much like our government. It describe how our government takes advantage of us. They try to unfairly tax us for anything. We should have control over our government however it has become the other way around.

  37. Let’s face it, no one is ever gonna be content with how the government is. That’s just life. But this videos was pretty funny and I enjoyed how he somewhat made fun of it hahah.

  38. I agree. And yeah we all think complainers are annoying… but when it comes to the government, people get way crazy defensive!

  39. haha this is hilarious! It seems like everywhere you go, everyone seems to dislike the government we currently have.

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