The First Pitch at Yankee Stadium

If you don’t do anything else today, just watch this …. it’s great …
Opening World Series Pitch – 11+ years ago. This is our country at one of its best moments….

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  1. It is pleasing to see that the president of the united states is doing normal stuff and letting the rest of americans know he’s here and trying to keep a nation together still.

  2. I respect George Bush, and seeing this stands for what America is. I really appreciated being reminded that even though a president is a high figure in America he is still supportive towards America people. I really feel Mr. Bush throwing the pitch put all the difference away and brought unity.

  3. I respect this video because it shows the unity that we expercinced as a country however, what happenend to that patrisim? bWaht happened to that unity? After that first year it was as if the entire united states divided up again and found the prejudice that they lost on September 11, 2001.

  4. This video was very uplifting it brought many people together. As the author said towards the end of the video that even though he didn’t vote president bush he felt like president bush was his representative.

  5. i remember watching this when i was little it was after 9/11. this game was very patriotic sucks that the yankees ended up losing to the diamond backs.

  6. That was a good throw from the President. I like to see our Presidents doing normal things and interacting with the common people. It makes me feel proud to be an American when our Presidents stay strong during troubled times for our nation.

  7. Wow! I would have loved to been at that game to hear the crowds loud roar of cheers and excitement. It also took bravery from president bush to do such thing to act like any other individual with out fear. Something that as a president you don’t feel that since of standard like everyone else you are now blamed looked upon everything you do. That very moment is something he only experienced once and will be remembered.

  8. This used “America’s Pastime” to show that we did not break as a country, it caused us to create a stronger bond. It showed the pride we all have in being an American.

  9. That was a pretty good throw, considering all the pressure that he must of felt with everyone watching.

  10. The president was under so much pressure and he performed well. He wasn’t just throwing the pitch for the Yankees, he was throwing a pitch for the United States.

  11. I am surprised he was able to throw the ball so well. He became nervous and he showed he can perform under pressure.

  12. Truly amazing how a city rallied around such a terrible event, like 911. Not a Yankee fan myself, but I was very touched by how the Yankees took a delicate subject and and turned it into an amazing event that brought together the country at their worst.

  13. Its sad that so many precautions are needed when the president is involved. Cool to see everyone seem so united.

  14. Reinforcing American foundations during the time was a great way to keep the country on its feet. President Bush did a great thing here, and other Presidents should see this and do things like this instead of going to a campaign fundraiser or golfing.

  15. This video was really inspiring to me.

  16. President Bush says,”no matter what the threat may be to us the United States of America we will stand strong”. I love this quote, because president Bush states that no matter what comes our way, no matter how much damage and hurt it may bring ,we as a united nation must never back down.

  17. I loved this video. The scariest thing was the bomb searching…but other than that I thought it was a great shot of the president.

  18. This really does put a smile on my face! The fact that our nation had such a horrible thing happen to it, and be able to come together at a baseball game shows how resilient we are. I still remember watching this world series when i was little it was one of the best world series, and to have it during this time i feel it was what the country needed at the time.

  19. Its crazy to see the amount of precautions they take just for the president stepping onto a baseball diamond and throwing a ball across home plate. Bomb sniffing dogs, high powered automatic weapons and secret service agents were all in place to protect former president Bush.

  20. This is a great video, its very inspiring. It’s crazy to see all the bomb searching and safety checks that has to be done before the president is allowed to go into Yankee stadium. I’m so glad Bush was able to through the first pitch because I think it really showed people that he was there for the people and that he knew what was important to the american people.

  21. This clip is truly breathe taking. To have our country go through an event like 9/11 and then unite in a game known as Americas past time is one of the most overwhelming testimonies of our nations strength. In this moment the world was not about politics. It did not matter if their were republics or democrats in that crowd, they all came together in support of their president to honor the strength and unity that we have as a country. Its a beautiful symbol of fortitude.

  22. This is a great action from ex president Bush. I think that was brave of him to do that stand in the middle of the stadium in front of a lot of people.

  23. I love how in the end Bush was saying, “no matter what the treat may be to us the US will stand strong and will never be intimidated.” Him walking out there and giving the first pitch of the game I believe showed what a good person he was, because even through the tragedy he got everyone to be united together. This was overall a pretty cool video.

  24. This video is great. I never knew that President Bush had gone to this event and made the first pitch. It is also surprising watching all of these people coming together after 9-11, one of the tragic things that happen. I also like the ending of the video, that says “United We Stand”. We all stand together in the face of this treat.

  25. Awesome President Bush!! Way to make it to home plate! It was nice to see a President have fun with his job and with some professional athletes.

  26. Wow! My grandmother told me about this event when President Bush threw the first pitch. It is truly amazing to see it today. The fans felt a sense of closeness to President Bush because he was our political leader who was opened to participate.

  27. It is important for the people of a nation to feel comfortable with those who govern it. Therefore, it is important for the nations leader to be loved by the people. Large social gatherings is a good place to build public support. This was smart of Bush to do.

  28. This video was nice. I had no clue that President Bush went to this event and actually made the first pitch. It was nice for the audience to support Bush and cheer for their country.

  29. Watching the people come together like this after such a horrific event is inspiring. I did not know that President Bush threw the first pitch of the world series. I don’t feel like America is like how the video is depicted anymore. So many changes in 12 years since this, it would be nice to see this unity again.

  30. WOW! I really wish I could have gone to that. I am a firm believer in the American Spirit. I think it is amazing that we bounced back after horrific events and showed just who we really were as Americans. It must have felt amazing to throw that first pitch.

  31. That night Bush didn’t come out as the president, he came out as an American. Its amazing to see everyone putting their own personal thoughts and feelings aside and stand together as one. United we stand.

  32. I thought this was amazing, never knew of this pretty cool to watch a president throwing the opening ball at world series game. I liked the end of this video when we said “United we stand, we stand together in the face of this threat”

  33. President Bush says ” United we Stand” and I agree. our country faces many things everyday that are life thretening and yet we stand tall. Even though I am a democrate I think what Bush did was more of a revolation than anything. He is a great man and baseball is americas past time.

  34. Look at all those Americans having a good time together no matter their differences. They all looked so excited and happy to be apart of something. It was nice to watch all these people coming together especially after 9-11, one of the most horrific things to happen to America. Nothing is more American than baseball.

  35. This is such a proud moment in American history. So many people came together dispite their political background. They did not see president Bush only as a republican, but they saw him as their president and as an American.

  36. This video is really cool! It’s nice seeing America back then being proud of who we are. All of the fans were so excited to be there and see our president throw the first pitch.

  37. Wow this is amazing. Such a great video. I very much enjoyed watching this.

  38. Wow just breathtaking. That’s awesome and is Americas favorite pastime!

  39. The video is definitely eye opening at how dedicated Americans are as far as supporting the nation. Just a little over a month after the attacks on September 11, 2001, President George Bush was displayed as a great example of the saying “United We Stand” as he threw out the first pitch of the 2001 World Series. I could only imagine how the state of New York was handling the horrible circumstances after the terrorists attacked, but they pulled through and were there for one another. Perhaps some people in that crowd had lost a loved one and were feeling a ridiculous amount of grief, but the President was showing everyone at that stadium and to all those watching that he was with the people all the way.

  40. This is really cool! I like to see President Bush in a laid-back state and just having fun. It is pretty crazy to see all of the security that they had.

  41. This video shows what real patriotism is in America. Things post 9/11 have become so delicate so, for the President to come out to a stadium and interact with civilians it demonstrated that although we had enemies we were strong as a nation. And it was a great choice of sport sice baseball is very beloved among Americans.

  42. People often feel that Al Gore would have been a better president than Bush, but I am willing to make the claim that it would have been the same. Plus or Minus the Iraq war.

  43. It is nice to see Bush in a regular state- as a man and an American, and not looked at as that one dummy the messed the USA up.

  44. Oh man I have to see Bush bah hum bug.. Seems like he was having fun ready to pitch. I guess at the time period it was all America! At that point people liked him.

  45. This was a really good video. I didn’t know president Bush went to the World Series, especially to open up the game with the first pitch. Good thing he didn’t bounce the ball. This was after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Everyone seemed to be united and proud to be an American.

  46. This video seems like it brought many people together with president Bush being involved, even people who did not vote for him. I don’t think it was right for other to bash on president Bush because I believe he was a great leader. Others may disagree with me but at least we can all agree and he can throw a baseball like a man!

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