Teacher Knocked Out Cold By Student

Pewu Johnson, a 68 Liberian immigrant and a substitute English teacher at Bartram High School in South West Philadelphia, PA, was attacked by an unidentified student on Thursday, November 6, 2014 after Johnson confronted the student regarding inappropriate behavior with a female student.

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  1. This makes me sick to my stomach. How can some one cause such harm to an elder. Not only an elder but also a teacher. Where has the respect for teachers gone. I cannot believe the behavior of the young man,and I sure hope the sub will press charges so that the young man could take this seriously and hopefully it will not happen again.

  2. It so funny to me that the teachers union blames the school district for this. The idea that more support staff would prevent incidents like this is laughable at best. If a kid in high school doesn’t have the sense to not assault a teacher on campus, what is having more support staff going to do? Consequences clearly weren’t on this student’s mind, and yet they expect him to stop for a second and consider the extra support staff on campus?

  3. I really REALLY wish karma would come back with a vengeance and these kind of people either change or get wiped off the face of the early prematurely. I would imagine idiots like the ones proclaimed in this video would be the first ones protesting for Ferguson looting stores.

  4. This is ridiculous! Where is the respect for ones elders? Whats difficult to understand is why are we accepting things like this into our schools? I always felt schools should be somewhere where the people attending should have no fear among eachother. I always felt that if you are at a school, whoever attends shares the exact same want or need to learn and therefore everyone can and should help everyone. Not everyone shares this opinion however it is mine.

  5. It’s tragic to see this happening, adolescents in today society believe they can do what they please without facing any consequences.

  6. This was so sad to hear because we didn’t even hear this on the news because if it was i would have seen it. It sad how young adults have no respect for the elders that substitute teacher did not deserve to be treated like that or hit!! This makes me so mad!

  7. The society nowadays do not have any respect for their elders and in ten years it is going to be even worse than it is now! I can’t believe that my children will be raised in this sort of community. People need to make a change for the future generation that they need to be able to take responsibilities for their actions.

  8. It’s horrible to see how much control teenagers have these days. They think that they can do whatever they want whenever they want and it’s just disrespectful.

  9. This is terrible, and it’s even worse that none of the students try to help him after he is unconscious on the ground.

  10. I am just amazed that this happened to that old man. I mean what the hell is that kid doing! I guess his parents did not raise him to be a good/respecting individual. A man who school respect his elders, not knock them out cold.

  11. This is an ugly incident. The video gave me no information other than the incident. I went and decided to research a bit about the school. This school is ninety-three point five percent african american. Link: https://webapps.philasd.org/school_profile/view/1010
    Seeing that this is the case and with a seventy six percent point five percent of the student with no individualized and educational plans. The economically disavantaged is also at ninety point seven percent. This means that the school does not collect as many property taxes as others. This school is in no good shape. I also took upon myself to scout the area out myself with google maps. This area would be called the ghetto or the hood, based on my observations. With this information I strongly believe that the people here need help. NBC news coverage was elementary, and it literally took me two minutes to gather this information. They do not fully cover the story behind these people and only present them as savages. They are not and I would advise readers to search Tommy Sotomayor on youtube. His news covers african american communities such as this one extensively. Though, his news is crude and the topics he covers are controverisal and he has viewpoints that many would probaly not agree with. Ill end this commment saying that mainstream news is horrible, and a bit of research is useful for getting the whole picture.

    • Thank you for your honest interpretation of the event. The media is often biased and misleading but that is what sells. The kid should not result to physical violence but I agree with the your suggestion of doing more research. Not many people take time to do that so it is very refreshing to see that you did. Thanks again.

  12. That high school student looks like a pretty big guy. I think it is possible that he has not been raised properly, but I wonder if his actions are a result of hormone or steroid use as a means to excel in a sport?

  13. What if the was Kollitz :0

    Kollitz I do hope you trust your students that they will never do anything like this to you. Us RCC students got your back. 🙂

  14. Where are this boy’s parents! Seriously how are they raising him for this boy to think he can talk to an elder that way and treat one as so. Parents of today are too busy trying to either be their child’s friend that they are not raising them with proper morals. That or they back their child thinking that they are correct in their actions. I have worked for a middle school and it is disgusting to see the parents blame the teacher and the school system for their inadequate child.

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