The Debt Generation

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  1. This video is so true. I don’t know anybody who isn’t having trouble paying for school and it didn’t used to be this bad. I think this debt is done on purpose its another way the government can prevent us from going to school and continue to dumb us down. The dumber we get the less we realize when our rights are taken away. Soon we will be their slave if we aren’t already.

  2. We are the debt generation. Bush I believe has a lot to do with our spending budgets. But Obama keeps contributing to our debts. And we the people are suffering. The greatest power is broke and borrowing from places like China who we owe now. We need to fix this problem.

  3. This is sad but true and our debt debt continues to increase, and is really out of control, I hope I can see or be apart one day ridding our country of most if not all of our debt, in a responsible manner.

  4. I like how the people in this video presented themselves. At first they were talking about Obama in a better light as to the end of the clip. Also, seeing these generation actually caring is a good sign despite the many other students of the upcoming generation

  5. This is such a true video. We are so far in debt and it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Obama hasn’t done much to help with the debt. The girl in the video was right, we are stuck with the bill. I hope we can make it out of this debt one day.

  6. I really hope we get out of this dept that we are in. The people in our government needs to make a plan that will work and get us out of this dept as soon as possible.

  7. We keep on getting in more and more debt. Not just the government, but the people, the individual people. No one has any extra cash to spend.

  8. A lot of presidents have promised us good and to be a better country but very few actually accomplish on what they say. In this video it shows how Obama promised to change but instead we are now the debt generation. I just hope we recover from this disaster really soon before it gets any worse.

  9. We are in a state of debt. It does suck and our generation really is going to get stuck with the bill but hasen’t it always been like that? Pass the debt to the next generation and have them figure it out? Obama did get passed on a war and almost had another great depression from that. We as americans really do need to figure out a way to lessen this financial state we are in fast.

  10. The video starts good about Obama and then their voices change. it tells us that Obama was not a great president for our country, he just have us more debt. I think that we shouldn’t just blame Obama for everything, it was not just Obama’s fault for everything

  11. I believe that there will be many negative things to say no matter who is president. There isn’t a way to get rid of all this debt in a year or two, it’s going to take a lot of time. I can understand how people would be upset that Obama promised a lot of things and didn’t deliver but I doubt people would be too happy if he said that there was nothing he could do. In all honesty, I believe every candidate promises things they can’t deliver.

  12. It’s true that Obama has lead the country to debt. What you have to consider is he is one man facing the worst problems a president could face. If he had a second term I think he would be more successful. I also agree that he shouldn’t things we don’t want or need in our faces.

  13. I agree obama has lead us into debt. He should not be president again and obama care should not be passed. All obama care is doing is making people with jobs have to lose their tax money to pay for someone elses health. I understand if someone really needs it but a lot of people will take advantage of it and say that they need it when they dont

  14. This video was really against Obama. We are the debt generation but I don’t agree it was just Obama’s fault. The U.S was already screwed up by the time he was president. He had a lot in his hands to change in just this term. If he was elected again, I think he would make a change. I doubt he will be re-elected just because of all the dirt republicans throw at him. He did promise change but there are just so many problems. One thing I liked about Obama was that he helped the AB540 students because they are like every other American. They are students trying to get their career and people that can even help the US by becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.

    • This vido may be against Obama, but it is only representing the arguments of students who believed in “hope and change,” until they found this was not the political agenda. They too are entitled to their opinions. This is an opinion piece. Learn to discern what is fact and what is propaganda.

  15. The ideas that Obama was going to help our nation was very shallow and wrong. This was such a confident, persuasive man who old the nation what we wanted to hear, as do most politicians. He also is very ignorant in his ways, which is rightfully wrong in many ways. For the right reasons it is ok to be ignorant.

  16. I think its really sad how many people, including myself, believed that Obama was going to help our nation and make a change. In the other hand, Im glad that citizen opened their eyes and realized we can not afford to give him four more years.

  17. I really enjoyed watching this short video. I loved how they were all positive when explaining how they voted for Obama, but are aren’t happy with the direction he went in. Then then they explained why they won’t vote for him again. It devastates me that I am part of this generation and me and everyone else is going to have to deal with all the debt that we were dealt. Seems unfair right? I wish there was something that we could do to put American back on its feet. I’m sure there may be something, but it’s not going to be easy.

  18. There really is no hope for the future, we need a miracle! Things are just getting harder and harder each day.

  19. Oh my goodness! Kingdom Hearts song!! This video is interesting. It started off as positive, then their voices changed. We are truly the “debt generation”. It scares me to even think about it.

  20. Its frightening to see how bad of shape the country is in. It really makes one think there is no hope for the future.

  21. My generation is going through a similar economic turmoil as did the teenagers of the great depression. Does this mean our children will be the generation like those of the “baby boomers?”

  22. In a study i read recently the current college aged generation and those younger than them are going to be the first generation in quite sometime who will not out perform their parents financially or have as much to show for their hard work. I find that very depressing because I am one of those people however it is very true. I only hope that when my sons time comes things will get better. I know i will work my hardest so that he does not have to!

  23. this is a great video. funny. and true. i couldnt have said it better myself.

  24. I sometimes hear my parents and the parents of my friends saying how they feel bad for our generation, and worry about how the world will be when we are their age. However, like many others, I worry more about my kids and maybe even their kids because I do not see an end to this madness. Our country continues to spiral out of control with no solution in sight and that scares me most of all.

  25. With the way things are moving and continue to move into the negative I truly fear for the world my children will live in. It has made me begin to teach them other lessons in life earlier with the hopes that in times of need and hard times they find comfort, answers, and resolutions in the lessons that I am teaching them early in life.

  26. Nothing in life is for free. Its sad to see how the current administration is getting us all into a deep hole of debt. Though i must say i don’t think is all Obama’s fault. The country was already going down hill when he came into position, but he has made some decisions that question his leadership.

  27. The way that the economy is going I fear for the future my kids will live in….

  28. I consider myself part of this debt generation and it makes me question whether or not i will want to bring further generations into this world. Why would i want to put my future kids in a bad situation like this? Would it be all worth it?

  29. The amount of money that President Obama has put us deeper in debt is not all his fault alot of that is what was pass bills signed that he was obligated to pay. But his lack of ability to act on certain situations makes are country look weak and fragile. He has also made horriable decisions while trying to invest in private companies to progress are country’s future. This country needs a strong President that can stand up and do what is necessary to put this country back in the right direction of prosperity.

  30. After watching this I was hopeful that the young adults of this country are seeing and listening to what is going on in the political arena with our current leadership. I am hopeful that we will not have to go through another four years of a lack of leadership. This country can not afford to appear or to be weak, we must come together and provide a unified front to our enemies. We have enemies, those that want us to fail and to whip us off the face of the earth. Consider this when you listen to political candidates, all of them not just presidental candidates, all of them. And get out there and vote.

  31. I think it is startling that so many people fail to see the hole that the current administration has driven us into through the promise of change and benifits. It is refreshing to see a group of college aged students understanding the situation in which they find themselves and the fact that nothing comes without a price.

  32. I havent done much reasearch concerning this topic. Considering how much hype President Obama had back in 2008, and how things are now, i dont think i will be voting for him. I remember how much hope my parents had when he went into office because he promised a better healthcare system, immigration reform, and so many other things that he never came through with. This country needs an honest leader who will get things done, and bring hope back to the people of this country.

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