Texas Girls Sing National Anthem

An unbelievable performance of the star spangled banner at texas tech game by adorable little girls : ) the two on the right are 6, the two in the middle are 7, and the other is 8 years old!

Eight years old, seven years old, seven, six and six. It is so unfair; the eight year old is a seasoned pro.

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  1. This is great! Their singing skills at such a young age is simply amazing! I hope they all continue their singing careers!

  2. These girls are so young and talented! It shows that it was practiced and I’m sure they are happy with what they accomplished here.

  3. I can’t believe at a young age those girls are and the managed to hit all of those notes and had great voices!

  4. Wow, just wow. Very talented. It’s great to see young people with such great talent.

  5. These little girls somehow managed to give me the chills! Can’t wait to see who they are going to sign with and how big they are going to be when they blow up in the music industry!

    • The girls are talented and amazing for their age. They exceeded any expectations while being professionals. Singing in front of such a huge audience must be nerve racking and intimidating but this girls did not show any signs of intimidation. Overall the girls were little stars.

  6. These little girls are absolutely amazing! They are such professionals. Learning how to harmonize with each other like that probably takes a lot of hard work and patience. I can’t wait to see where these girls will be a few years from now.

  7. It was very impressive to see such young singers and performers, especially in such as huge arena before a large crowed. There practice and talent defiantly payed off. In looking back to my child hood i do not believe i could of ever done what they have done so i was very encourage to see how brave some singers are. I would not have a hard time that these girls still sing or singing is a big part of there life.

  8. Their voices are so beautiful and it’s crazy how good they are for how young they are. When I sing or try to at least, I sound awful. I don’t know how people do it, but their voices are amazing.

  9. Those little girls were amazing. They all had reall big vocies for there age. Its so amazing to see children do things that some may feel only adults can do. After seing thm they sing so much better then mediocre adults can.

  10. I am so jealous of these girls! They are amazing! I wish I was as talented as them. They will go far in their lives.

  11. These girls have so much potential. They have a great future ahead of them in the music industry if they keep this up.

  12. these girls are really talented and have such great voices. i love to see when people find their talent at a young age, good for them.

  13. Brianna V. Gonzalez

    I wish I could sing this beautiful or simply have a talent. However, these little girls sang the National Anthem so beautiful, it gave me the chills.

  14. These girls are extremely talented. I believe talent comes in all shapes, sizes, and now age.

  15. Talent and so young too! Imagine when they mature and tseason their voices. I wish I had half their talent….. I kill my family when I attempt to belt out some Selena (R.I.P) in the car!

  16. I likes the way they worked so well together. It good to see young girls working so hard in this day and time.

  17. Goosebumps! These girls have true talent!

  18. I didn’t know it was possible for kids this young to be this good. I hope to see them on American Idol or X-Factor one day. Most adult singers can not even do it this well.

  19. Sometimes it’s not practice it’s just pure talent that people are blessed with! This video is cute and amazing at the same time, if I had this much talent i would never be as strong as them to perform in front of people like this but its amazing that they did!!

  20. Having such accurate pitch and being able to stay on your voice part is very difficult to do at any age! It normally takes a lot of time, training and practice and to have these girls doing that at such a young age is amazing!

  21. These girls have true talent you can tell they took it serious and practiced for it to sound so incredible.

  22. So jealous that they can sing like that and i can’t! They are so young to have so much talent! Its really great seeing them have such opportunities so little.

  23. They are very talented and it was so beautiful.

  24. It’s amazing to see what hardwork and dedication can do. Working as a a team does not hurt either. If only those in positions of power were able to realize this

  25. Woah! I can’t imagine how much practice it took for them to be able to sing together like that. They sound great!

  26. I always get Goosebumps when I hear our National Anthem. These young ladies did an outstanding job harmonizing!

  27. These girls are so young and talented. That performance was great.

  28. WOW. These girls are crazy talented and for them to sound so mature in their vocals is incredible. You can definitely tell they have put a lot of effort into their vocals and their practice and hard work shows. They were so good!

  29. Amazing !

  30. Beautiful! I’m jealous of their voices.

  31. wow, these girls are incredible and so harmonized. what an amazing performance at such a young age. i couldnt imagine what they sing like at 30!

  32. How beautiful! if only all of us could be that talented at such a young age.

  33. These four girls are truly talented, to able to sing the national anthem for that big of an event and in front of that many people is incredible. A person of any age doing this would be impressive but these are little girls that are 8 years old and younger. Shows what practice and hard work can really do.

  34. Wow! They are so young and so good! I have family members who are always singing the national anthem at various events and gatherings, so I have probably heard it more times then most my age. These girls definitely practiced a lot and it showed! Good for them for having the courage to perform in front of all of those people!

  35. I think it’s great that kids can have an opportunity like this. These girls deserve it too! They are all very good singers and I hope they can take an experience like this and apply it to the rest of there lives because im sure it wasnt easy to do this. They must have practiced all the time, had to convince the director of the basketball game to let them do it, and had to have the nerve to go out and do it.

  36. This makes me shiver!

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