The Color Purple

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  1. This movie definitely speaks for the women more. It’s sad to see Celie how her husband didn’t even want her, but he took her because she was the only person left. Its sad when a person doesn’t know what true love is because staying in a relationship or marriage that isn’t doing any good for that person. That person has to either have a choice to leave and move on or continue to live that lifestyle of always feeling worthless.

  2. The novel anticipates a brighter day for the black community and for black women in particular. Of all the black families, Samuel and Corrine’s is the most secure and loving. Celie’s children find their way into the bosom of that family and are protected by it. Their education, with help from Aunt Nettie, allows them to choose at an early age the sort of life they would like to live. Knowing that she does not want to be a subservient wife, Olivia (like Nettie before her) works hard to ensure that she can be independent without a man controlling her life.

  3. I saw The Color Purple when I was a very young woman. I found it very entresting how a race of people could dictate how one thought or acted. It really pained with the events in this movie.

  4. Excellent movie! A tad bit long but strangely you cant pull away from it. Such a moving story watching this young woman basically given away to a man who took her because she was all that was available. Having no loved ones nearby she became quiet, and spent decades hanging her head in shame in the shadows of her husband. It beautiful how with the help of a new found friendship, and reassurance that her long lost sister is not deceased, she gains the courage to fight back and gain her freedom from her husband.

  5. I believe this movie speaks out more to women than it does men. In this film we follow Celie’s life and all of her struggles. It breaks my heart to see how women like Celie can go a whole lifetime without knowing what it is to be treated with love. I hate to see how women stay so faithful or loyal or simply just stay with their abuser simply because they do not know of anything else. Beautiful movie with many many levels for one to take on.

  6. Priscilla K. Cornejo

    I watched this movie with my grandmother once because she loves Oprah but i actually liked it and i’m about to watch it again today for my extra credit! I liked it because it has a very strong message to it and I tend to enjoy movies that have a strong message behind them.

  7. I’ve never seen this movie until I saw it in class. To say the least, it’s a real eye opener. It shows how bad women were treated and how they we’re degraded. But slowly that starts to change. Great movie!

  8. This movie did make me very sad and also made me thinking how hard it is to live far away from your loved ones.

  9. i really liked this movie no matter how sad it was. think that it really sent out a powerful message to everyone.

  10. This movie starts off very sad with how helpless the girls are and how poorly the men treat them. But that is why this movie is so strong because they rise up and start to get the respect they deserve little by little. I liked how it showed all the little steps it took the girls to finally get the respect the deserved.

  11. I was truly amazed of how strong Celie was in this movie. After being hurt for so long she found strength in herself when I would feel that all hope is gone. Her husband treated her really bad and that was sad to watch. It was a great, sad story.

  12. I loved this movie even though it was terribly sad. I thought it was very inspirational as well. I liked that we watched it in class and had a chance to write about it.

  13. It was difficult for me to grasp the film’s theme because of the 500 word essay that we had to write while the movie was playing. I might go this summer to my city’s library to rent this movie, and watch it just for the joy.

  14. This movie was and is inspiring. I give more credit to the younger actors and actress portraying the characters in their earlier life. I though that they were pivotal in setting the tone and allowing the audience to better understand the characters. It captured the raw emotions and how life was for these characters, especially the two sisters. The unbreakable bond and the desire to achieve greater highness through adversity.

  15. I love this movie of the underdog and how she is able to find strengh and stand up to her oppressor at the end. I love how she is able to find her voice and self and within finding them she realize that she is stronger than her abuser and that she has been the whole time, and that this whole time she allowed him to do what he did to her. But once she learned this lesson she was able to gain her freedom.

  16. The Color Purple is a very powerful movie. Although it is longer than most movies, it carries a good message and is a must see. I have seen this movie over and over and still enjoy it. Oprah, Whippey Goldberg, Danny Glover, and the rest of the cast did an amazing job.

  17. I’ve watched this movie about 3 times in total. It is a very moving story that makes you think about the things you have in your life.

  18. This movie was very sad on how women were treated; one can definitly step out of misery to become a better person and not live in an enviornment with such hostile actions.

  19. this was a very sad movie… however, when Celie stepped up to her oppressors she changed the entire mood of the movie. She should have stepped up sooner though.

  20. great story that gives excellent feedback too others that did not know what it was like back in the days, but with smarts and desire anything is possible.

  21. the color purple is one of my favorite books, i enjoy watching the movie but i always like the books better. this a great movie that is never too late to stand up for yourself and demand the respect you deserve.

  22. This is a movie that I first saw in high school and it inspired me to read the book. I love the messages of women empowerment and overcoming obstacles. It also has its funny moments. I would have really enjoyed writing one of our full 6 page papers on this movie and book because there is so much that takes place in this story. However, I am still glad that we were able to watch it in class because it is a story and a time period that really inspires me.

  23. It was such a cool movie! When Celie tried to kill her husband, I was thinking “Go for it girl!” He treated her so badly. I can’t stand for unfairness. Celie finally left her husband and met her sister, and I was really happy for her. The movie was touching and lovely.

  24. This movie was really great and I enjoyed watching it. I was happy to see that Celie finally stood up for herself and found her sister.

  25. This is a great movie. I actually grew up as a young child watching this, and it gives a great insight on the African American culture.

  26. I really enjoyed this movie when we watched it in class last Friday. I finished my in class essay about 30 minutes before the movie was over and was given the option to leave, but I was so drawn into the movie and its characters that I wanted to stay until the end. Great movie, wish we had an essay on this story as well!

  27. I have heard many good reviews about this movie, “The Color Purple”. Last Friday it was my first time I watched this highly acclaim movie. I did really enjoy it because not only does it have a strong content but it had an excellent picture which makes the experience more enjoyable. However, it was uncomfortable to write a five hundred word essay while the movie was playing. Also, it was a shame that we did not finish the entire movie in class.

  28. I like this movie a lot because it shows that, if an individual doesn’t have character they get treated like a doormat by everyone else. I feel so bad for Celie and what she went through, but I think she should’ve stepped up to abusers sooner.

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