The First IT Tech Support Guy

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  1. At frist I was questioning if this was reality or a joke but this does give the real picture when IT tech have to support some people. I have a friend who works with IT support and she always talk about how silly and sometimes ridiculous some peoples questions can be such as how to do some basic tasks. Overall this was a great picture of what some IT support people have to do.

  2. this video was hilarious because this is how i am when trying to teach my grandparents to use any new piece of technology. very funny video!

  3. Oh my gosh, that was so funny! I always feel so stupid calling tech support because they make it all sound so easy then talk down to you when you don’t get!

  4. This was a pretty hilarious video because many times when you call tech support for any reason, they treat you like you are an idiot and don’t know how to do even the most simplest tasks. But this video reminds me of when I was teaching my grandma how to use a computer.

  5. This video made me laugh because I’m always the on who was trying to teach my parents how to use new technology.

  6. Its hilarious but true. My mother expresses her need for a tablet all the time, yet she does not know how to work a desktop computer. I am patient with her, since I realize the technology is constantly advancing and there are things I am not aware of, let alone my 50+ year old mother.

  7. This video is very funny but I totally understand both sides to the story. I’m always teaching my mom simple stuff about the computer and its not that shes dumb i’ts just so new to her. I also know what it feels like to need help because sometimes I need to call a technical support guy for my bigger computer problems and that when I feel dumb. I ask them all these questions and they answer them super fast, I’m just curious as to how they know all this stuff.

  8. Haha very funny with the crude humor of not having any common sense. It is always funny to see some individuals struggle with computer related issues. The book in this case was like the modern day computer.

  9. This is funny. Not the usual thing you would find funny but its great. I’m going to share this with everyone!

  10. This may seem ridiculous now but when advancement takes place it may be difficult for individuals to adjust. That is why it is harder for individuals of older generations to adjust to our modern technology.

  11. This is funny that something as simple as opening and closing a book can be hard to come by for others. Just like in modern technology is hard for most parents to learn, they just don’t get it sometimes.

  12. This is very funny video. Its the story of my life when trying to teach my parents new technology.

  13. This video is so funny! It’s the exact same process I go through personally teaching my mom how to use her phone and computer. It’s the simplest questions she asks that reminds me so much of this video. It’s the little things in life that catch your attention and this video had mine.

  14. This is a funny it reminds me when I have to show my dad how to use the internet on his cell phone.

  15. Oh this is to funny. And probably true? I will defiantly save this one to my favorites so I can show others as well.

  16. This was hilarious! People really don’t understand how many ridiculous questions they ask. This showed me how advanced everything is in todays world than it used to be. This also showed me how dumb people can really be.

  17. This video is very humorous and reminded me of modern day. Individuals ask so many obvious questions, and though technology has progressed, we still catch ourselves doing it.

  18. I often feel like the man in the video who consulted the it tech support. I am comfortable with whatever job I’m doing once I’ve had a few runs with it, but I am at a loss when I pursue it by my lonesome.

  19. This had me laughing the entire time! People ask way to many obvious questions and need someone to hold their hand while they walk through every step. Something as simple as opening a book turns into… well this.

  20. How funny, shows how much we have improved. Some people now in days ask obvious questions.

  21. This video is pretty funny; I never really thought I would see something like this. Our technology today is so advanced that the steps to take to fix problems are quite complicated and back then everything was simple.

  22. Hilarious! I see myself as computer savvy, but there are times when learning new technology can be just like this.

  23. I have to do this every time when my father uses my computer.

  24. I found this to be a very funny video. When my old computer used to crash I had to call at&t support all the time, it would be frustrating but they would help me out like they did in this video.

  25. This is funny. While watching it i remembered how i had to help my stepdad use the computer a few times. With new technology comes patients. But with the people that are grew up with computers, i hope we can still function if there ever comes a day where computers, phones, or any other electronic crashes. bum bum buuuuuum!

  26. this is a very funny video . i know a lot of people that are like this . they are very street dumb .

  27. You would be surprise that many people don’t know how to work with simple things like opening a book. Not that there dumb or special, they are just simply ignorant and are lazy to learn expecting others to do it for them. I know a few but overall this video is hilarious lol.

  28. This video is really funny but true. Nowadays there is lots of people
    that need help. Technology keeps changing really fast that people can’t catch up. Its good that people need help because IT Tech people have jobs.

  29. That was really great how it can be seen through an it guy.

  30. It is quite fuuny if you think about it, that this is about how some people didn’t know how to open and close a book. An even know how to turn a page to follow the text. it makes you wonder how the book format really came along?

  31. This is ridiculous of the video! This is not Tech Support Guy because don’t have anything with computer or tech things does not make sense to me “The First IT Tech Support Guy”. I don’t know what he is thinking about that book how to use it? Maybe he is first time to use how to use those books to read it? Their times are than in the future time?

  32. Watching this, I instantly feel bad for all the tech support everywhere. My dad worked in tech support for awhile and told me accounts about many experiences like this. “So I have to go START to turn OFF the computer?”.

  33. This is so funny because it is so true today!!

  34. video is very funny. I find it quite humorous how this man has no common sense. As I reflect on this video it has made me think about a few scenarios in my own daily life where common sense seems absent. Most often people don’t even realize they are not using common sense. This may be becoming a lost art

  35. This is actually really funny to watch but it just goes to show how advanced we have become as a society. all things are new at one point but the technology we have today is so advanced that we have to take courses to fully understand some of the new things

  36. As I am the kind of person that asks many questions I’m sure I would have driven this man crazy. The idea of this is hilarious and true, people need new ideas explained to them by someone with more knowledge.

  37. This is really hilarious! It brought a smile to my face! This makes me wonder if we appear this dense to the IT Tech support people of today.

  38. This video was really funny and it also illustrates how easy we want things to be. No one wants to figure anything out and if they run into an obstacle, they freeze up and quit. It also reminded me of trying to explain how to use a computer to my mother.

  39. People today are so used to having everything handed out to them that they don’t take the time to figure things out themselves. Technology such as google or even in the education system with teachers giving out hand outs is not helping people but making them very lazy. Although we have come a long way from this.. I believe technology also has it’s faults.

  40. It’s funny to think that there was a time without internet or phones and it just goes to show how technologically advanced we’ve become over time and it only brings on the question of where will we be in the next twenty years.

  41. I really enjoyed this video. I think it really highlights how our lives have been simplified by technology in some ways and how some of us have grown to take advantage of it.

  42. It amazing how thing have changed in today society. Welcome to the world or technology and everything is made “easier”…

  43. This video is really funny and really true. I never thought of a book as being technology but if you really think about it it’s accurate. Many people probably didn’t know what to do when books were first introduced. Very funny, it’s like us now days with the newest phone.

  44. This made me laugh so much!! Many people question on how technology works; computer, phones, or tablets etc.. Imagine how hard it was to adapt to the new technology of books! This was too funny!!

  45. Haha, I think it really happened when the book came out first.. Even though it didn’t, it implies what will happen in next few years.. Technology is developing like crazy! We might all be like the guy who can’t open the book in the video. We won’t know how to use something when it is new, but it would be obvious how to use it when we get used to it. This video is funny but somewhat sad, the guy might be us!

  46. I completely agree it was funny.

  47. This was really funny. People do ask some pretty obvious questions these days. Especially where I work, I get people asking questions when the answer is pretty much right in front of their face.

  48. This video was really funny! People ask for help with the dumbest things and this is one prime example of a situation that happens!

  49. This was really funny how the guy did not know how to open the book but it just comes to show how we are constantly changing and growing and the most simplist things to us might not have been when it first came around. Such as cell phones, when first arrived it took time to learn and now we can do all kinds of stuff on it.

  50. This video was funny in a weird way. This just shows us how technology has changed our world.

  51. This video made me laugh because, well first of all: the man didn’t have enough common sense to turn the page! Second, because the “tech guy” asked him if he opened it! I mean, of course he opened it, what type of question is that? It’s funny because there are some technical support people that are like that, and I’m always thinking, “of course I tried that, do you think I’m stupid?!”

  52. Technology has brainwashed us all to believe we cannot survive without it! Pretty soon if some major technological crash happens, we’ll all be running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

  53. I laughed way too hard at this video. It seems that although technology advances almost everyday, people still need time to understand it, therefore, are somewhat more inclined to ask “ridiculous” questions. Although some things are straight forward, many people do find it hard to understand new technology, so patience must come from those who are knowledgeable;e.

  54. This was hailous i wonder when the first book were invented where thing really like this. For us its just something that is just common since but back then the book was new and people really did not know how to use.

  55. Hilarious! I think we all have those moments. Things that are new can be pretty straight forward but the first time you use it you may ask stupid questions. I remember when cell phones were the new thing and watching people try to use one was like handing a caveman a bicycle, and now we have touch screens and 5 year olds are operating cell phones.

  56. This video is way too fun! People do ask the dumbest questions which are so easy to answer and figure out. Common sense now a days. lol But it is a great clip of sarcasim! haha

  57. This video made me laugh. We are so dependent on technology that if something happened and we needed to actually pick up a dictionary to find the definition of a word, many people would have no idea what to do.

  58. The video is funny. It reminds me of the self-reliant essay because it depicts people being dependent on others for everything, even simple tasks like opening a book that should be common sense, and not figuring it out independently.

  59. I think it shows how helpless and pathetic some people are now a days. It also shows how dependent we are on technology and how we don’t use books or anything like that anymore.

  60. I like this video it was funny. It shows you how much technology has influenced everyones life. This video its to far off about how people need help at figuring out simple task, ones that sould be common sense.

  61. Atleast with the first video, english subtitles, the help desk had a sense of customer service. The other video, comedian, the customer service or help desk via phone I can only imagine what goes on during phone troubleshooting. The last one with the trouble desk, IT support, doing everything without him getting off his #$%, reminded me of my IT sections and their total lack of– a customer service attitude, which as an ground electronics technican that had to forever show operators where the on off switch was to their equipment, has the effect of sending me off into orbit. I well understand that people do not read, or try to figure things out, and appear to have no common sense but that is no excuse to not do your job, stay professional and try using a little understanding.

  62. Hahaha, were has ingenuity gone? It seems people are even more independent with technology than ever. Or people are not willing to make an effort to figure out or simply read. Some time things are simple in nature, but can be intimidating. The term, “Take the bulls by the horn” comes to mind.

  63. This video is very funny. I find it quite humorous how this man has no common sense. As I reflect on this video it has made me think about a few scenarios in my own daily life where common sense seems absent. Most often people don’t even realize they are not using common sense. This may be becoming a lost art

  64. This is funny and sarcastic at the same time. Not only do people now a days ask the dumbest most obvious questions ever, but I know many people who never open a book and when they do they don’t even know how to read it!

  65. This poses so much truth because people really do ask obvious questions such as these. One of the major problems with people nowadays is that they have no common sense. Honestly, if you don’t have common sense, you’re not going to get very far in life.

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